Friday, November 30, 2007


Apparently, with Pseudonym you don't pronounce the "P".

I don't know. Personally, I think the word just sounds better with a P.

Lala's Style of the Days


  • Dress: my mom's old dress with a shortened hem
  • Socks: $1.00 tjmaxx
  • leopard print flats: $10 target

  • Tunic Top/Mini Dress: $4 nordies rack
  • Libertine shorts underneath
  • Brown tights that will "rejuvinate" my legs? : 0.99 cent store
  • Boots: $7.50 local thrift
  • Silk ribbon around my waist: $0.99 GAP, I lost it yesterday during our bonfire/parade. I'm so sad. RIP mr. ribbon.
  • Red string crown: made by me
  • Sparrow necklace: made by me
  • Wool shrug with awesome flowers!: $1.50 st. vinnies
  • Green Scarf: $0.50 local thrift
  • bag: me mommy's

Today it rained and it was cold and so I was uninspired to wear anything except my workout clothes. TWO MORE WEEKS TO BREAK BABY!! I'm excited, can't hardly wait.

shoot. finals are coming. fast.

Burn, Trojans, BURN!

EDIT: Are you happy now?

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Lala's Style of the Day

I am second shortest out of the people in my dorm. My life just came crashing down because now I am that much closer to the level of Bacne.
  • t-shirt: $10 express
  • skirt: nordie rack
  • tights
  • triple layer belt: from local thrifts and tjmaxx
  • red cardi: $0.10 local thrift
  • cole haan mens loafers: $2 st. vinnies. they hurt but i love em.
  • scarf: from my auntie
  • headband: made by me
  • bag: $2.50 the icing

Monday, November 26, 2007


Today I almost got ran over by a skateboarder because I accidently got in his way. He nearly crashed and burned. It was a funny sight. I said sorry and walked away with a smirk on my face. This was the highlight of my day.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Material Girl

It seems all I do in life is eat and shop.

So here I go, retelling my week of eating and shopping.

Tuesday was a girls night out for sushi. I entertained myself in front of the mirror. So shallow, I know. So fun, you bet.

I then ate the sushi and udon we ordered. Me and Bacne shared.
It was still not enough. I'm a greedy fat pig so I went to get a cup of redmango. Seriously, all I seem to do is eat.

Thanksgiving we went over to my aunt's house for a feast she prepared for us all homemade. I appreciated the vast effort she put in. I know that if I ever cooked turkey, it would look like a turkey but taste like wall paste.

I ate the turkey. There wasn't any chicken. RIP fat turkey.

There was cake which I ate, there was icecream which I ate. There was icecream which my niece also ate.

Exhibit the similarity between my niece and my lover in my past life:

Strikingly similar, no? That picture made me like her 50% more than before that picture. She still thinks I'm the evil auntie because I make monster noises. She also found out my weakness and attempted to threaten me with it. I will get her back when she's like 15 years older because I only pick on kids my own size.

The next day was Friday or what some people call Black Friday. My dad came to wake me up at 6 if I wanted to go shopping. I shooed him away and snuggled towards my pillow and went back to lalaland. Four hours later we went off to Fry's and left after 5 minutes. Long lines and out of stock items was basically the story of black Friday. However, we went off to Circuit City to pick up my sister's camera. Strange, this year I feel no desire for material possessions. I don't really need anything. I don't really want anything that bad (except to make it as a designer for the club!).

Okay, I fibbed. I ended up with a webcam and headphones. They were super discounted. Afterwards we went to Nordstrom Rack. I ended up with two tunic almost minidress length patterned tops for $4 each.

Seriously, all I seem to do in life is shop.

Then today, I went to Target. I got sidetracked by the new GO collection and the clearance racks that I forgot to get what I went there for in the first place - a seat cushion. I did get these Alice Temperley black overalls for 75% off.

See, all I do is shop.

Then I visited Toddo and briefly got to see KC and fashaholic for only two hours before my dad drove me away. During our visit we sat on chairs and just made small talk and stimulated his hands. Get walking soon mister so we can go climb a mountain and row a boat!

I asked my dad to take me to Yogurtland. I got yogurt. All I do is eat.

I got home and started reminiscing my wonderful eating and shopping life. I'm so shallow, so materialistic. I found some youtube videos of the Robert Cavalli opening for H&M and realized that I am not that materialistic and shallow.

I'm listening to French music to cleanse my soul...

so that my life can be filled with more meaning than eating and shopping.

Lala's Holiday Style of the Days



This year I decided to be a little more holiday spirited and "holiday-rized" my outfit. Too bad I was the only one there that actually dressed up. I felt like a piece of mint chocolate chip out of mint chocolate chip ice cream. It wasn't too bad either since being dressed up is quite the norm for me these days. I've been wearing the same pieces over and over again. Whenever I come back home I find myself in a lazy state and don't change my outfit from day to day. I think it is the guilt I feel from making my mom do my laundry.

  • Yellow sweater: gift from my grandma that she bought from Taiwan.
  • Black ruffled skirt: The Limited, $10
  • Bow belt: 0.25 local thrift
  • Tights: 0.25 local thrift
  • Banana Republics platform sandals: $0.98, local thrift
  • Denim dress, red belt, and purple moccasins from Wednesday's outfit.
  • Coat: $10, charlotte russe.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone has a wonderful turkey day. And if you don't celebrate thankgiving, hope your day is just as wonderful! I think I will stick with chicken tonight, this giant turkey is so cute...must not eat.

P.S New header!! And I "revamped" the layout a bit..just by a bit that you can't even really tell.

P.P.S I'm planning out operation Black Friday. Wish me luck and may the force be with me. I cross my fingers in hopes that I will notget trampled by the hordes of insane shoppers.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Lala's Style of the Day

Schizo California surprised me again with a rather sunny day. There was like no people on campus today so I indulged in my self-timer picture taking. I only had one class today and I should have been smart and just not have gone. But dear ole guilt poked me in the tush and urged me to be a good little girl and to go to class. I listened despite the fact that my friends had abandoned me for something better than a pscyh lecture (which I find to be impossible, because seriously, what is cooler than talking about stress and health?) Although I tried my hardest to stay awake and take notes, I ended up dozing off until my clipboard fell off my lap and made a loud embarrassing crashing sound. I decided to just stay awake and draw. It helped ease the pain of boredom. After class I took this random experiment that I have no idea what it was about. I think I was given subliminal messages because now I am craving Tide detergent for no particular reason. It's the holiday season. I'm happy.
  • Denim dress: $0.33 local thrift
  • aqua tights: $1.50 local thrift
  • red belt: $2 local thrift
  • purple wedges: loehmanns
  • red bow headband: $1 westwood shop
  • tote

Lala's Style of the Day

Yes. It's officially the start of my Thansgiving holiday. I considered 5:00 PM today the start since it was the time I finished my last midterm. California is such a schizo like myself. One day its summer time weather wear shorts and flip flops suit the air and the next its cold and windy. I guess that's why I live here. We were made for each other! Schizo's unite!
  • Long-sleeve printed tee: $2.50 UO outlet
  • Koala sweater jumper: reconstructed from my mom's huge 80's sweater
  • Camel wool mens blazer: $0.50 local thrift
  • black tights with leggings underneath for warmth
  • Black shorts: 0.85 local thrift
  • blue and red knitted scarf: 0.50 st. vinnies
  • cowboy boots: $6 local thrift
  • heart necklace: etsy

Monday, November 19, 2007

Lala's Style of the Day

I didn't realize that my outfit was sort of reminiscent of the 40's fashion that I had previously blogged about. Other exciting news, I turned in my designer application for our school's fashion club. I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope I get it. I've been thinking about it for non-stop now. Fingers crossed. I've also realized how much I love to wear these red tights not only because they're coool (we already know that), but because they fend off solicitors as well. This person who's always around campus with his binder and his suit was going to ask me to donate money and usually he tags along if you don't give in, but he just left when I said I don't have any money. "Girl with Red stockings defeats Evil solicitors!" (okay, they're not evil...just annoyingly evil)
  • Dress (I wore another version awhile ago) by Urban Renewal: $5 from UO outlet
  • Purple shirt underneath: $1.50 from Express (thanks to my $15 off coupon!)
  • Red "stockings": $3.50 buffalo exchange
  • Flats: $9 payless
  • Belt: $2.50 wetseal
  • Dali necklace:
  • scarf in hair: $0.50 local thrift
  • Happy Thrifting bag: given to me by the COOOLEST person that ever existed. You know who you are!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Lust Clothing

I took a break this weekend from studying to watch a movie. Scratch that.

I delayed my studying this weekend to watch a movie, Ang Lee's new controversial film, Lust Caution. I must say that I thought it was a very beautiful film, a little slow and lacking much action, but overall the cinematography and the score made it very beautiful - typical Ang Lee. It's a little predictable, but I still liked it. Although I didn't understand why and how the lead heroine exactly fell in love with her target enemy. Either she really enjoyed the violent sex or she saw something beneath his inhumane sadistic character.

Usually, I am what people call "white washed" or at least thats what I am in comparision to some of my very asianized friends, but hey, its all good. However, watching this movie has resparked my interest in Chinese culture and history. I'm so proud and happy that Asians are successfully gradually entering the entertainment industry and reaching a wider audience world wide. We still want to see more asian characters represented on tv though! I wish they made an Ugly Betty with an Asian flavor, now that would be so cool.

There were many firsts for me from watching this film. It was the first NC-17 rated film I've ever seen. I don't think the edited version of Showgirls played on VH1 counts. It was the first Chinese film I watched in theatres AND I am proud to say that I could understand. Most of it, I did cheat a little to look at the subtitles. It was the first time I watched explicit sex scenes without closing my eyes. I took it like a man and was mature about the situation. Man, were the actors mighty flexible. And finally, after watching the movie, I've fallen in LOVE with the 1940's style blend of eastern and western influence. I literally drooled at the goregeousness over the women's delicious hats, trench coats, red lips, t-strap heels and body hugging qi-paos. There is something so classic, so timeless, so elegant without being overtly sexy, and most of all mysterious.

I managed to find some pictures from the movie online, but trust me the film had even more oodles of goodness that these pictures can not even begin to express.

I regret not getting one of those qi paos I saw when I went to China. At the time I thought they were completely tacky and costume-y, but I want it now!

I don't quite know what's come over me. Although I do love to look at and take inspiration from different decades, this 40's refined glamour look has never really been me. Maybe I am growing up.


Lala's Style of the Day

So today I went to watch Lust Caution with my friends. It wasn't as awkward as I thought it would be, but I did act like my normally immature self and giggle every so often in between certain scenes. It just can't be helped. Another thing I have to say. There's a reason why people have the negative impression that bus drivers are rude and mean. It's because they are. Our bus driver in the morning was such a b*tch. Someone didn't get enough sleep apparently. I wanted to find the number for one of those "How's my driving?" review type of thing, but couldn't find any. Darn.
  • Peter Pan collar top: $5 charlotte russe
  • Dress: $8, Kohls
  • Red tights that were mega bright! I was almost blinded by their fierceness: $3.50 buffalo exchange
  • green cardi: $3 tjmaxx
  • leopard flats: $10 target
  • red PANDAMONIUM purse: some purse I took from my mom and painted ontop.

I did my hair in a very "Pucca" esque manner today partly because I want to authenticate my asian-ness in preparation for watching the chinese movie. I realize not everyone that reads this would know who or what a Pucca is so here she is, the lovely asian character that I was obssessed with during my junior high stationery, cutesy korean cartoon character phase.

After a hard days work, *cough* yeah right, I went to shower and took out my lil buns and lo and behold my hair was a big poof. I thought it was uber cool so I was being a cam whore and took pictures.

Please excuse my smug face. I am not smug. Well, for most of the time.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


I am like the last person on the planet Earth to know what a biter is.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Lala's Style of the Day

  • Top: $4 forever 21 like long ago when I was a pimply high schooler.
  • pink shorts
  • purple wedges
  • scarf: taken from aunt
  • bag: $2.50 the icing
  • headband: made by me
  • peacock burnt necklace: made and destroyed by me
  • bracelet: sneaky friend gift

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Lala's Style of the Day

It's mid-November but it feels like August. Global warming please go away, or at least come back another day.


  • Bubble hem top: $5 Robinson's may before they closed :(
  • My happy skirt: $0.75 st. vinnies before they stopped their Saturday sales and became all pricey. hmph.
  • Red scarf as belt: $0.50 st. vinnies
  • Floral wedges: $5 santee alley in downtown LA
  • LV messenger bag: yes, it's a fake but my aunt gave it to me and told me it's grade A and you can't really tell if its a fake unless you bought it fake.
  • Purple "A Complaint Free World Bracelet": saw it on Oprah like months ago, signed up for it and finally got it last weekend. Still on day one.

  • Tropical birds tee: taken from my mommy
  • Black hw shorts; $0.85 from last thrift binge. My new favorite shorts now
  • Flower belt and studded belt: 0.25 each local thrift
  • Dooney and Burke bag: $5 local thrift. it's a fake im pretty sure. Geesh, what's with me and fake stuff.
  • Green cardi: $3 tjmaxx, my one and only love :)
  • Flower scarf: 0.50 st. vinnies
  • Black peeptoes: $10 mervyns