Sunday, July 29, 2007


Yesterday, I organized a thrift venture with some of my friends and with my fellow blogger Fashaholic. It was such a fun day! For fun get togethers that cost much to nothing would be to plan a thrift-venture. My day started out at 8:00 in the morning and ended with some lovely one-on-one time with Mr. Toilet.

So I went to pick up three friends and drove a big circle around the freeway because we all live in different places. Finally after two hours of driving we got home to drop my dad off since he didn't want to spend a day thrifting. I had my maps ready, I had my map reader on hand, and I had my thrifting cap on - I was ready to shop till I dropped. I had my young grasshoppers with me and was ready to teach them the ways of a thrifter. It was already noon when we went to Old Towne, antique capital of America (according to the website). It was fun stolling around the town with old folks...ahh..old people are so nice and cute. We walked to some antique shops and then our first thrift store. Didn't find anything but my friends did and fashaholic found a gorgeous dress! Then off to Cuban food!

We ordered chicken, pork and beef! Yummm!

Then more thrifting! We visited a small fleamarket and met such nice people. One lady let us take pictures with her awesome vintage hats. I bought a necklace and my friend, such a sneaky girl, bought this bracelet that I was eyeing but didnt buy and tried to give it to me as a gift, but I didn't want to accept it so I slipped it back in her bag, but then she was trickier than me because today when I went out, I found it in my car! We then drove to St. Vinnies for half off saturday! My friends found some boots and I found this hideously wonderful poofy 80's dress. I love it with all my heart. Then went to a McDonalds for a water/bathroom break. Then on to thrift store number three. It was old time favorite local thrift where that saturday was $5 a bag. But nothing caught our interests that much. Finally we drove off to two new thrift store that I've never been before and I must say I now have new places to shop! One of the stores was 50% everything too. Bought two necklaces, a belt, two hats, and a nice pair of earl jeans! And then right next door was another thrift shop and 5 minutes before closing time I found a nice leather briefcase. I'll carry it around school next year! I later found out that it even came with a key to lock it up.


  • floral poof dress: 2.50
  • rose necklace: 2.00
  • glass heart necklace:0.50
  • gold leaf necklace: 0.50
  • belt: 0.50
  • magician-y top hat!: 1.00
  • wool round hat: 1.00
  • earl jeans: 3.50
  • leather briefcase: 3.00

Jeans and my super-duper Harry potter tee!

Sailor girl going to a tropical 80's dance club.

Me as a magician going to an 80's prom.

My adventure was not yet over. After our thrift tour, we went home and then we all went to eat Chinese food. BIG MISTAKE. After dropping everyone off I had the worse stomach-ache ever. I think it was a bad reaction to an overdose of thrifting. Yep, that's got to be it.

I'm glad with all my buys but I'm even happier that I have friends who love thrifting as much as me now! We should all convert people into thrifters!


Frasypoo said...

I like your loot ! Was drooling at the food,I still eat like a person with dentures...has been good for me though!!Its like getting my jaws wired shut!Till then I will listen to others description of what they ate.
I wish my friends lived close by.My best friend sounds like yours !She is always sneaking stuff into my bag etc !

fashaholic said...
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fashaholic said...

I tried converting my cousin today but she didn't seem up for thrifting :(. I think I need to show her my loot so that she'll give it a try. My sis is up for it already! =]

Btw, your 80s bubble dress is awesome on you! I can see malibu barbie wearing it with some hot pink pumps! ;D

Anonymous said...

your buys are superb, especially the floral dress. Is it alrite to add your blog to my links:)

Anonymous said...

Wow, how lovely! I wish things were as cheap where I live. Sadly they are not and you have to hunt hard to find any bargains. Part of the fun is in that I guess!

Eleh said...

i must say you're definitely among those who influence me to go thrifting; even though there are not many thrift shops here! but boy im addicted.

great finds! oh that tee you made yourself is wow. n that hat. now now. i need to go find me a top hat.