Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Stressing Out.

Oh. Man. Am I stressing out.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lala's Style of the Day: It's just so hard to stay away

  • Zara Black Dress (worn backwards because it would have cut off my arm fat circulation if I had worn it regularly): 2.50 flea market.
  • Scarf: Mom
  • Tights: 99 cent store and leggings underneath
  • Flats: $4 thrift store
  • Belt: Free from friend's mom
  • Jacket: $6 target
  • Flower power bracelet: 1 euro barcelona flea market

So I thought I would be too busy/lazy to update my wee lil blog but somehow I found myself acting out my vain instincts again this morning as my self timer went off and did the 10 continuous shots. The weather was sunny but cold. What an odd combination.

Not too much excitement in my outfit but I actually tried today. I think coming back from Paris yesterday made me want to dress nice. Paris has got to be my favorite city so far.

Must think of a new collection for next year. Fashion lovin has not left me one bit.

I know I rarely update with anything awesome, anything slightly intelligent, or anything other than rather uninspiring (to me anyways) outfits, but thanks to all those that keep reading. You are loved by the one and only Lala.

Peace out fools.

Monday, November 10, 2008


My mom says I got fat.


I think my blog is dying.

For now that is.

We'll see when I get back to reality in two months.

Until then, see you in dreamland.