Sunday, November 18, 2007

Lala's Style of the Day

So today I went to watch Lust Caution with my friends. It wasn't as awkward as I thought it would be, but I did act like my normally immature self and giggle every so often in between certain scenes. It just can't be helped. Another thing I have to say. There's a reason why people have the negative impression that bus drivers are rude and mean. It's because they are. Our bus driver in the morning was such a b*tch. Someone didn't get enough sleep apparently. I wanted to find the number for one of those "How's my driving?" review type of thing, but couldn't find any. Darn.
  • Peter Pan collar top: $5 charlotte russe
  • Dress: $8, Kohls
  • Red tights that were mega bright! I was almost blinded by their fierceness: $3.50 buffalo exchange
  • green cardi: $3 tjmaxx
  • leopard flats: $10 target
  • red PANDAMONIUM purse: some purse I took from my mom and painted ontop.

I did my hair in a very "Pucca" esque manner today partly because I want to authenticate my asian-ness in preparation for watching the chinese movie. I realize not everyone that reads this would know who or what a Pucca is so here she is, the lovely asian character that I was obssessed with during my junior high stationery, cutesy korean cartoon character phase.

After a hard days work, *cough* yeah right, I went to shower and took out my lil buns and lo and behold my hair was a big poof. I thought it was uber cool so I was being a cam whore and took pictures.

Please excuse my smug face. I am not smug. Well, for most of the time.


Meg said...

I love this grey blouse. And I like the last picture, you should consider poufy hair more often...of course, I prefer to call it jooged hair.

WendyB said...

Cute picture and hair!

Jello on Springs said...

I love when that happens to my hair, instant curls without all the hassle and work of curlers.

Carolina Lange said...

I loooove the grey colar top!