Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lala's Weekend of Unmotivated Fun

I usually try to do work over the weekends so I don't have such a hectic week.

I always fail.

Because this weekend was a weekend of unmotivated fun.

First and foremost, my daily outfits of course!


I attended this charity silent auction. Okay, I didn't attend, I volunteered at this charity silent auction. It just doesn't sound as legit when I say I volunteered. Anyways, the event was to fundraise some middle school out here in LA. Dress code of the night was party attire. This I can manage I thought. It didn't freak me out as much as last time's "cocktail attire".
  • Kenzie Silk Purple Top: $7, loehmanns
  • Skirt: $6, loehmanns
  • Tights
  • Flats

It was a pretty fun night. I spent most of the time typing in bid numbers and so forth. There was a last second computer malfunction but all us girls helped out to save the event in the nick of time. I also spent half the night watching this cutie of a chocolate lab. Man was he strong. I think he actually peed on the carpet during my watch but thankfully no one saw. I hope it doesn't smell in there. After the night was over, the lady told us that there were some dresses that didn't get bidded on and told us we can take any one we liked. Score. I took a yellow one and black one. I love freebies, they are the best.

The third picture is with my new "mannequin". It's this metal cage thing that's more like a torture device than mannequin. My groupmate gave it to me because it didn't have a stand. I was like okay sure. Free stuff? Bring it on baby.

Lately, I mean just this weekend, I've been having a crazy My So-Called Life addiction. I've been watching the episodes non-stop and cannot stop even though I have so much work to do. I feel like I should just watch it all and get it over with. It's like the best show ever. EVER.

In honor of the 90's fashion, I wore my over-sized plaid shirt. I wanted to channel a bit of Angela (Claire Danes).

I went with Z to go paint some shoes out in Westwood, but we both ended up not painting shoes because A) the shoes were pricey for some canvas flats and B) we weren't feeling it. I know it was going for a good cause and all but yeah nah. So we just walked around and were thankful that it was not raining.

I need to work...but...I also need to finish watching. Oh the dilemmas I face every day!! What to do? What to do?


Pratishtha Durga said...

The "fun" part of it hardly sounds "unmotivated" to me. I'd rather spend my evening in the company of a cute Labrador than kill precious moments with some nerd whose latest fascination is some useless gadget that costs just under a zazillion dollars.

I love the yellow dress. It's cute and very "you".

Freebies! What would life be without them :P

N/OutofFashion said...

LOVE the outfits, and you were lucky to get the dresses, what are they like?

You should continue wathing the show. I should be doing an assignment right now, but i am posting on my blog and watching that 70's show!


Unrealized Fish said...

I love your shirt! :) And the dresses!

Soul Tanggg said...

i LOOOOVE My so-called Life.
oh man. watching it brings back so many memories!

corie said...

i am in love with that yellow dress!

i noticed in your last picture, you have a poster of sweeney todd!! i absolutely love that movie!

Natasha said...

You look so lovely in the top and skirt!

Wendy said...

You look really cute in that outfit!

AlicePleasance said...

The top is fab and the 2 dresses are great as well!

bronwyn said...

Love the first outfit, and all your poses, your enthusiastic energy always puts a smile on my face:)

Isabel said...

I like your charity outfit and OH MY GOD free dresses. Love free shit. :)

Andy said...

I like your outfits! The second one is really cute.

I posted something new, come and comment it . :-)

Anonymous said...

your blog is very cute!

Vintage Daydream said...

Your "about you" section made me smile and think that you are a super rad girl. Great blog, I like how you write.

the iron chic said...

I've never seen My So Called Life.
Pre-douchebag era Jared Leto.

Samii Styles said...

Weird, I just made a post on my blog referencing My So Called Life. It was a great show!

Secretista said...

So darling and lovely to look at, always!

Weekend sounds eventful to me!

Diana Rikasari said...

i just visited your shop!! congrats on the new's LOVELY and your creations..keep it up!! :)