Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Sewing Projects

Being the anti-social loner gal I am, instead of spending summer hanging out with old friends or frolicking on a sandy beach, I found myself for the past few days in my new "sewing room" working like some underpaid child slaving away in a sweatshop. I'll post pictures of me actually wearing them soon, I'm too sweaty and stinky right now...
BEFORE: I bought this pink dress from an Urban Outfitters Outlet for only $3. I never wore it because frankly, it looked quite ugly on me.
AFTER: I turned my dress into a cute lil top! With the help of some buttons and transfer sheets, I now have ants crawling all over my belly, hooray!
BEFORE: I was thinking of doing something to the large fugly muu-muu I bought a while back from Jet Rag. Then I realized that the fabric was just really ugly ( i think someone tie-dyed it) so I saved the embroidered trim and with a few packs of 99cent tshirt rejects I have a whole new dress!


Frasypoo said...

I love those looks.Those ants are so cool.I love the tees you have on etsy.

Jennifer said...

good job
but i can't say i'm too big of a fan of the ant pattern they freak me out:P