Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Lala's Style of the Day

  • black bag dress: Kohls $8
  • Target grey tights $1.50
  • Olive tight socks: 1 euro. I bought these tights at a euro shop in berlin... I didn't realize they were kids sizes until I realized the crotch of the tights could only get up to my knees. Oh well. They make for some nice socks though!
  • Felt flower clip: 2 euro. I love these felt trinkets. I have bought soooo many since I came here. Felt whore I am.
  • Jacket: 1 dollar @ buffalo exchange

The most "inspiring" outfit I had in a while which is not saying much. Must study! Toodles my poodles.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

It's nearing the end of a beginning...

It's 10:44 PM. My head is dry and itchy because I haven't showered in two days. Gross, I know. My fingers are cracking due to the dry weather and my sheer lack of motivation to put on some lotion. Gross again, I know. My book on The Wealth and Poverty of Nations is waiting to be read and filled up with redundant post-it notes.
I can't study. I can't concentrate. All I can do right now at this moment in time is blog about my sudden realization that my 4 month experience in this new and completely different environment is coming to a close. But it is one of those feelings that leaves you with a contradictory state of sadness and inspiration. If my feeling were translated to a facial expression: my lips would be curled in a slight smile and my eyes staring off into a space of memories and experiences.

So right now, instead of doing the massive amounts of studying that I should be doing, I am typing out what I should have written down in a diary or whatnot. I wasn't going to do a post about my studying abroad experience until the very end when I actually got back home but right now I'm in the mood for a little self-reflection. I know it must be a major disappointment that my once in a month post ends up being non-fashion related but I must say that fashion can take a ride in the backseat when it comes to selfish self reflection posts. Bear with me?

Many times it doesn't feel like I am in a different continent at all. Sure the languages, the weather and the lack of the oh so Californian flip flop and hoodie combo remind myself that I am not where I belong, but for some weird reason, I feel like I belong. I have surprised myself at how easily I was able to open up, to befriend friends that seem like such a different crowd from my lovely buddies back at home, to not feel the slightest bit home-sick, to actually socialize and move past my anti-social angst. Have I changed? Or have I been like this all along but I was not able to realize it?
Being here and being independent for the first time has made me realize how much I want to accomplish for myself. These past months have really been a self discovery as cliche as it may sound. I felt like I have been living in a white cube for a long time and now I've finally have the guts to open this box I've created and see the rainbow world outside. And you know me. I love rainbow.

As sad as I am to leave in 27 days, in a way I am happy to go back as wiser girl/woman. I am happy to go back and be able to make chicken noodle soup without having to open a Campbell's can. I am happy to see my friends and share my stories. I am happy to go back and live in rainbow.
It's only the beginning for me.

*end of random rant. Must shower now, itchy, dandruff filled heads cannot wait.*