Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Why Hello Sexy Beast

Exciting things to come in my crazy mind.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Art Geek and Fashion Freak: NYC Edition

Dear world of infinite possibilities,

Hello. I am alive and well (minus the bloody scrapes on my heels... sacrificing fashion for comfort? I don't feet need to be kept in tip-top condition if I want to last in this city.) I know I am liar for saying that I would revive my blog, but how can you revive a zombie? The energy and time I used to have for this poor baby is just gone, but I wanted to give you people out there (those who still read and those who are spamming on my comments with chinese words that I cannot understand even though I'm Chinese. I'm pretty sure it's something vulgar.. but innocence is bliss) a chance to see what's up with Lala.

So I have graduated and moved from west to east. I'm finally living in Manhattan in one of the trendiest neighborhoods and attending one of the best fashion schools in the world. It's funny how life is so unpredictable. Going from one field to another and never really knowing where you'll end up. I like life that way the best.

It's been a whirlwind of craziness since my blog took it's slow decline into oblivion. Perhaps I craved the craziness over blogging. Having priorities suck, don't you agree? Anyways, I have graduated and am attempting to enter the gates into adulthood. I think my shoe got stuck on some gum somewhere so I'm still taking awhile getting there, but boy does it smell close and I'm not sure if it's a pleasant smell I'm smelling or an unpleasant one. I don't want to be all deep and sentimental because I'm rather shallow (yes I did just insult myself) so I won't be all deep and sentimental because I'm tired.

I'm in a one year fashion design program. It's only the second week into the semester and I did not get back to my lovely crooked floor apartment until nearly 1:00 AM. Of course the subway screw ups and a mini midnight dinner to McDonalds prevented me from getting home before the next day, but it was all good. Being in NY makes me realize how badly I want to succeed and to carve myself somewhere in the world. I want people to know me or at least know my company. I want people to worship the ground I walk on and get tattoos of my name over their bodies. Okay maybe not... but yes, NYC I believe is the place that young people who are full of ambition conglomerate to pursue their dreams. Hopefully I stay as optimistic as I am right now a few weeks later. I've been told my optimism is a west coast thing. Oh west coast, you can never be replaced in my heart.

It's my third week in the city and it's been surreal. It's hard to make myself understand that I am actually living-living here and not just traveling abroad and fooling around like I did in good ole Milan days. There's so much to see and so much to absorb. I feel like I need to become mega sponge. But then again sponges ain't too cute so maybe not... (that was an example of my shallowness).

I miss writing. I miss my incorrect grammar. I miss posting pictures of myself for the whole world to see and then having my sister call it ugly. I've been meaning to do more daily posts of my outfits but 1) my camera is hard to focus with self-timer 2) there are so many other great stylish bloggers out there that I really can't compare and 3) I feel like I have become unstylish as of late. But still I will try my best because all the sweet emails and comments I get make me smile. And yes I do get them even if I haven't been the best at responding... sorry. You can smack me in the face if you ever run into me sometime.

I should sleep. It's 3:35 am. I just wanted to type some words on my laptop and this was the perfect outlet. Killing two birds with one stone. Everyone wins.

Goodnight from nyc. My room has no windows so I can't tell you about the sparkly lights. But perhaps you can just close your eyes and imagine it with me.