Saturday, September 29, 2007

Lala's Style of the Days

I am slowly but surely getting back on the horse, the horse I call college. It looks nice and noble from afar, but once you get a little closer, it starts to smell. I've already started my equestrian life by preparing for my classes. Not really preparing, it's more of re-learning everything I learned but sadly forgot last year since half of my classes are continuations of a previous class. My nerdy self is slowly dominating the other one-fifth's of me. Geesh, I sound like I have a multiple personality disorder.

Week 0 doesn't really count as "school" school I suppose since we've only had two days of classes, but then the end of it really means that summer has ended and I must pack up my heart and place it in box and throw it under the bed where no sunshine can enter until school's over and I can open it up again and bring in the light it deserves.

Okay, it's not that big of deal. I just like to exaggerate things just a teeny bit. It makes life more interesting.

Here is what I wore because you care and because I care or because we're both just bored.

THURSDAY first day of school!

-shirt: "tiger sharks becoming vegetarian by eating seaweed" shirt made by me. The scarf, yes the green one, is the seaweed if you were confused.
-jeans: $5 mall
-red string crown: made by me. one lady called me statue of liberty. I was confused. And then I got it.
-white shoes that gave me blisters! (but i will continue to wear it anyways): $9 payless
-scarf: 0.50 local thrift
-death from above pin: made by me during craft night

I was standing on our floor's pseudo balcony. Bacne took the picture for me. She got on the first shot. Usually it takes me a few times with my self timer to make myself less retarded looking. The RA was looking at us funny.

FRIDAY the temperature went down


-aqua tights!: $1.50 local thrift

-Proenza Schouler for Target tissue tank: $3

-shiny vinyl shoes: $3 tjmaxx

-scarf: $0.50 st. vinnies

-messenger bag: $5 target

-mexican lady hair clip: souvenir from mexico.


AsianCajuns said...

Love the outfits! My co-workers never understand why I wear shoes that kill my feet. Is it so hard to explain that function follows fashion?

Vintage Bunny said...

I love your outfits,I remember seeing your blog for the first time when you were at college.It feels like deja vu

Isabel said...

Lookin' good at UCLA! Wow, I sound like a stalker...

Jennifer said...

You are so creative, your outfits are always fabulous!

cotton candy said...

i found your post through another blog. forgot which one and im addicted to your blog!! very very cool and funky!!

WendyB said...

I love your tiger sharks!

dianabobar said...


Fabi said...

your second outfit is too fabulous!