Saturday, January 16, 2010


Slightly feeling out of this world.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sophisticated Sophistix

A while ago, the lovely people over at Sophistix, an online boutique based in South-East Asia, sent me some lovely summer time items. I, the lazy blogger, have not been lovely because I have yet to do a review - until now. I guess I live in a world where time does not matter. Maybe that explains why I'm always late to class.

I wore many of the items they sent me over summer. They were wonderful for my humid, sweaty China adventures as well as my Mediterranean-Climate California adventures.

My favorite item they sent was this Bethany One Shoulder Top. It's super comfortable for the summer. Especially how it kept me temperature-sane during China. What I love about the top was that it was cute and yet was functional for the weather. The material is made of a woven cotton so it didn't stick to my greasy body (ew, the sight I had just made me vomit a little). Better yet, it's under $20! You know how I love my cheap things.

The clothes at Sophistix are a mix of trendy and classic. Perhaps trendy + classic = sophisticated? Fashion and math should merge someday and then I can be the ultimate fashion nerd. I went back to the site to look at some of their newer merchandise. Not everything on the site is particularly my style but I sifting through the images I've found delightful number of pieces that would be a great addition to my (your) wardrobe. Actually, lets stick with your wardrobe because my wardrobe is like a damaged liver to an alcoholic. Too much clothes reside in my wardrobe at the moment that I finally have to admit that I, Lala, do indeed have a shopping problem.

Camille Blouse - $17.14
Although summer time isn't quite here yet (the weather in socal right now however likes to trick us into thinking it is), this top would be such a lovely addition to match things with - tucked in with a skirt or paired with some denim shorts and a nice floppy hat. Take me to the beach now!!!

Zip-Front Tulip Dress - $27.85
I also love this dress because a) I like zippers and b) I like animal prints. The silhouette is very cute and this dress can is very versatile for all seasons.

So check out this cute little online store and you may just find a hidden gem for your own wardrobe!