Thursday, October 29, 2009

I'm Alive. with eyes as blue as the ocean.

Look into my blue eyes and not my fugged up face.

A Random Style of a Day:

and presenting... MISS FANTASY 2009!! Ohhhh yah.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Past Week & Weekend.

So I have officially turned into a bee. A busy bee that is.

Lame intro? Yeah. Lame is where it's at this season.

We're only on the second week of school and I feel that so much has happened and so many adventures/(mis)adventures have been journeyed upon. But to recap the fashion of me, since we all know that's why you're here. Take a look. I feel a lot more inspired these days. I think the gianormous walk in closet my apartment gives me is partially the reason for that.


  • PANDA SHIRT: DIY t-shirt reconstruct. I love me some pandas.
  • Bandage skirt: I have succumbed to trends! too bad they're like a season old. This always happens to me. Time is not on my side. $3 F21 outlet.
  • Leopard Flats: my dedicated babies from Target
  • Blue Cropped Vintage Jacket: $2 thrift
  • Necklace: $11 for love
  • Headband: $3 F21
So the day I wore this outfit, I went to buy a course reader. While walking up to the counter, I was greeted by the cashier with a warm, "You look very pretty."

A bit creepy I must say, but I'll take a compliment where I can get it. I'm desperate like that.

So then he just shoots down the compliment and turns it into a backhanded compliment: "Well, I think you're pretty anyways." What, so I'm like so horribly weird that I can't be considered pretty.

"Are you in a play or something?"


In a way, I succeeded because my outfit seemed so out of place that it must have been a costume for a play. Nice one Lala.


  • My PHOENIX maxidress: $15 buffalo exchange. Once again, late on the bandwagon, but I've recently discovered the joys of maxi-dresses. I feel like a goddess. HAHA
  • Zipper necklace: $1 venice beach, i love this thing too bad you can't see it.
So I was randomly at Venice Beach walking around in this and one of the street artists yelled at me. "Girl in the fire dress!" I turn around to see a semi-clean bum/artist. "I like you're dress! It looks like my paintings. Come look!" I give him a thumbs up. I like encouraging artists to do what they're passionate about.

This pass weekend has been simply awesome. Starting Thursday, it not only meant the beginning of a weekend but I got to meet Joyce Azria and Lubov Azria the creative directors of BCBGeneration and BCBG! Super exciting. I got free dresses while I was at it and snapped by thecobrasnake.

The weekend was even more exciting as my roomies and I went off to Las Vegas to celebrate the the baby roomie's 21st birthday!

The clubs were so nice even though expensive. I realize the advantages of being a girl now. I'm not so sure if I really want to be a man anymore. I'm way too cheap to go that route. Which is a shame because I'm sure I would make a terrific man.

I got to wear my fancy dresses and dazzle (hehe, just for you dazzle!) it up with sparkly makeup. The thing I love about Vegas is that you can really go all out when dressing up because seriously, people don't really care.

I did gamble. I lost $2 and I was very heartbroken. I could have found a neatest vintage dress with that 2 bucks but now it's gone forever in the money pits of Caesar's Palace.

It's surreal to be back. In general, vegas is such a surreal place. I've been to Paris, Rome, New York all in one night. Plus an igloo as I felt myself being the real life Eskimo at the Icebar.

So it's back to school. Lately I've been loving big hair. Witness my moments of self-obsession with these webcam pics. So MySpace no?

I recently got really into Japanese Fashion magazines thanks to my dazzle and I saw this super awesome hairstyle that I just loved loved loved on Tomotomo that I had to try copying it. Basically I want to be like Hermione Granger to the extreme and asian. I've been trying to curl my hair and then tease it to get the poof but it never lasts the way I want it to look past five minutes. How sad.

I should read now. So distracted by online shopping and misadventures.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


I'm on the cobrasnake? Seriously? This weekend couldn't be more awesome.

. hehe.