Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pictures are louder than words: What have I been up to

Nerding it up
(with my new fake glasses from Buffalo Exchange's $1 Sale)

Mannequin as my third roommate

Utilizing my 21 year old privileges with a butterfly on my head.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


The art geek and fashion freak turns 21.

oh. sh.t.

Monday, April 20, 2009

What has been consuming my life.

Dun. Dun. Dun.

Yes, it's that season again. Fashion show season and this year I foolishly decided to do a 12 piece collection with four menswear pieces. Huh.

I'm turning old in three days. It's a mixture of happiness and sadness. Like when you over eat something really yummy. Like it's really good when you eat it but then you realize you will need to spend the next three days in the gym.

Fashion show + work + internship + sleepiness + oh yah school = a very tired me.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lala's Style of the Day: oh shooot. man.


  • t-shirt: $1 buffalo exchange earth day sale. can't wait.
  • green silk skirt: 2 euros milan flea market.
  • green belt: the limited
  • necklace of awesomeness: cinque terre shop, 7 euro
  • tights: primark
  • boots: thrift


  • Pinkalicious dress: revamped from an 80's masterpiece
  • Tights: target
  • Blazer: $1 buffalo exchange sale
  • boots: thrift
  • Belt: rescued from donation bin

Monday, April 6, 2009

Ice Ice Baby.

For me, the start of a new season means new attitudes, new perspectives, and better yet, new fashions. As you may know, I never quite follow the seasonal trends. I always seem to be one step behind in what I wear because well, I tend to head towards the clearance racks. And clearance racks usually means last season's trash for one man but treasure for me. Wait, when did spring start again? I can't even remember.

Lately, I've been craving jewelry (and shoes, but that's a whole other story). Usually, the jewelry I have comes from three places:
a) thrift stores
b) mom's drawer
c) claire's/icing red sale, you know where it's like 10 items for $5...
d) the decoration ontop of cupcakes (r.i.p. spidey ring)

As you can see, the means in which I source my jewelry is somewhat inadequate. Quality jewelry is hard to find when the b) option has been all drained out and the a) option is either a hit or miss.

So what is a jewelery obsessed girl to do?

Thankfully, is only a firefox tab away from fulfilling my needs. (Firefox has been my latest obsession...what can I say, I'm slow rolling on the tech ball too). is like the mall of jewelry shopping. The site houses everything from high end jewels and gems to more affordable pieces under the $100 range
Seriously, it takes a long time just going through one specific section within the site. Trust me when I say they have a bunch of options to choose from.

The lovely folks over at where kind enough to send me this adorable elephant pendant. I may be almost towards that last pinnacle age mark (i.e. turning 21) but I cannot resist the adorable. However, I am more immune to the type of adorable that exists within our own species. Kids just don't do it for me. Unless they are little angels, I say pass, and give me an elephant pendant instead.

I received my little box of surprise last quarter. I love it when I get things in my mail box. It makes me feel special. I always need to feel special even though most of the times I know it's a sort of pseudo feeling.

It arrived in a cute little white box and inside a velvet-esque jewelry box. Super cute and made me feel super special. I never receive jewelry from people so being the girly girl that I can be at times, I imagined my burning hunk of love sending it to me. It's only an imagination, so yeah, the world is still in order.

What was inside the box was even cooler. The pendant is of a shiny black onyx with a single diamond for the eye and 14 k gold. It's super cute and simple and something quirky enough that it can be placed under the category of being lala-esque.

I wore it a few times out and about and the feeling of wearing real jewelry made me feel cool. Oh the power of fashion.

What I liked about was that there were so many different styles and types of jewelry to choose from that you are sure to find something you like. For more expensive items they have the option of paying in installments. It brought me back to the gold ole days when I used to watch the Home Shopping Network. Hey. Don't judge.

So I have only partially satisfied my jewelry craving. Working at a school newspaper is just not enough when one needs to be downed in the bling bling. Did I really just say that?

For now, I'll be happily skipping along the grass wearing my elephant pendant while I wait for my prince charming to shower me in diamonds. Diamonds are a girls best friend. In my case, diamonds are the popular cool kids that I wish were my best friend.

It feels quite nice to blog again. Maybe this time I really am inspired. Oh and my hair looks the same except red in the light. If Busababe were here should would call it wooden mahogany with a mix of fireman.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Step One

Hair dye party. Success.

I may not be an Ariel, but a Lala will do just as well.

Friday, April 3, 2009


So yeah. It's spring. And I still haven't done anything for this blog.

I fail.