Friday, February 8, 2008

My Friends: A Happy Two Decades of Living Bacne.

This past Monday was my dear old friend and roommate extraordinare Bacne. She turned the big two O. Crazy how time flies by. If I ever turn the second decade, I am going to scream.

About five or six years ago, I promised Bacne that I would paint a portrait of her for her birthday. Fastforward six years later. Umm..the painting is on the way..? Okay, so I did not paint her a portrait and ever time she asks me about it I feel like I am being stabbed by my guilt. I've decided that I will dedicate a whole post for Miss Bacne partly because of my guilt and partly because I just love her.

She's asleep right now. I can hear her breathing even though I'm watching a marathon of Spring 2008 RTW shows on Ahhh, I love it when you finish a test and you just sit on your butt watching runway shows.

The Life Story Of Bacne, A very short story by LalaLiu

Once upon a great great long long time, a bright young thing emerged from the bubble of a giant pimple. Upon inspection of this bright young thing, the nurse attendants discovered a problem with her. She did not look like a normal pimple like the others in PimpleLand. Her shape was a little odd, her color was a little off. She was definitely not normal. In fact, as the doctors label it, this bright young thing looked like, could it be? A back pimple? She was a Bacne. Now, as we all know in PimpleLand, back pimples are discriminated against in the world. Pimples can be very elitist, soley sticking with pimples of the same kind. After the doctor's shocking discovery, Bacne was shunned. Shunned from everyone in Pimpleland.

Bacne decided to move to America a place where all discriminated pimples could go and be free. Despite her troubling childhood, Bacne grew up to be a lovely and intelligient girl. She adopted a valley girl accent and discovered the greatness that is Youtube. She spent her days frolicking around the fields of pink roses, sniffing each petal in sight. Although she was free, something was missing. There was a terrible void in her life that she could not explain. Bacne, my friends, was lonely. She had many acquaintances here and there, but no one truly understood her weirdness.

Meanwhile, two blocks down the street a shunned pimple named Lala was singing and dancing to Michael Jackson. Lala was also from Pimpleland but because of her extreme oddness and her love for fashion, she was targeted against in her hometown. Pimples were not into fashion at all. They believed fashion was a sin. Crazy huh? Like Bacne, she traveled to America and rented a small shack where she spent her days painting, making clothing, dancing, singing, and releasing her inner weirdness.

One day while Bacne went down to pick up some superglue she ran in to the pimple Lala who was also looking for superglue to fix her favorite thrifted shoes that were falling apart. The two became friends instantly, mostly due to their similarity of being weird. They were a ying and yang. Bacne was a much more quiet weird while Lala was a more outspoken weird. Their weirdness was a wonderful match. They moved in together and became roommates and went to the same college and the rest is history.

Eventually they both got plastic surgery and were able to fit in with the other human beings.

HAPPY 20th and 5 days BACNE!!


fashaholic said...

Aww ahahahaha your stories are always so great!!! too cute :)

Hannah Cheeto said...

awwwww.... :)

miss milki said...

hi lalaliu! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. Don't be scared of that second decade...the anticipation is worse than the actual birthday, as I discovered! So enjoy being 19 and enjoy being 20 too! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bacne!

Anonymous said...

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