Monday, April 30, 2007

lala's style on April 30, 2007

In honor of the first official post of this lovely blog, I have decided to post my daily outfits. I finally mustered the courage to join wardrobe remix. Seriously, that site is the bomb-diggity. I love how creative and unique all the people there dress. They are seriously my fashion inspirations. Forget MK and Ashley, forget all the other celebrities out there. I don't need US Weekly telling me what looks good and what doesn't. I don't need Seventeen magazine telling me the hottest trends of summer. Okay, enough ranting, I shall save that topic for a later post. Perhaps after I finish all my midterms, (which by the way, I should be studying now).

On to the outfit for today:

yeah, im cool

this is why im hot, this is why im hot...(i hate that song)

need to go study now, peace!

the birth of the greatest thing in the whole entire universe!

Hello internet!

Yes, I decided to start a blog for many reasons in which I shall name:

1. I'm sick of studying for my Stats midterm.
2. I am addicted to reading other people's blogs that I should just start one myself and become addicted to myself.

3. I really have no life and having a blog allows me to share with the whole world my lack of life.

4. I love fashion and I love art. I love a lot of things and basically this blog is the my "imaginary friend" that I will tell all my opinions to and they will listen intentively like the good friend they are.

5. I really...just ... don't study.

But no, I hope to keep this blog for good this time. I was going to go back to my old blog that I had for, oh say, three days, but I forgot the username and password. A preview of what's to come - fashion, fashion, fashion!