Monday, November 5, 2007

The Girl in Pink: Cocktail Conundrum solved!

I'm glad to report that my cocktail attire was a success. Okay, maybe it wasn't that cool of an outfit for a typical LA nightlife look, but I loved it and me loving is all the matters and all the counts when I determine something to be a success or not. No awkward stares is also a minor element that I usually factor into account as well. As you know, if you read the past "Style of the Day", the pink dress and black tights combination was the winner. I must also say thanks for all your wonderful comments and suggestions!

When I met up with other the other "Belles" (this is what we club members call each other) they complimented my dress and then said something like "Oh you wore color!?". I didn't know if it intended as a question or an excited statement, hence the question mark and the exclamation mark. One of the girls was like, "Whenever I see 'Cocktail attire' I automatically think black!" And then I thought, "Whenever I see 'Cocktail attire' I think I want to puke." Kidding. It wasn't that bad. Another belle joined us and thanked me for wearing color because she was wearing color as well, but hers was a more subdued purple that could never beat my really pink Pepto-Bismol-but-yummier thrifted dress. I was the only girl in pink that night. I like to think that I was a ray of light amongst the sea of black and darks.

We got to the club, Social Hollywood, and it was AMAZING. I did bring my camera, but I didn't take any pictures because I was stupid and busy. But it was more of I was stupid. The place is huge and looked so much better than the tiny pictures I saw on their website. The dining area's deco was beautiful. It looked like a wedding banquet for rich white folks except cooler because it was set in the colors of red and black. I did manage to find some pictures of the place online.

Apparently, this swanky club is rather popular because when I google image searched, celebrities faces popped up. Now I can say I know celebrities indirectly. Yeah. right.

My duty as a 'belle' basically included plastering a big ole fake smile at every guest coming up the stairs, setting up the candles, filling goody bags with bagels and shirts (a rather old gift bag if you ask me), and standing for an hour manning the raffle ticket booth. The guests were funny...I mean FUNNY. Most of the guests were rich white people which makes sense this is a charity event and who better to invite to a charity event than rich white folks? Some wore fur coats which made me want to yell "Animal KILLER" out towards them but then I thought better of it. These ladies had some blinged out glasses as well. Their frames were basically encrusted with crystals that good feed a third-world child for a year. I also played the game with myself called 'WHO HAS HAD PLASTIC SURGERY?' which entailed staring at the ladies botoxed and face-lifted faces. Once again, funnayyy. What was also funny was when the guests were drunk and acted like fools. Don't tell me you wouldn't laugh. Drunk fools will make anyone laugh.

The night was rather cool for us belles as well because we actually got to sat at one of the tables and watched a "Cirque-deSolei" inspired performance where acrobats danced in the air. We only got to sit with the other guests because the Union Bank guests didn't show, so we took their spots. At first I thought were were just going to sit there, but then the waiters started to actually serve us food. Sweet. Except I had just eaten two slices of pizza a few hours ago. But free fancy food will make me want to eat no matter what. I wasn't quite sure if we were suppose to eat because according to the Belles handbook we are not suppose to accept free food. We justified ourselves by saying that a) the guy in charge told us too and b) we don't want to waste food when kids in Africa are starving. I feel better now. I wasn't even feeling that guilty to begin with, I was just enjoying the benefits of volunteering at events like these.

In the end, I did get some free swag. I got a gift bag. I was going to take too, but the president of the club told me I had to put it back. My sneaky skills must have been turned off because I should have stuffed the bags more carefully. Other girls got away with it. I also stole some delicious cookies that make me feel that I need to go on a giant gym overdose which I will do. Tomorrow.

So this is me and my swag:

The ladies did not look like this and did not wear like that and the place did not look like that, but the spirit and the meaning is what counts. I'm not quite sure if you understand what I just said, but if you do, you are awesome because you can understand me and that in itself is the greatest accomplishment in the world.


Kori said...

Wow- that place is spectacular! I'm glad you decided to go with that outfit..You look great:)

Lady N said...

Sounds like you had fun! :)

Diana @ So Fash'on said...

you are so funny:)

Joyce said...

the picture of you hanging around with old ladies haha, funny!

WendyB said...

I love your photo illustration. Brilliant!

Isabel said...

I'm so glad you had a good time!

Vintage Bunny said...

You look great!