Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Lala's style of the day

Ick. I hate tube tops but I had this one and I felt bad because I never wore it and the tag still attached to the shirt get whispering in my ear horrible little thoughts like "Why aren't you wearing me! YOu STUPID STUPID GIRL!" So I thought, fine, I should. I added suspenders so it would be like fake straps.

-tube top: $3 nordstrom rack
-suspenders: 0.50 st. vinnies
-shorts: $2 UO outlet
-belt: 0.50 local thrift
-bracelet: my sneaky sneaky friend "gave" me

wow. i just realized how cheap I am. It's not a new revelation, but it was yet another reminder.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Lala's Style of the Day

Feeling fancy today.

-vest worn as top ( i love this thing!): 0.50 local thrift
-belt: borrowed/stolen (since she doesnt know) from sister
-fiori de zucca skirt: 11.00 loehmanns
-shoes glued to my feet since I wear these now practically every day
-bag glued to my side since I bring it with me practically everyday.
-heart and pointy stone thingy necklace: 0.50 thrift

Sunday, July 29, 2007


Yesterday, I organized a thrift venture with some of my friends and with my fellow blogger Fashaholic. It was such a fun day! For fun get togethers that cost much to nothing would be to plan a thrift-venture. My day started out at 8:00 in the morning and ended with some lovely one-on-one time with Mr. Toilet.

So I went to pick up three friends and drove a big circle around the freeway because we all live in different places. Finally after two hours of driving we got home to drop my dad off since he didn't want to spend a day thrifting. I had my maps ready, I had my map reader on hand, and I had my thrifting cap on - I was ready to shop till I dropped. I had my young grasshoppers with me and was ready to teach them the ways of a thrifter. It was already noon when we went to Old Towne, antique capital of America (according to the website). It was fun stolling around the town with old folks...ahh..old people are so nice and cute. We walked to some antique shops and then our first thrift store. Didn't find anything but my friends did and fashaholic found a gorgeous dress! Then off to Cuban food!

We ordered chicken, pork and beef! Yummm!

Then more thrifting! We visited a small fleamarket and met such nice people. One lady let us take pictures with her awesome vintage hats. I bought a necklace and my friend, such a sneaky girl, bought this bracelet that I was eyeing but didnt buy and tried to give it to me as a gift, but I didn't want to accept it so I slipped it back in her bag, but then she was trickier than me because today when I went out, I found it in my car! We then drove to St. Vinnies for half off saturday! My friends found some boots and I found this hideously wonderful poofy 80's dress. I love it with all my heart. Then went to a McDonalds for a water/bathroom break. Then on to thrift store number three. It was old time favorite local thrift where that saturday was $5 a bag. But nothing caught our interests that much. Finally we drove off to two new thrift store that I've never been before and I must say I now have new places to shop! One of the stores was 50% everything too. Bought two necklaces, a belt, two hats, and a nice pair of earl jeans! And then right next door was another thrift shop and 5 minutes before closing time I found a nice leather briefcase. I'll carry it around school next year! I later found out that it even came with a key to lock it up.


  • floral poof dress: 2.50
  • rose necklace: 2.00
  • glass heart necklace:0.50
  • gold leaf necklace: 0.50
  • belt: 0.50
  • magician-y top hat!: 1.00
  • wool round hat: 1.00
  • earl jeans: 3.50
  • leather briefcase: 3.00

Jeans and my super-duper Harry potter tee!

Sailor girl going to a tropical 80's dance club.

Me as a magician going to an 80's prom.

My adventure was not yet over. After our thrift tour, we went home and then we all went to eat Chinese food. BIG MISTAKE. After dropping everyone off I had the worse stomach-ache ever. I think it was a bad reaction to an overdose of thrifting. Yep, that's got to be it.

I'm glad with all my buys but I'm even happier that I have friends who love thrifting as much as me now! We should all convert people into thrifters!

Lala's Style of the Day

Yesterday was my thrift-venture!! It was awesome. I wanted to dress up in a festive way.

-tank top: h&m $5
-skirt (my dad kept thinking I made it myself): given from my mom
-jewel payless flip-flops
-good ole handy dandy bag: icing 2.50

Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday Fun

Today, I drove my sister and I to the movies. It was the first time I ever drove anybody other than myself or my imaginary friend Shaniqua.
Me walking towards the theatre acting like a fobby tourist.
We went to watch Ratatouille! And I must say I liked it a lot. Only Disney Pixar could ever make me want a rat as much as I do now or better yet a rat that cooks gourmet food. The art was really really really good. Some parts looked so realistic that you had to take a second glance or a third glance to realize that it's actually animated.

My favorite character was Remy's brother Emile. Why you ask? Just look at that round tummy. I have a weird obsession with fat things and Emile was no exception. He's just so round and cute! I wanted to pet him and his tummy the whole time watching. Sigh. I know, I'm a little coo-koo. But it got worst later on in the day. The family and I went out to eat at this chinese restaurant and then I spotted this fat guy sitting across from us and I couldn't help staring (i know, it's really impolite). But he looked so cute like he could be a pixar character and he had a round tummy that I wanted to touch! I told my friend and then realized how perverted I sounded. No wonder I get styes all the time (she told me it was a chinese thing that perverted people get styes).
Then after, we walked across to eat at Fish Grill. Yummm...fish. I was actually craving french food but sadly there was nothing french around.

Tomorrow is my thrift-venture so peace out folks!

Lady In the City

As much as I love my bright primary colors and seeing wacky style, there is something so attractive about being a lady. Maybe it's because I am a GIRL, but I know there is something more. I've declared my love for old fashion styled hats and now I declare the union of two perfect pairs the hat and the dress. So old fashion and preppy urban snobby elite-ish, but I love it.

It's summer time and I had nothing better to do than photoshop the pictures I took for my thrift finds. I really want to stroll around the streets of Paris like this some day or even just walk my dog in such an outfit.

The classic "lady" look has been a recurring theme in manyr of the designer's collections for the past seasons. I hope it never leaves so I can thrift more dresses as such and finally muster the courage to poop walk dear ole tyke in this hat and dress combo. I feel like an old lady, but I like old people - they're cute.

Some of my inspiration:

I love Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. I was watching it again last night and realized how classy she looked after her shopping spree/post-hooker. I loveee the scene when she walks back into the store and showed those snobby saleswomen who was boss. I wish I could do that to some snobby saleswomen someday, but sadly I will never be a prostitute with mucho money from a rich client..sigh.

Good ole Carrie Bradshaw in her superb pink Oscar de La Renta Dress in Paris. Too bad I can't afford such luxury items but my 2.25 thrifted pink dress will do just fine.

Another lady in pink! The first lady Jackie kennedy. I want that hat!

And finally we have audrey hepburn from breakfast at tiffany's. I've never seen the movie nor do I know much about this style icon, but this image is so iconic and symbolic of everything lady and classy. Now all I need to do is find my Little Black Dress.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

House of Holland Harry Potter Style

I was just browsing the many fashion blogs and came upon Fashionista's genious Harry Potter t-shirts.

My DIY senses immediately came rushing into my brain and I had to I mean had to just make one of these. I jotted down some rhymes but then realized that I felt bad for tainting the image of my beloved harry potter with these sexual innuendos this was my childhood afterall and plus I would feel really awkward wearing them. But nevertheless I loved all the ones above.

Since I was a reigning rhyming champion during my period 4 art days in high school I came up with some myself:

"Give me more, Dumbledore"

"Snog me, touch me, Ron Weasley"

"I like danger, Hermione Granger"

"I'll be your toy, Draco Malfoy"

I could keep going, but I have better things to do with my friday night.

But anways, last night I stayed up till 1:00 painting my shirt to say:

"You look Moldy, Dark Lord Voldy". Not quite the same humor as House of Holland's slogans, but I like it. It's cute and innocent and a little odd - perfect for me. I'll be a walking fashion trend whore now, but at least I will have the powers of the dark lord to blast away any mockers out there!
Don't worry though. It was a false threat. I would never turn to the dark arts...

Lala's style of the day

another hot and sunny day deserves a sunny bright outfit.
-green tank: 3.00 wetsea
l-bottle cap belt: robinsons may
-skirt of awesomeness: 0.75 st. vinnies
-flip flops

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hat Lovin'

There are two events that I am waiting for to happen to the world:

  1. The day we achieve world peace
  2. The day the masses have come to wear fancy hats as an essential to their daily wardrobes like underwear.

Everytime I go thrifting I look out for these lovely head pieces.I love hats especially beautiful vintage ones that I've started collecting them. I feel that these little hats have a personality of their own. They tell me a story. And I just love listening to a good ole bedtime tale.

Unfortunately, modern fashion and by modern I mean what everyone is wearing, does not include these fancy hats. No matter how much I love these hats, there is still the little voice inside my head telling me how outdated I look. It is an unfortunate inner struggle I face on a daily basis. To go with my passion of hat wearing or to listen to the condemning voice of shame that hats are not "in".

But wait! What about Marc Jacobs' F/W 07 collection? The hats were definitely a focal point of his collection. They were beautiful indeed. If I could produce money as fast as the hair on my leg grows then I would certainly snatch up one or two or three or maybe all.

And look at all those Couture Shows. Those lovely hats have been making salivate over my computer screen all day.

Armani, Chanel, Lacroix, Givenchy

John Galliano is a genious! I would wear that first hat of an artist's palette in a heartbeat if I had the benjamins to afford it.

Despite these runway trends, I can't imagine normal citizens trotting in these amazing head jewelry except the Voguettes, and the elite fashionistas.

For now, I will just prance around in my thrifted hats in the comforts of my own home - until one day when I am brave enough to show the world or until the day hats have replaced underwear as the most essential item in one's outfit.

Goodbye Harry Potter!

It was a good ten years.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Lala's style of the day

- checkered dress: $5 wetseal
-red flower power belt!: 0.50 local thrift
-guitar belt: $10 robinsons may
-shoes: $10 mervyns
-bag: 2.50 icing
-necklace: 0.50 icing

the sister finished harry potter and tells me that I should hurry and finish so we can discuss. On to reading then...

Monday, July 23, 2007

cheap shopping and more thrifting

Last Saturday, mi papi and me drove to St. Vinnies after a disappointing rummage sale. I found a hat. I love hats.

Then in the afternoon I went to the mall with my mom and bought a whole bunch of cheap accessories. Which is good because then I can save money to buy quality clothing and shoes and not resort to cheapie stuff.

All the sale accessories were all marked down to $1.49! I bought the yellow necklace and the belt. Then after more walking around we headed to Icing. All their sale stuff were $5 for 10. Being the bargain that I am, my internal instincts immediately alerted the rest of my body to go search for cheap jewelry. I bought some necklaces, headbands, tights. Then on the way out I saw this girl looking at this bag and I was "OOO, I want that" and then I saw it was on sale at $10 for 4. I bought some bags for my sister and saved this one for myself. It's nice and roomy, maybe not the most sturdy, but it fits my sketchpad. Nice!

Then today I drove myself to the thrift store because Mondays are 20 cent days, but they upped the price to 92 cents. What a weird number.

After an hour I bought these:
  • red skirt: 0.92, too bad its a little small
  • Antik Denim Tee, with cute lil deer: 0.92
  • Betsy Johnson Purple Skirt: 0.92
  • Pink Dress: 2.25
  • Childish Necklace: 0.50
  • Hat! (from the first thrift): 2.50
And since this picture does no justice to the coolness of the pieces, I wore them!

I love this pink dress! Reminds me of audrey hepburn

Look! I'm a watermelon!

Looks! I'm a grape!

Lala's style of the day

it started out pretty gloomy today which is weird and strange for where I live. But then it got all humid. ew.
-shirt: from my mom
-scarf with beads!!: 0.50 st. vinnies
-shorts: UO outlet $2!!
-belt: the limited, $1.50
-bag: icing, $2.50
-leopard flats: good ole target

Fancy Feet

I love shoes as much as the next girl. Even with my wide size 9 feet, when I find a pair of darling shoes that fit like Cinderella's glass slippers and I see my nicely painted red toe nails popping out, everything feels right. But there is one problem with my feet - they're extremely dry. So whilst my fancy feet look good from the top with my d'aling pair of shoes on, they tell an entirely different story underneath.
As embarrassing as I am about my feet, I believe there are a lot of us out there with the same problem. Or maybe I'm just deluded into thinking that way to make me feel less like a dry feet hideous monster.

On the days I'm not being lazy, I'm walking around a lot, especially at school. And constantly wearing dirty flipflops on many occasions, I realized that I have not treated my poor feet well and now there is the evidence of my neglect. When I went to the doctors last week, she asked if I had any more questions. I did. I had a lot and it didn't even have anything to do with why I was there in the first place.

What's this thing on my arm? Why is my skin so bad? What's that under my arm? What are these little spots? Why do I have dry feet? What can I do about my dry feet?

She answered all my questions like a pro. I was impressed. She told me that for dry feet soak it in warm water, then use a pumice scrub to get rid of the dry skin. Then put on baby oil or Vaseline and wear cotton socks over it. I'm sure this treatment is nothing new. In fact I think I read about it somewhere awhile ago. So yesterday I gave it a try:

Soaking my feet while reading Harry Potter. Still haven't finished it yet. Want to savor the last few moments we have together *sighh*

My pumice on one side and brush on the other foot scrubber, thanks Target.

I slathered Vaseline and then as told put them in socks. I slept with them last night. I woke to still dry feet. -__-

It takes time. Afterall Rome was not built in a day, and soft baby feet will not emerge under my crackles of dry skin in a night. I hope it works because sleeping with socks feels really weird.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Lala's style of the day

I dressed up on saturday in honor of the last Harry Potter. It will be a monumental event in my life.

Just kidding, I ain't that obsessed :P

-dress: from mom, told me she got it at kmart when she was younger

-flipflops: payless

-beatles bag: made by me

-dali skull necklace: etsy

Friday, July 20, 2007

LalaLiu Designs...

is officially open for business!! Lalaliu.com
Check it out and I'll love ya forever!

How to be Cool: A guide that every girl wishes to know.

Recently, when I was giving my sister a style makeover (which she didn’t actually wear out bytheway…grr), she told me “I want to be cool, like you.” “Umm..okay?” I said. But inside I was feeling tingles of joy, aww, did my little sister just say I was cool? My greatest goal in life has finally been achieved. I can now die a happy girl. She said that I dressed “cool” in a weird way. I didn’t know if should take that as a compliment or an insult. I chose to think the former since I am the preacher of positive thinking.

What she said got me thinking, what makes someone cool? Or in a fashion sense, what makes someone’s style cool?

Now, I never thought I was cool. I still don’t. I prefer and love my geeky/nerdy persona even if fashionwise I am not that way. When I think of cool, I think of the clich├ęd popular kids at high school and not me, my artsy geek self. I wasn’t even one of those “cool” art people who dressed daringly and carried around their artworks like gods. In highschool I was rather shy and afraid to express myself through fashion. I wore the same ole jeans and t-shirts. Left my hair down, wore dirty flipflops and boring sneakers. I had always loved fashion but only from an observer’s point of view. I would look at people’s style and admiration and only wish that I was “cool” enough to pull that off. It wasn’t till the ending of my highschool career that I started to experiment if it was only with small accessories: adding a belt here and there, a little bit of layering.

College has definitely allowed me to experiment more even if my closet was the size of a peanut. Plus, my mom wasn’t there to tell me I looked ridiculous, so I was free to prance around in my bed-sheet dresses as much as I liked. Another moment of enlightenment towards the spectrum of “cool” was my discovery of thrifting. I was not “born” into thrifting. Born in cheapness, yes, but not thrifting. My parents still don’t understand my passion for the thrifts but have gradually come to accept penache for my second-hand finds. Thrifting and second-hand shopping has allowed me to try on a range of different styles and experiment without feeling guilty about forking over the money to big corporations. Another inspiration for me was my discovery of online fashion blogs and streetstyle. Wardrobe Remix was definitely another enlightening experience. To be able to see real people dress so savvy was a dream come true. I don’t need the models with their expensive designer clothes to tell me how to dress cool, I can just peruse the outfits of stylish real people in their own mix and mash of fast fashion, vintage finds, thrift treasures, and designer clothing.

But no, I don’t think any of these three points in my life were the reason why I magically turned “cool” (according to my sister). It’s really all about

Self confidence. (no louder..) SELF CONFIDENCE (there we go). Yes, predictable, but so very true.

Over this past year and months I have gained a lot of self-confidence, slowly but surely. One of the ways clearly was through my fashion. I am not the most extreme/daring/bizarre dresser but I like to twist what I wear a bit, add some key interesting focal points, but I have definitely found my style albeit a bit schizophrenic, but that’s a style in itself right? So the key to being “cool” is self confidence. I was never really happy with my body shape or what I looked like, but then my desire to join in fashion chic people made me realize that I had to shed this fear of looking like a fool or looking too fat or ugly. I felt like Tyra Banks and her SO WHAT movement. So what if other people stare or if I stand out or if I make myself look like a sausage. I’m dressing for myself and myself only (okay maybe the few exceptions when I must adhere to some dress code). If you have a dress that you love but are afraid to wear it because it is a little funky, all I have to say is, wear it. It’s a liberating experience.

I don’t think of myself in the traditional sense of “cool”, but I know deep down I am dancing my cool dance all the time even if it is the funky-chicken.

So little sister, “how does one be cool?” I really think you asked the wrong person.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Lala's style of the day

-Plaid loosey goosey tent dress: $23 Nordstrom
-Head wrap: a silk scarf my art teacher gave me
-kate spade straw bag: 5.99 goodwill
-butterfly flip flops: Nordstrom rack
-butterfly hair clip: remember when those hairclips were coool?? gift from art teacher from japan.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Lala's Style of the day

I like dresses. They feel good in hot weather.

-dress: urban outfitters outlet $3.75! it was an extra 75% off :D
-necklace (cant really see): birdie one from grand canyon and faux pearl found on floor
-leather messenger bag: from mommy
-scarf to decorate: 0.50 st. vinnies
-payless flip flops

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Lala's style of the day

-top: made by me, chopped up tee and then screenprinted on
-wide leg trousers:$7 loehmann
s-scarf as headband: 0.50 st.vinnies
-heart necklace: etsy
-bruno magli shoes
question for y'all, what shoes should one wear with big pants such as these that is school/walking friendly? can't wear heels up and down campus without spraining my ankle.
Grr..summer school (for fun) is keeping me busy! I have to finish 18 thumnails by tonight. jeeze-louis.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Lala's style of the day

A mixture between innocent lingerie wearer and poofy ballerina idiot with a little bit of hobo due to the various holes in the pink poof.

I felt kind of ridiculous wearing this poofy pink thing that was on the verge of breaking apart.

-pink poof (lingerie I think): $1 Jet Rag
-sash: came with some jeans
-pink studded belt: gift from aunt
-cut off jeans
-payless shoes
-my bling bling "T" choker: 0.50 the icing
-glass heart pendant: 0.20 from etsy!! it was a promotional free gift :)

weekend fun

on saturday went off to bolsa chica, near huntington beach and it was super fun (minus the one hour traffic). I originally wanted to do some fashion photo shoots for some t-shirts but then thought wait, we'll be sunblock-smelly and sweaty and no one will want to buy a shirt thats been beach-ified. so we just messed around instead and ate fajitas and burnt smores. it was all fun.

pretty sunset

group feet shot

man with metal detector machine that I stalked

me being happy or stupid

Then today was my much awaited....

went to watch it with my mom and sister. its been a long time since we actually went to a movie together. got there around 10:40 and it was sold out! so we skipped to the mall first and used up my mom's $20 nordstrom cash thingy that she had to use today. bought something and then back the the theatre we went.

so harry potter, the movie was okay i guess. I never expect the movies to be as good as the book but it was entertaining and it allowed me to get away from the heat and enjoy a nice long movie in nice air conditioning. the movie did reinforce a few things for me:

  1. I wish I were a wizard
  2. I wish I went to Hogwarts
  3. And I wish that if I did go to Hogwarts that I am friends with Harry and his entourage because cool stuff happens to them. Okay maybe not cool, but adventurous.
  4. I wish I had a cool owl
  5. I wish I remembered what I read in all the books so that I wouldn't have to keep whispering to my sister, "that happened?"
  6. I wish my life were more interesting or exciting.
  7. I want NUMBER 7 TO COME OUT NOW!!!

I did enjoy some starbucks courtesy of my sister's gift card afterwards. I'm slowly learning the basics of starbucks. tall is actually a small and raspberry mocha frapaccino is short for raspberry flavored chocolate flavored ice blended coffee and its pretty good.

lala's style of the day

wore this out on friday when I went out to lunch with my grandma and uncle :D

-blue shirt from forever 21: .50 local thrift
-seatbelt belt!: 0.50 local thrift
-death from above 1976 button to cover the big v: made by me courtesy of my floor button making night
-marc by marc jacobs skirt: $22 tjmaxx
-purple mocassin wedges: $7 loehmanns
-kate spade bag: 5.99 goodwill