Monday, September 17, 2007

Like it up baby, Lick. It. Up.

Last night I got to experience the fantastic 1989 movie that is Heathers. Don't let that cutesy-romantic poster fool you for it is a pretty dark comedy with popular people getting murdered and all which is probably a loser's dream come true - that is of course if the said loser is a crazy psychopath. Not that there's anything wrong with being a crazy psychopath. To each their own.

So anyways, while I was watching the movie it got me thinking about highschool and cliques. I now appreciate the fact that I'm in college now and not in highschool. Highschool food was just plain gross.

Yet, I also wish that I had experienced the stereotypical clique system back in highschool more thoroughly because then this is what my life would be like:

Prologue: Lala is the school's #1 loser. She has no friends, except for her eraser. She has been the schools #1 loser for all her school life.

Scene 1: Enter Lala, the school's #1 loser. Enter mean popular people (MPP for short).

MMP: You're lobster headband and cape are soooooo lame. Gosh, what a loser. MMP walk away.

Lala: Sadness. Runs home crying.

Scene 2: Lala goes to college. Does well. Becomes successful. Then writes a movie about highschool that earns rave reviews, 200 billion dollars, and 10 oscars.

Scene 3: Highschool reunion. MMP have turned into mean ugly-washed out- wrinkly-unsuccessful popular peopl (MUWOWUPP for short). Lala enters with Edward Norton as her date. MUWOWUPP stare at her in green envy.

Lala: SUCKAS! Laughs away evily...I mean,, evily sounds better.

Yes, this is, scratch that, was, a dream of mine that unfortunately will never come true because I was traveling through highschool in my own lalaworld that I failed to make Scene 1 and the Prologue come true. But for now, I guess I will just keep it in my mind and maybe someday live vicariously through my child's own highschool ordeals.

Another thing I realized is how icky 80's fashion was. Look at those shoulder pads baby. Look at them. It makes me want to take a needle and deflate those shoulders on steroids.

Countdown till move in day is five days. That shall be five days of non-stop DIYing, shopping, sleeping, interneting, and oldpeople obsessing.


penelope said...

lol! i wna watch this. what's it? heathers? yer. sounds so cliche but i guess. tt's the warm fuzzy part=p

WendyB said...

Love that movie.