Friday, February 29, 2008

Lala's Style of the Day and a Night with a Series of Unfortunate Events

  • Blue Adias tank: $5 nordies rack
  • High-waisted shorts: 0.85 local thrift.
  • Suspenders: $1 st. vinnies
  • Belt: 0.25 local thrift
  • Shiny shiny super awesome spandex David-bowie-esque leggings: made by me
  • Green heeled shoes: $4 local thrift.
So my day started off studying for a midterm I did so not well on. But that was not the most exciting part of my day.

And now for the real good stuff. My night filled with funny disaster that will forever be a memorable series of unfortunate events.

Me and mis amigos had planned to go to the Getty for their College Night. We never made it to the Getty and no I did not get the date mixed up.

So let me tell you about my adventure in graphical terms. Nerdy-me is taking full effect now.

1. So I had already looked up all the bus schedule and we were like totally set man, bus schedules in hand, camera in pocket, quarters in pocket, pepper spray ready to go. We were super ready and super excited.

We went to the cross streets that supposedly should have been there, but there was no bus stop in sight. The only thing there was a sidewalk of dirt, a tree, and the entrance to super rich folks with the arcs of Bel-Air. We decided to head back to another stop when suddenly Bacne turns around and points to a bus that drove past.

Unfortunate Event #1

2. We all decided to just head over to the other bus stop because this one was so not reliable. We walked for a while but were still in a fairly good mood. It was a nice night.

Fortunate Event #2

We were so caught up in our nice walk that we totally passed the street that we were suppose to cross. In a mad attempt to make it to the bus stop before the bus arrived in like 4 minutes I dashed away on my heels like a crazy bag lady. Bacne and Beckster later caught up. They asked me if the bus had other stops besides the one we were madly running towards. I looked. Yes. In fact we were right next to it. So we mad dashed backwards down the street.

Unfortunate Event #3

By the time we crossed the street we saw the bus. Our bus. On the other side of the street. We couldn't cross yet. We were frantically yelling and cursing as we hoped to God that the bus wouldn't leave.

Unfortunate Event #4

4. Suddenly the light changed and we ran across. Thankfully there was a long line that kept the bus stalled for a moment. We got on. And even though Bacne and Beckster and problems with the money taking machine we were all in a good mood. Oh yeah, we're gonna have fun at the Getty. Or so we thought.

Fortunate Event #5

5. So we just sat in the bus looking outside which was really hard because the lights were so bright in the bus that it reflected the window. But I had my bus stop schedule in hand and patiently and attentively we waited until our stop would be called. Our stop was called and even flashed on the little horizontal screen. We pulled the line. The bus did not stop. In fact, it kept going. I looked around confused. Like really confused. I knew we had already passed the stop because the map on the screen pointed it out. I heard some mumbling from the bus driver and saw some passengers turn towards us. Hmmm..this is rather strange we thought. After a few seconds of registering what had happened I was angry. Bacne and I headed off towards the bus driver. We asked him why he didn't stop at the Getty when we pulled it. This is a re-enactment of our conversation even though I couldn't really understand him for most of the time:

Me: Why didn't you stop at the Getty?!

Driver: We already passed it.

Me: I know that but we pulled the line.

Driver: You're suppose to pull it before. You have to know where your stop is.

Me: We did. Isn't that what you do when you hear your stop being called?!!

Driver: And I even called out asking who wanted to go to the Getty but no one responded.

Me: What!?? We didn't hear anything. We were in the back!!!!!!

Driver: Yeah but I called like real loud.


Me Inside: WTF. WTF. Oh shoot. Oh shoot. What are we going to do. I do not want to end up in some shady neighborhood.

Driver: I can drop you off at the next stop and a bus will be going back.

We were like okay since there was nothing else we could do. He was actually nice enough to give us transfer passes. He dropped us off. Like in the middle of nowhere.

Way Way Unfortunate Event #6

6. So basically we were out on this pseudo-street where it was all dark and creepy. It wasn't that creepy since all there was around us was a freeway entrance and this cultural center. We were on some street called Skirball. It should have been called "Screwball" because I felt like I had screwed up our whole plan. So we stood there. Three girls not feeling quite the safest of safe. We decided maybe we could walk our way back to the Getty since it didn't seem that far. We crossed the street. We walked a few feet and suddenly the sidewalk ended. Okay, so never mind then.

Unfortunate Event #7

We walked backwards towards the light basically in front of this Cultural center when suddenly we see a bus coming towards the bus stop. On the other side of the street. The light was red and we couldn't cross. We shouted and cursed. This time we weren't so lucky because the bus left.

Unfortunate Event #8

We decided just to wait for the bus to come. However, that was the last bus running for that particular line and we would have to wait a while until the late night bus arrived. So there we were. Three girls, standing on the sidewalk of what seemed like a freeway entrance. During this time it wasn't that bad. We laughed off our whole failure of a trip. We stood back to back to look around just in case but I bet we looked like idiots to the drivers passing by. Then I started talking about hookers and another really really funny conversation emerged:

Me: We shouldn't look at drivers because they might think we're
hookers or something.

Beck: But we don't look like hookers.

Me: Yeah, I guess.

Beck: Maybe except for you....

Me/Bacne: ?!

Beck: Yeah!! Think about it. You're wearing your shiny leggings and shorts and heels. And then you have this trench coat thing and you can't even tell if your wearing anything underneath. It's like what hookers wear you know? You know how they have that trench coat and then the suddenly open it *motion of ripping open the coat* and then they have their hooker outfit underneath? Yeah. That's like what you're wearing. Kinda.

Laughter to the infinite.

Me: Guys, I am not a hooker.

7. Conversation like this went on for a while until finally, as if our knight in shiny armour appeared, the bus came. We could all hear Hallelujah echoing around us. Indeed Hallelujah. It never felt better to be sitting in a bus. We actually passed the Getty but no way were we going to go since the event was almost over.

Fortunate Event #9

8. Thankfully this time around we actually managed to get off when we were suppose to. In spite of our disastrous outing I did manage to end my night with a high note. I found this hubcap lying on the ground. I wanted to go get it. I'm strange like that. When a war broke out between good mommy (Beck) and bad mommy (Bacne). It was really funny because they were talking to me as if I were a child who wanted to pick up some dirty junk from the ground. Actually, I was some child who wanted to pick up some dirty junk from the ground.

Fortunate Event #10

I cleaned it off. All nice and shiny and broken and plastic, but it's my souvenir of our quite interesting night. We ate some ice cream when we got back. It was good. Real Good.

Right now my feet are tired from running and walking. My heart is semi-sad that I failed my midterm. My pimples are ready to break out from all the work I have to this weekend. But overall my soul is happy to have such wonderful friends to share this adventure with.

It's experiences like these that make life so memorable.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

I Blame my Frustration on the Sun.

I was frustrated today. Like seriously frustrated. Like the type of frustrated that made me want to yell "shut up" to every single person I came in contact with. Like the type of frustrated that wanted to stab the next fat squirrel with my pitchfork that got in my way.

Yeah, I was just that frustrated.

I stupidly, took out my frustration on someone.

But the strange thing was, I couldn't exactly pinpoint where all my frustration came from. Actually, I can.

I was frustrated with the fact that I feel so behind. Not only in the sense of school because I am (procrastination is my full time partner in crime), but in general - life. I feel so behind with life because I feel that there are so many experiences that I have been left out of that other people my age have already experienced. Nearing the second decade makes me panic that I should be doing all these "things." There are so many "never"s that I can list, that I panic. I stress. I get frustrated. I think I'm one of those people that just have to do everything, but it's weird because in high school I was never like that. I was the person that did nothing. I guess realizing that it actually counts this time around for your future makes me panic. When I panic, I stress. When I stress, I get frustrated. It's like the transitive property of algebra. Seriously guys, math is like way cool.

I somehow feel the need to do everything and the need to grab as many opportunities that come my way because when I don't, I think I've wasted something; that I'm wasting my life. I have the desire to be more than just existing. I want movement, I want dynamism, I need something that tells me that I am more than just a breathing object taking up space. And when I don't feel this way, I get frustrated.

And this is where my frustration lacks logical reasoning because only I can change the way I think. Only I can make myself believe that I am more than just existing. It's all up to me in the way I think about my life that determines the way I feel about my life. I need to remind myself that it's okay to be behind as much as I want to catch up. I will carve my own path and pace that's right and good for me. I really have nothing so terrible in my life going to allow this frustration to consume my everyday happiness. My frustration is really all my doing isn't it?

But I also blame the sun because as I was walking around school and the sun just kept shining in my eye, I just kept getting angrier and angrier and more agitated and frustrated. I can totally understand why Meursault shot that man on the beach. It's like the sun's fault man.

Then again, feeling frustrated and getting a little too self-involved is a good thing. It makes us and makes me human. And being human is always a plus.

NOTE: This will be the last and only most-emo-ist thing I will right. Frustration is just a phase.

I really should be studying for my midterm tomorrow but somehow writing this all down in here makes me feel better. Self-disclosure. It's a thing I learned in Comm. I seriously need to stop this mix of school with regular talk. Wow. Academics is relevant to life.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lala's Style of the Days

I've been feeling very introspective lately. I don't know, is it even possible to have a feeling of introspection?

I've started to wonder what to do with my life. I've also re-started my habit of staring at random things. For instance, I could not help stop staring at my professor's arm pit stains or the funky color of this one guy's toenails or the quarter that kept jumping up and down on the treadmill or the bottle cap that was left in the corner of the gym. Sometimes, taking time to stare at random things brings new life It makes you feel real and it somehow makes your existence more tangible in a way. Staring at completely insignificant things is the best. You should all try it out sometime.


  • Tee Shirt: $10 express.
  • Baggy wide legged trousers: $6 loehmanns
  • Shoes of course

I was surprised how little "stuff" I wore. Only a shirt and pants. Wow.


Sunny days are the best. Sunny days that's not too warm because I can still color my legs which always brings a smile to my chipmunk face.

  • This cool patterned tank: $1.50 st. vinnies. I actually think this is sleepwear now that I think about it. It has that soft flannel feeling.
  • Purple Betsey Johnson skirt: $0.98 st. vinnies
  • Brown belt
  • Red tights: buffalo exchange, $3.50
  • Knit vest of happiness: from my mom. I wonder if my mom was ever a hippy because it's like a serious hippy vest. Wait. Nah, my mom's not that old...I think.
  • 80's heels: $4 local thrift.
  • Yellow bag, yellow ray-bans

I tried to do my hair all messed up like Rayanne's from My So-Called Life with all these braids and random miniature pony-tails sticking out. I like it, I should insert these little braid things more. I'm feeling the wavy hair these days, not that my hair was that straight to ever begin with. Today I woke up and my hair was, as Christian from Project Runway would say it, a hot mess. It was a mess but man was it hot, or so I thought. I woke up and headed straight to the bathroom. I saw Mwang and suddenly she burst into laughter. I turned towards the mirror. Oh yeah, sleeping had given me Poison-esque 80's big hair. Bacne came in later and laughed. It was great. I should have just walked out like that.

Other exciting news:

I finally heard back from study abroad and guess what? I'm going abroad in the fall. I can hardly wait.

I should get back to studying my IS/LM model and curves and stuff. I don't know. When re-evaluating your life, memorizing the shifts of graphs hardly seems important anymore, not that it ever did, but it just makes it less important. I really need to stop this introspection feeling, it's getting me nowhere.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lala's Weekend of Unmotivated Fun

I usually try to do work over the weekends so I don't have such a hectic week.

I always fail.

Because this weekend was a weekend of unmotivated fun.

First and foremost, my daily outfits of course!


I attended this charity silent auction. Okay, I didn't attend, I volunteered at this charity silent auction. It just doesn't sound as legit when I say I volunteered. Anyways, the event was to fundraise some middle school out here in LA. Dress code of the night was party attire. This I can manage I thought. It didn't freak me out as much as last time's "cocktail attire".
  • Kenzie Silk Purple Top: $7, loehmanns
  • Skirt: $6, loehmanns
  • Tights
  • Flats

It was a pretty fun night. I spent most of the time typing in bid numbers and so forth. There was a last second computer malfunction but all us girls helped out to save the event in the nick of time. I also spent half the night watching this cutie of a chocolate lab. Man was he strong. I think he actually peed on the carpet during my watch but thankfully no one saw. I hope it doesn't smell in there. After the night was over, the lady told us that there were some dresses that didn't get bidded on and told us we can take any one we liked. Score. I took a yellow one and black one. I love freebies, they are the best.

The third picture is with my new "mannequin". It's this metal cage thing that's more like a torture device than mannequin. My groupmate gave it to me because it didn't have a stand. I was like okay sure. Free stuff? Bring it on baby.

Lately, I mean just this weekend, I've been having a crazy My So-Called Life addiction. I've been watching the episodes non-stop and cannot stop even though I have so much work to do. I feel like I should just watch it all and get it over with. It's like the best show ever. EVER.

In honor of the 90's fashion, I wore my over-sized plaid shirt. I wanted to channel a bit of Angela (Claire Danes).

I went with Z to go paint some shoes out in Westwood, but we both ended up not painting shoes because A) the shoes were pricey for some canvas flats and B) we weren't feeling it. I know it was going for a good cause and all but yeah nah. So we just walked around and were thankful that it was not raining.

I need to work...but...I also need to finish watching. Oh the dilemmas I face every day!! What to do? What to do?

Friday, February 22, 2008

Lala's Style of Yesterday

  • Blue tee: express
  • Brown leather vest: 0.50 local thrift
  • Scarf ribbons: 99 cent each GAP
  • Jeans: haven't worn these in forever. I'm glad I could still pull them up past my caboose.
  • Coat: $3.99 TYM
  • Shoes: $4 value village. I think it's time to say goodbye to these gems. They just keep falling apart. I will try once again with super glue.
  • Hat: from MWang.

I've been so lazy and unmotivated these days. But then surprisingly I got a call from an internship I applied to and that basically cheered me up. Finally! Someone actually responded. Also my hamburger phone finally arrived!! It is way cool.

The package looked like this. It was a bit shady at first.

But then! Ta-DA! It is amazing and it works...or so I think.

I also made a chain of foil heart messages from Dove Chocolate. Dove Dark Chocolate is like the water in my life. I need it.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Strutting the Catwalk Part Two: London Fashion Week

So I’m not the speediest of fashion bloggers. But what can I say; being a jet setting model/muse to all the glorious designers leaves me little time to bring the latest fashion news updates on my wee little blog. I’ve finally had some time to settle down. Milan fashion week is not quite as hectic for me for some reason; I’m guessing the Italians don’t take much of a liking to octopus faced models like me.

I always look forward to London Fashion Week. It is perhaps my favorite fashion week city because the designs in London are just so darn quirky and odd. I love quirkiness and oddness as if it were my comfortable blankie I can just bundle myself in. Or maybe it’s just the huge disparity between the safe n’ chic looks of New York. As always, what little knowledge of fashion I have will be quite apparent, but what love of fashion I have will triumph my lack of knowing.

Now as I recount my favorite runway shows in alphabetical order. I’m feeling very elementary school these days.


When I saw all these coats come down one by one on the runway I was drooling with jealously! I have a major obsession with coats like no other. Half my wardrobe consists of coats so it is not surprising I was tickled with happiness when I saw Aquascutum's coats. I believe my obsession first began with trench coats. I had wanted a trench coat ever since well, ever since I was big enough to fill out a trench coat. I've had this romanticized fantasy involving a beige trenchcoat playing in my head for many years now:
The scene: A rainy/misty night. A jet is nearby getting ready to
take off. I am dressed in my trenchcoat with black heels and my cloche hat. My hair is in curls, perfect and umm..curly. My lips are red and my face is pale from the freezing cold. My clutch is held in my super cracked, dry fingers. A dark and handsome man in a suit with a fedora stands next to me.

Me: Goodbye my love. Until we meet again, I will memorize and recall your
wrinkled face and graying hair every night before I sleep.

Man: No! Must you leave!? Please stay...stay with me...we can be happy

Me: No, I can't. My husband is waiting for me. I must go.

Man: Please. I love you!

Me ignores the man's words and steps onto the jet. Curls blowing beautifully in her face and trench coat flapping like mad. Never has a woman looked as me. With one last look, me turns and heads into the jet. Jet takes off and flies Dark and handsome man falls to the pavement drenched in tears.

So that is basically my trenchcoat fantasy. As you can see from the scene, the trenchcoat plays a major role. I did manage to find a London Fog trench coat a while back in one of those a whole bag for $5 sales at my local thrift store. Unfortunately I have not gotten the opportunity to wear it. I think with the casualness of California, trenchcoat wearing would be a little awkward. But then again, when have I ever cared about being awkward? Never. Exactly.

But anways, back to the show. I was super happy to see such interesting coats that emanated the same feeling of the classic trench. I was even more happy when I, yes me and my octopus face, got to strut down the catwalk with the coolest coat of all.

Seriously, nothing beats a trench with a printed photo looking print of a city. I'm like a walking silent film. It's that amazing.

The shape was quite different too. I believe my silhouette looked like that of a bowling pin, but in a good way.

All the fashion photographers were taking pictures of my outfit left and right that I nearly tripped due to the blinding flashes. But who can blame them? This was the coolest piece from the whole collection.

Once again, I did all the begging I could to keep this piece but was again denied from the object of my affection. Things never work out the way I want it to. Maybe I should just give up, but remember those words of wisdom: "If at first you don't succeed, pick yourself up and try again."


I have never heard of this designer before until I last week and boy do I feel ashamed that I didn't know. One of the reasons why I love London fashion week is because of all the new talents out there. Not only do I walk the walk for those already established designers, but I like to with emerging designers as well. What can I say, I'm an equal opportunity employee.
I was immediately drawn to all the frills and frou frou when he first showed me his stuff. There was something very romantic about the dresses. I love me some good ole chiffon.

He showed me the dress that I would be wearing and I was so amazed by the print of the dress. It looked like a knitted sweater! I'm still kind of confused if it really is a knit material or just a print. My mind is always in a state of confusion so it's no biggie. But no matter what the dress was just so gorgeous to walk in. I felt like a blossoming flower in the winter snow.

There were also these very interesting vest like contraptions that reminded me of a horse saddle but for a woman's body. It made me want to go ride a horse but I don't believe in riding horses so that was out of the question.


Eley Kishimoto's collection can be summed up in two words: child and fun. Lala can be summed up in two words: child and fun. This was a match made in heaven. I was seriously attracted to every bit and piece of their stuff. In the words of Bacne, Like Seriously, I want them all!! From the colors to the prints to the mixing and matching, I loved the whole clown and jester theme going on. I was literally in heaven. This was totally made for me and all my childish dreams.

I got to wear the final piece.

I felt so cool in the final piece.

Like with that giant polka-dotted ribbon mixed with that more grown up looking coat. It was a symbol for my "in-between" stage in life. In the words of Britney, "I'm not a girl, not yet a woman." No. I'm not a man either.

I have never wanted to wear white tights and white gloves together more in my life.

I have never loved my bangs more in my life. I wish I had my bowl cut back. Come back to me bowl cut! Oh how I miss you so.

I look a little tall and gangly and awkward in this photo, but I swear I'm not in real life! If you saw me you would be amazed how short and stumpy I am and be quite flabbergasted by my model status.

I was again rejected by my requests to keep the pieces so I stole them instead. I got caught and landed in the London prison. I made a few friends during my stay but was eventually bailed out. I have connections ya know?


Another favorite of mine was Sinha Stanic's. The young duo designer's label was another one I had not heard of before. Why do all these crazy people come from London!? I wish I were there but I'll settle with my suburban lifestyle for now.

Being the equal opportunity employee that I am, I said yes to their show and boy was it fantastic.

I loved their interesting shapes and their motorcycle-esque jackets looked like a piece of carved ham folding ever so gently around the contours of the body. Paired with the deformed bubble skirt and the multi-toned turtleneck tops, the outfits were quite refreshing.

I sort of laughed in a I'm-laughing-with-you-not-at-you way when I saw the tan skirt because it reminded me of a fortune cookie. I told the designers this and apparently they did not find it so funny. I guess fortune cookie does not scream high fashion to them. But dude man, high fashion can come from any inspiration. This little conversation unfortunately ruined all my chances at obtaining a piece from the collection. Me and my big mouth.


Last but not least, I loved the Vivienne Westwood collection. It was fun and funky and cool and everything that I want to be thrown onto a runway. There was definitely still an essence of Ms. Westwood's punk roots in all the outfits. Even the more glamourous looks had something dark and edgy going on. Oh Ms Westwood, please help me become dark and edgy!!

I got the pleasure of wearing the iconic plaid piece. I love me some good plaid, but what I loved even more was my hair. Man it was totally fierce. Never in my life have I wanted super super supernova big hair as much as I do now. It felt like I was wearing this frizzy shawl-hood but when I looked around I was like "oh lala it's my hair!"

My eyes looked cross-eyed only because I was trying super hard to focus on looking straight because otherwise I would have turned around to look at the models behind me to see them rock the awesome outfits.

I really wanted to wear the purple dress with the mustache drawn above the mouth because I wanted to have a mustache drawn above my mouth. Ms. Westwood said it wouldn't match my skin complexion. Oh well, at least I got the hair.

So that was my little excursion to London. I'm in Milan right now getting my beauty rest, but posts about Milan will be coming soon! Oh life is so hard being a world fashion octopus-faced fashion model.

Photos courtesy of Coutorture and

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lala's Style of the Day

  • Raw 7 Skull heads cashmere sweater: a gift from my aunt for christmas. I like to touch it over and over again because it's super soft. I have an affinity for soft things.
  • Wool Coat: mom didn't want it
  • Shorts
  • Aqua power tights: $1.50 local thrift
  • Purple moccassin wedges: $5 loehmanns
  • PS tissue tank: $3 target
  • Dali necklace: etsy
  • AND THE BEST PART OF MY OUTFIT....feathered headband!!!: Made by the best sultry petite songstress of the night, BusaBabe! I got so many compliments today. Your gift is the best gift ever thanks so much.

My inspiration today was part hippy and part I hate getting back in the school mode after all my nice travels over the weekend. So last night I came back and thought I would have time to relax but a major butt project got in the way. I gave Bacne her super belated birthday gift. What was really weird is that when google search images for "Bacne" but octopus of a face shows up on the first page. Today was an okay day but half way through it my quarter-life crisis began to kick in. I'm really confused about life and college. I want to say "I know everything will be okay" but I can't. Oh well, hopefully it's just a phase that will pass. I need to get back to my overly chipper self.

Monday, February 18, 2008

My Jet Setter Lifestyle: Post V-day Party and KC's "surprise" birthday

NOTE: Events and conversations have been slightly changed to heighten the cool factor of this story.

I'm quite the jet setter these days. I like to live my life fast and fierce. Yesterday, my posse and I hit it up big time. It all started last week when I got a call from funk master T.
"Hey you busy next weekend?" he said.

I flipped through my planner "Nah, I can schedule it in" I said.

"Cool" he said.

"Better plan up something wickedly fantastic" I said.

"When do I never?" funk master T replied.

"True that."

I hung up and got back to my business.

A week later I was back at home. The phone rang. It was funk master T.

"What's the plan?" I asked.

"We're gonna hit up the world today."


"Plus, it's KC's birthday on Monday so it can also be a surpise celebration as well. BusaBabe and I baked a cake. An awesome cake to be exact. With fruits and cake and flour."


"See you tomorrow then."


I went to bed. The night passed and I woke up. I got dressed in my obnoxious outift in preparation for my obnoxious day coming up. I called my chauffeur Barbie to come pick me up. He drove up in a newly refurbished 11 year old Nissan.

"Hello! Can you take me Target? I need to pick up some goodies for KC and then we got to go pick up KC around 10:30 if we want to make it in to for the flight to China."


"Yeah. We're gonna dim sum it big time."

I opened the door that wouldn't open. "Excuse me Barbie, the door won't open."

"Oh sorry, this is the door that won't open. Sorry bout that. You can use the other door. That's the door that will open."

"No worries. It's all good."

Barbie drove fast and furious down the suburb paved roads. I could see the jealously pouring from the pores of old ladies as we speeded 40 mph in my tricked out 11 year old Nissan. Oh yeah.

I went into Target and was greeted by the smell of Target products. I picked up some great things and then off we went.

It was exactly 10:30 when we arrived at KC's palacial casa.

"WHY HElllllllo!!" I was greated by the ever cool, ever lovely KC.


"I like your tights. They remind me of trolls. But in a good way." She said.

"Aw thanks! And I like your face. It reminds me of a monkey. But in a good way" I said.

"Aw thanks!" She said.

We hoped into the car. Barbie drove at the speed of grease lightning towards the airport.

When we got thhere, we were early and so we waited for the rest. And we waited. And waited. And waited. It felt like we were waiting for Godot, but longer.

Finally, KC and I heard the sound of a "Take Me On" by the A-Ha's and we knew they were here. We were greeted by funk master T, BusaBabe and B.Boi. B.boi, our resident pilot unlocked the jet and we all hopped in ready to go dim sum it. Finally after 12 hours of flight, B.boi landed smoothly and we skipped towards dim sum. We ordered a number of yummies. It was all good but what I really wanted was some red tofu a euphemism for pork blood if you like. Finally the cart arrived and I got my heart's desire. I made everyone try some. KC was the only one who spit it back out. Oh lonely red tofu, you were rejected.

We ate delicious cake that BusaBabe and funk master T baked. The cake was yum.

"The cake is yum." I said.

After our brunch we decided to head over to the race tracks and get our racing on.

BusaBabe didn't have a license yet so she didn't quite know how to drive. She ran into KC.

Thank fully, KC was not harmed. I captured
I the incident on my camera. I became the agressive driver and decided to run funk master T over. It was unsuccessful because he just ran too fast. He was like Forrest Gump, but faster.

While waiting for the race to start, I gasped.

"Oh my god." I gasped.

"What is it?" Busababe asked.

"Look, it's a real life Beatle!"


"Over there on the bench!"

"Over there by the tree!"


"Over there!" I pointed.

She saw. She gasped. Our gasps had gone to waste seeing as it was only B.Boi wearing my old man glasses.

The race started and it was on. I got bumped into many times by an agressive driver in plaid. It made my angry, but I'm over it now.

Afterwards, I checked my watch.

"Oh shoot!" I exclaimed. The gang looked at me and all said "Oh shoot!" in unison. We were late. We had to get to London in time seeing as how we were guest DJing at the latest hipster club. BBoi flew at the speed of light and we were there in five minutes.

I worked my magic on the turntables while BusaBabe and KC did their mojo on the keyboard. B.Boi and funk master T went off to play video games instead. Typical. They did come back later to perform a special guitar showdown.

The people loved us and they wanted us to stay. I wanted to stay and party it up with the London kids, but sadly we had to go.
BusaBabe and I, being the international supermodels that we are had to rush over to Paris in time for a photoshoot. I'm the model with the octupus face and monkey hair, but BusaBabe is the sultry petite siren. I guess the photographer wanted a juxtaposition between the odd and the hot. I'm the odd one if you didn't know.

The shoot went fantastic. BBoi and funk master T just waited outside the studio smoking up chocolate cigars while me and BusaBabe did our stuff.

KC decided to jump into the picture, when all of the sudden, the photographer screamed. Like really screamed. Like a high pitched girl scream.

"A muse! A muse! A muse has been sent from the heavens above."

Apparently, the photographer was totally inspired by KC's monkey face that he fainted. We did our own photoshoot instead.

We also decided to go to Egypt. Just for random I guess. I saw the pyramids and sand.

It was getting late and we realized that we had to go back to LA for our major performance at the Cool Club. On the plane ride back we listened to some awesome music. The gang does have such great taste in music from Queen to Michael Jackson to David Bowie to Aqua to Phantom of the Opera to everything else that was cool in the 80's or 90's. Aww, my friends are so cool.

We landed at LAX and speed walked towards the club. In addition to being a sultry petite siren, BusaBabe is also the renown soulful sultress in our band. She and B.Boi make the best lead singers ever.

We rocked it out big time even though I was only backup. But as they say, every little role is important. KC was our resident robot dancer.

Funk master T feel asleep on this orange couch. We woke him up and told him it's time to go. We were finished with our gig.

"Let's go."

We left even though the crowd was begging us to come back.

I called up mommy. Barbie decided to take a nap at home so he couldn't come pick me up in his tricked out 11 year old Nissan.

I said goodbyes to everyone for a wonderful adventure.

"Good planning man! We hit it up big time!" I told funk master T.

"You know what they say, Go Big or Go Home" Funk master T said.

"For sure....for sure." formatting makes me angry.