Saturday, November 24, 2007

Material Girl

It seems all I do in life is eat and shop.

So here I go, retelling my week of eating and shopping.

Tuesday was a girls night out for sushi. I entertained myself in front of the mirror. So shallow, I know. So fun, you bet.

I then ate the sushi and udon we ordered. Me and Bacne shared.
It was still not enough. I'm a greedy fat pig so I went to get a cup of redmango. Seriously, all I seem to do is eat.

Thanksgiving we went over to my aunt's house for a feast she prepared for us all homemade. I appreciated the vast effort she put in. I know that if I ever cooked turkey, it would look like a turkey but taste like wall paste.

I ate the turkey. There wasn't any chicken. RIP fat turkey.

There was cake which I ate, there was icecream which I ate. There was icecream which my niece also ate.

Exhibit the similarity between my niece and my lover in my past life:

Strikingly similar, no? That picture made me like her 50% more than before that picture. She still thinks I'm the evil auntie because I make monster noises. She also found out my weakness and attempted to threaten me with it. I will get her back when she's like 15 years older because I only pick on kids my own size.

The next day was Friday or what some people call Black Friday. My dad came to wake me up at 6 if I wanted to go shopping. I shooed him away and snuggled towards my pillow and went back to lalaland. Four hours later we went off to Fry's and left after 5 minutes. Long lines and out of stock items was basically the story of black Friday. However, we went off to Circuit City to pick up my sister's camera. Strange, this year I feel no desire for material possessions. I don't really need anything. I don't really want anything that bad (except to make it as a designer for the club!).

Okay, I fibbed. I ended up with a webcam and headphones. They were super discounted. Afterwards we went to Nordstrom Rack. I ended up with two tunic almost minidress length patterned tops for $4 each.

Seriously, all I seem to do in life is shop.

Then today, I went to Target. I got sidetracked by the new GO collection and the clearance racks that I forgot to get what I went there for in the first place - a seat cushion. I did get these Alice Temperley black overalls for 75% off.

See, all I do is shop.

Then I visited Toddo and briefly got to see KC and fashaholic for only two hours before my dad drove me away. During our visit we sat on chairs and just made small talk and stimulated his hands. Get walking soon mister so we can go climb a mountain and row a boat!

I asked my dad to take me to Yogurtland. I got yogurt. All I do is eat.

I got home and started reminiscing my wonderful eating and shopping life. I'm so shallow, so materialistic. I found some youtube videos of the Robert Cavalli opening for H&M and realized that I am not that materialistic and shallow.

I'm listening to French music to cleanse my soul...

so that my life can be filled with more meaning than eating and shopping.


Patent Shoes && Rants said...

I love sushi!
Your neice is super cute!
Your new loot is ahmazing. I really want a new webcam since my cousin broke the stand while taking pictures of her face. And your tunics are so cute!


Sarah Mendelsohn said...

haha i know, buying them would be such a waste of money

Linda said...

oh wow those Alice Temperley overalls are really cool, I wish there was some Alice Temperley left over at my Target!

yes I'd love to exchange links! that means linking you on my weblog, right? I'm still kind of new to this whole concept of blogging on blogspot...

Stephanie said...

what's so wrong with eating and shopping? That's basically all I do too :)

adorable header by the way.

The Clothes Horse said...

how did shopping get left off the list of things people need to survive?

Anonymous said...

thanks! you've been linked as well...

Lady N said...

sushi - yum! I could eat sushi everyday! love your new header!

WendyB said...

Ah, that photo of your niece is adorable. Hey, at least you're not as bad as my dogs. All they do is eat and poop!

Poster Girl said...

The Temperley overalls look great! BTW, have you been to Diddy Reese yet? They used to have cookies for a quarter when I was a student.

Diana @ So Fash'on said...

love sushi too! that similarity with dali is sooo funny!