Monday, April 30, 2007

the birth of the greatest thing in the whole entire universe!

Hello internet!

Yes, I decided to start a blog for many reasons in which I shall name:

1. I'm sick of studying for my Stats midterm.
2. I am addicted to reading other people's blogs that I should just start one myself and become addicted to myself.

3. I really have no life and having a blog allows me to share with the whole world my lack of life.

4. I love fashion and I love art. I love a lot of things and basically this blog is the my "imaginary friend" that I will tell all my opinions to and they will listen intentively like the good friend they are.

5. I really...just ... don't study.

But no, I hope to keep this blog for good this time. I was going to go back to my old blog that I had for, oh say, three days, but I forgot the username and password. A preview of what's to come - fashion, fashion, fashion!

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