Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Quest for a new spring.

Is all this thinking what it means to be growing up?

So yes. I'm a lame lame fighting machine, but I seriously promise that I will bring more lala-ness excitement once my finals finish this week.

Spring is almost here. spring is for the new. I'm ready for it baby.

new fashion collection. new internship. new business. new ideas. new perceptions.

man i need a new laptop. my spacebar keeps falling off. Sad. Sad. Story of my life.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lala's Style of the Day: I'm Pathetic

  • Tucan with beads fab 80's shirt: saved from being placed into the donation pile when my mom was going through her closet. She often wonders why I find an interest in her tacky 80's clothing. What can I say, I like the tacky.
  • Skirt (hem shortened): saved from being placed into the donation pile of T's mom. The whole day I was afraid I would have a Marilyn Monroe moment except in a less sexy more pathetically lame situation. Thankfully it didn't happen. Unless it did and I was somehow unaware of it. That happens a lot.
  • Red Leaf belt: $2 Thrift, finally some dollar signs. Still one of my favorite belts I ever purchased. I haven't gone thrifting in mega long like since I left for Italia in August Long. And I don't feel the urge, the need. Maybe I've finally gotten rid of my Thrift shop compulsive disorder addiction.
  • Tights: 99cent store. I love my granny tights. Flattens the tummy like no other.
  • Laceup oxford style heels: 6 pounds from Primark. I've always liked these style of shoes but never got any of them until I went to Europe. I think my feet have molded to the shape of heels.
  • Denim vest: $5? I felt bad it was sitting in my closet without use. Guilt always gets me. Me and me feeling bad makes me do lots of things that I normally wouldn't do.
  • Turntable BAG!!!: $15 from Marshalls!! Two weeks ago I had a mini-shopping spree and Marshalls was a stop. I haven't gone there since I was like 6 years old. I must say it is my favorite bag ever because... wait for it... wait a little more..... IT PLAYS MUSIC! You can plug your MP3 player in and out comes your fav Britney tune from the little speakers. My favorite part of having this bag is having people saying it's so cool and then showing them how it's even cooler by demonstrating. I sadly was pathetic loser when I didn't cap my water bottle correctly and a little flood occurred inside my bag. Too bad none of my books and papers were inside Noah's Ark because they got drenched to the max. One of the books was borrowed from the library. It was due today. I hope they don't charge me.
I'm somewhat inspired to reblog again.

Taking things one step at a time is the best way to live.

Monday, March 2, 2009


World. I am still alive.


Yes, I did just roar at you. What you gonna do about it?