Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday Fun

Today, I drove my sister and I to the movies. It was the first time I ever drove anybody other than myself or my imaginary friend Shaniqua.
Me walking towards the theatre acting like a fobby tourist.
We went to watch Ratatouille! And I must say I liked it a lot. Only Disney Pixar could ever make me want a rat as much as I do now or better yet a rat that cooks gourmet food. The art was really really really good. Some parts looked so realistic that you had to take a second glance or a third glance to realize that it's actually animated.

My favorite character was Remy's brother Emile. Why you ask? Just look at that round tummy. I have a weird obsession with fat things and Emile was no exception. He's just so round and cute! I wanted to pet him and his tummy the whole time watching. Sigh. I know, I'm a little coo-koo. But it got worst later on in the day. The family and I went out to eat at this chinese restaurant and then I spotted this fat guy sitting across from us and I couldn't help staring (i know, it's really impolite). But he looked so cute like he could be a pixar character and he had a round tummy that I wanted to touch! I told my friend and then realized how perverted I sounded. No wonder I get styes all the time (she told me it was a chinese thing that perverted people get styes).
Then after, we walked across to eat at Fish Grill. I was actually craving french food but sadly there was nothing french around.

Tomorrow is my thrift-venture so peace out folks!


the Grey said...

What, even no french fries? :P
I used to have a rat like... over a decade ago, alas, he didn't cook though! I have a cat nowadays so another rat is out of the question. Mm-hmm, the movie is out here in two weeks, definitely have to go and see the fat guy. :P

fashaholic said...

"(she told me it was a chinese thing that perverted people get styes)"

hahah you know we also have that superstition too! Peeping toms get styes :p.

sorry I didn't pick up, I was eating dinner at my aunt's. I'm looking forward to tomorroow :)

Frasypoo said...

You will like me a lot !!I have a tummy!!!
I want to see that movie so bad....nobody shares my interest in kid flicks !I did download some of the french songs though.I dont know what it means but it sounds so foreign and exciting much better than going to gay Paree!!!
I like your dress,did you do it yourself ?Its really cute

Eleh said...

it sounds like a nice movie. i dun usually watch cartoon animation in movies. maybe i'll start someday!

n boy... those plate of grilled fish is soo soo tempting. drools..

Anonymous said...

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