Friday, February 8, 2008

Lala's Style of the Days

As an apology for the lack of updates, I have here lots of pictures from the past week of but what else, what I'm wearing! Oh, and Happy Chinese New Year everyone!


  • Beige Tunic Top: From the depths of my mother's closet. Did a little cut and sew with it.

  • Black shorts: 0.85 local thrift

  • Tights: 1.50 old navy

  • Yellow jacket: Proenza Schouler for target, $10

  • Shoes: $4 value village. The other shoe fell apart again! I asked Bacne for superglue and she told me I should just give up on the shoes. NEVER!!

  • Beige vest: $5 nordies rack

  • Shark headband worn as a scarf: made by me

  • Scarf: gift from grandma

  • Belt: $2.50 wet seal

  • Bracelets: icing

  • Anchor necklace: this wooden anchor from the craft store painted and attached to gold beads!

My theme today was to allow my tiger shark friend to swim in the deep blue ocean. He's swimming around my neck.


I committed a fashion sin for me yesterday. I wore sweats and a tee out to class. My friend saw me and was shocked. I was shocked too. Shame shame.


  • D&G Floral Sweater: gift from aunt.

  • Silk Cami: $5 from some store closing in the mall

  • Pink Vest that looks handmade: $1 st. vinnies

  • Black skinnyfied pants

  • Red Jacket

  • Strawberry headband: $1 some westwood jewelry store

  • Purple Moccassin wedges

  • Colorful fun wool scarf: Lucky outlet in palm springs, $3


Day outfit....

  • Top: $5 charlotte russe

  • Skirt with buttons: todd's mom donation bag pick.

  • Yellow belt: tjmaxx $2

  • Burberry Scarf: gift from aunt

  • Blue tights: $1.50 target

  • Shoes

Night time....

  • Sequined vest: $3.99 thank you mart

  • Red belt: 0.50 local thrift

  • Blinging "T" choker: 0.50 icing

  • Heart necklace:

Added some sparkle for Bacne's 20th birthday celebration.


morgan said...

love the yellow jacket and anchor necklace from the first outfit....super fantabulous!!!!

AlicePleasance said...

Yes, I agree, the Proenza Schouler jacket really suits you :-)

N/OutofFashion said...


<3 Anchors


Isabel said...

That anchor necklace is sweeet.

The Clothes Horse said...

You always looks so colorful and cheery!

Tinsley said...

happy chinese new year!
i love the anchor necklace :)

Samii Styles said...

Cute outfits as usual! I love the purple wedges and I am so going to make an anchor necklace!


love the mocassin wedges and i commited a fashion sin too i guess: i wore crochet uggs with some hideous sweats! shh..don't tell..:)

Tessa said...

ah, i'm with everyone on the awesomeness of your anchor necklace. it's brilliant. your scarf from your grandma is pretty fab too. :)

happy chinese new year!

Miss Woo said...

GIANT ANCHOR! You have some totally amazing accessories..

Secretista said...

Awesome clothes. Awesome poses!

LML said...

i love your colorful wardrobe! i especially like the anchor necklace :)

Anonymous said...

What a great idea for a necklace... why didn't I think of that???

WendyB said...

I love your giant anchor!

Caroline said...

you pull it all off nicely!

Isa said...

you are my divine sunday morning find!
lovely, lovely and you fit my coffee/oreos breakfast perfectly!


xx, isa

stupidcupcake said...

Anchor necklace= Best DIY idea in a veeery long time!

Natalie said...

Ohmygoodness, the anchor necklace!! I LOVE IT.

Cool Urbanite. said...

Love the bright scarf and the last picture from your Friday outfit and love the flower shirt with the stripes at the bottom you wore on tuesday!

Wanna swap links?

Stararah said...

Awesome outfits!

We all commit a fashion sin every once in a while.
Just don't do it again!

Wendy said...

The anchor necklace is so cute! You are DIY queen.

jEzmiNe tHe shOpPeR said...

loving the anchor necklace and all ur outfits...

Grace said...

I quite enjoy that anchor chain!