Monday, July 23, 2007

cheap shopping and more thrifting

Last Saturday, mi papi and me drove to St. Vinnies after a disappointing rummage sale. I found a hat. I love hats.

Then in the afternoon I went to the mall with my mom and bought a whole bunch of cheap accessories. Which is good because then I can save money to buy quality clothing and shoes and not resort to cheapie stuff.

All the sale accessories were all marked down to $1.49! I bought the yellow necklace and the belt. Then after more walking around we headed to Icing. All their sale stuff were $5 for 10. Being the bargain that I am, my internal instincts immediately alerted the rest of my body to go search for cheap jewelry. I bought some necklaces, headbands, tights. Then on the way out I saw this girl looking at this bag and I was "OOO, I want that" and then I saw it was on sale at $10 for 4. I bought some bags for my sister and saved this one for myself. It's nice and roomy, maybe not the most sturdy, but it fits my sketchpad. Nice!

Then today I drove myself to the thrift store because Mondays are 20 cent days, but they upped the price to 92 cents. What a weird number.

After an hour I bought these:
  • red skirt: 0.92, too bad its a little small
  • Antik Denim Tee, with cute lil deer: 0.92
  • Betsy Johnson Purple Skirt: 0.92
  • Pink Dress: 2.25
  • Childish Necklace: 0.50
  • Hat! (from the first thrift): 2.50
And since this picture does no justice to the coolness of the pieces, I wore them!

I love this pink dress! Reminds me of audrey hepburn

Look! I'm a watermelon!

Looks! I'm a grape!


stina said...

hmph i wanna read harry potter!

fashaholic said...

aww I like your pink dress! It's so ladylike :D

the Grey said...

Mmmm the hat...!
In the watermelon picture, the records on your walls make it look like you have mickey mouse ears on, and it adds a little something, maybe you should invest in some and wear them with the outfit! ;)

dianabobar said...

You are lovely! Great buys! I remember last summer when I was in the U.S. I used to go at this Claire's store and get everything that was cool from the sales (they always had them). So eventually the ladies at the store got to know me and we became friends! loved it.

lalaliu said...

OO! mickey mouse ears what a great idea!! I could always pretend that I'm an asian tourist if people look at me funny

The Stiletto Effect said...

love the accessories in the first picture!
your room rocks!

ThriftyFashionisa said...

Where do you live? I want to go thrifting with you and make harry potter shirts with you and be your best friend