Monday, September 29, 2008

Lala's Style of the Day

  • T-Shirt: Target $3
  • Green silk Skirt: 2 euro flea market
  • Black tights
  • Shoes thrifted
  • Scarf belt
  • Necklaces
  • Jacket and messenger bag: Target.
  • Venetian Mask: I did the tourist thing and bought a tourist good. Love it though. 10 euro.

I've been here for almost a month. At some points it feels like so much longer. It feels like my friends here, I've been friends with for a long time. Other times, it amazes me how quickly everything went. It seems like just yesterday I didn't know what the heck I was getting myself into and packing for a foreign place. Now that I'm here, I'm just going to try to enjoy everything I can because that is a way to live. Enjoy everything while trying to cut down on the costs.

I feel a bit cool studying economics at the moment seeing as how the economy is basically going down the hill in many places. If only I cared about economics as much as fashion, I would be doing more reading than updating my blog.

Must do some reading now. It's so hard to take studying seriously while here because all I can think about is traveling and having fun. Must focus. Must focus. Will focus.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Lala's Style of Yesterday: A DIY Junkie Never Dies

  • Dress of pure glory: A skirt that was blessed with my magical hands and turned into a magnificent dress.
  • Skinny brown St. John Belt
  • Leopard flats: $3 Target. Oh Target, how I miss you dearly.
  • Gold mini coat: $6 Target

As the wise say, "You can take a girl out of the DIY, but you can't take the DIY out of the girl."

Being so far away from home has not as much made me homesick as it has made me craving a midnight rendezvous with Mr. Sewing Machine. I found this amazing long skirt at the flea market I went to last weekend. When I saw it, I thought "Oh. Weird." and then that ultimately turned into I had to have it moment although it was a hefty 5 euro. Thankfully, my roomie did the yeah-it's-super-cool-you-should-buy-it- or-else you'll-regret-it guilt trip on me and it totally worked.

Flash forward to Wednesday night or shall I saw Thursday morning. I brought one of those mini sewing kits from hotels with me so all I needed was the time to actually hand sew this piece around. Buying a pack of colorful thread from a dollar store gave me even more motivation to actually do the DIY. So I stayed up till 5 in the morning doing it. Granted, I didn't start until like 2 AM and was distracted with awesomeness that is the Heroes Season 3 Premiere. The DIY was super simple and hand sewing got the job done. I can wear the dress long or pull up the straps and create a bubbled mini or a tunic. I basically just took the snap up and made it into a one strap creation by cutting some extra fabric from the bottom pulls.

I feel uber successful that I was able to make something while abroad with limited resources. Life is good. Except the large amount of reading I have to do and am terribly behind on. But for now, I should go do some lack packing for a weekend trip to Venice tomorrow!

Ciao belle.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lala's Style of the Day

  • Grey V-Neck t-shirt: $3 Target
  • Proenza Schouler for Target skirt: $7
  • Brown tights: 99 cent store
  • Booties: $4 local thrift
  • Blue scarf: auntie
  • AWESOME NECKLACE: 7.50 euro from cinque terre.
  • Jacket not shown was from Target

So today in fashion class we learned about American Brands pyramid. I saw my good ole Target on the very bottom of the totem pole. My whole outfit was basically Target does this mean I'm on the bottom in life?

Such philosophical questions hurt my fragile mind. I was suppose to start reading and doing homework tonight but since I was too much of a procrascinator that I didn't even get my books yet means that studying will be put off for tomorrow?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Things that make me smile.

Being an overtly optimistic gal, I believe it is important to take some time out of our day and remember things that make you smile. Because as we all know, smiling uses less muscles than frowning.

♥ Going a bit overboard at the Saturday Flea Market. I have found a replacement for my thrifting needs.

♥ My new found friends.

♥ Going crazy at a soccer or football game. I would like to find my own soccer player someday. Big dreamer am I.

♥ Realizing it's been only 3 weeks in Italy and not knowing whether it feels like a lot longer or if time is passing by too fast.

♥ Nice long showers after two days of dirtiness.

♥ Fat things, as usual.

♥ Having class tomorrow but still going on a day trip to Verona.

♥ Life

Thursday, September 18, 2008


My daily wears have been unimpressive these days. I figured scenes of beautiful Italy would be more impressive.

Lala's Style of the Day

  • Top: $3 taiwan
  • Shorts
  • Leggings: old navy
  • Sandals: 5 euro
  • Belt and necklace.

Leggings and a tunic top? Wtf was I thinking? It's weird to think that school is starting now. I really should get to actual working. But I think I should just delay it for a day. Or two.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lala's Style of the Day

  • Men's White Shirt: 0.75 thrift
  • Shorts: $2 tjmaxx
  • Tights with patterns: $2 target
  • Shoes: thrift
  • Twisted cloud head deco: made by me
  • Belt: Auntie's pile of giveaway
  • Necklace watch: thrift

I had my fashion management class today. It is quite possibly going to be the best class I have ever taken in my life.

I see a definite change in my current wearings. I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing. Must sleep. Vino tonight makes me sleepy. I never want to leave.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lala's Style of the Day

  • Orange Tribal Tunic Tube top: 1.99 euro terranova!
  • Jeans: $20 tjmaxx
  • New sandals: 5 euro
  • Scarf: 0.50 thrift
  • necklaces
  • Cardi: 0.50 rummage sale
  • St. John belt: from auntie

Milan weather is very tricky. One minute it's raining and thundering and the next its a nice cheerful sunshine. It makes it a little hard to dress appropriately. I can't believe it's almost 2 weeks since I got here. It feels like much longer but thankfully, I haven't gotten homesick yet.

I accomplished a great deal today by getting my Permit of Stay!! Now it's play time baby! School school is actually starting on Monday so perhaps not play all day anymore.

As for this blog, I guess it won't die. But I believe in these few months it will be in a sad sick shape. Most likely it will be me just being vain and posting pictures of myself which is in itself an already holy experience of come upon.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Lala's Style of the Day

  • T-shirt: $3 target
  • black pants
  • Scarf
  • Lace up boots: $4 thrift

Once again, rather simple. But I felt a little fancy smancy with my heeled boots making clicky clacky sounds along the rocky roads. The thing about getting back into my old style is that I only brought really simple basics. The only things I can jazz up my looks are accessories. So simple chic is my option for the moment. It's not bad, I like it. But I like my wacky outrageousness more of course. I'll save all my creativity for LA.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A First for Everything.

I went shopping today. I tried on a Cavalli dress and a Valentino dress. It was heaven. My first time trying on legit designer duds.

Anyone want to donate some money to me?

I did buy some stuff. I was bummed when a lovely Stella McCartney dress for 20 Euro was way small. I ended up with a silk dress marked down to 20 euro from 465 euro. Then we found a really cheap shop and I got a jacket and two tops for 11 euro. Mission complete.

No more buying. No more going out.

Hm. Nah, that won't work.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lala's Style of the Day

  • T-Shirt: Buffalo Exchange Sale $1
  • Jeans: $20 tjmaxx
  • Flats: $3 target
  • Scarf: auntie's donation pile.

I've turned simple. Oh no. What has the world come to?!

The only two 'fashion' things I bought this week. A necklace and a scarf. Yay. I think my blog might be dying soon, but thanks so much to all that still come here to read whatever random thoughts I have.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lala's Style of the Day

  • Khaki Tunic Top: $3 taiwan.
  • Pants: Forever 21
  • Lovely shoes: $5 thrift
  • Socks: Target
  • Scarfs & necklaces: thrift

Way tired right now. I think the adjustment to the time difference is working. My leg now looks more like a Mondrian red square than a Jackson Pollack. I'm too cheap to spend 10 euro on spray so I'm just going to ride it out and see how long I can withstand it. I would have worn a skirt or something more summer-fall but my legs where a hazzard to the public. I was doing people a favor.

I hope my style isn't fading. Whatever. Europe still rocks my grey socks.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Thing I Hate Most.

My body looks like a Jackson Pollack painting done in all red. And I thought Taiwan was bad.