Thursday, November 8, 2007

And so they ask me how I do it

A frequent question I get from readers and friends is who takes my pictures for all my "Lala's Style of the Day" photos. Well ladies and gentlemen, the truth is, if I have not already told you before, is my camera takes the pictures for me. Good ole self timer. I rarely let people take pictures for me because I feel embarrassed for trying to act all "model-y" when I am cleary anything but a model. I also love self timer because it lets you become the photographer and the model at the same time. So much creative energy is there all you have to do is RELEASE! That was random, but random things pumps up my endorphins and endorphins make me happy and happy people don't kill other people.

That was a revamped line from Legally Blonde if you didn't get it.

So yes, self timer is a wonderful invention. I try to be more creative when I know no one is watching. Making a fool of myself is my biggest fear. I guess I've conquered my fear already because I make a fool of myself 24/7. Here now, all you fashionistas or fashionistos are some of my tips for creating wonderful self-timer photographic art.
  • Any digital camera with a self timer will be the first start. This first start is rather important seeing as how you can't take pictures with say your eyes, although that would be realllllly neat. a little freaky, but neat nonetheless.
  • You do not need a tripod. If you have one that's good. If you don't have one, that's good too. All you need is a table or something elevated from which you can place your camera on.
  • Look through the lense before you step in front of it to approximate the distance between you and the camera and to see where you want to stand for creating a lovely composition.
  • If at first you don't succeed, try again. And again. And again. Skills aren't born, they're practiced. So go practice your self-timer taking skills NOW!
  • Be creative. Make weird poses. Find new places to take pictures at. Such as outside or in a stairwell or on the floor or in a toilet. You never know.
  • I usually find places that are isolated so no one can see me. When people are around me I feel that I can't show my true self and then I try to make some lame coverup to why I was so narcisstic and taking a picture of myself. If you aren't afraid of people, then go at it tiger!

However, I am by no means a self-timer expert. If you want truly inspirational self-timer skills check out this video of model Elle Muliarchyk's kamikaze skills. When I first watched it at fashaholic's blog, I knew that that was what I wanted to be when I grow up - a kamikaze self timer photographermodel.


Jello on Springs said...

I hate having other pple take my pictures too, it makes me feel all self-conscious and silly about myself. So ill keep your tips in mind when i finally get a new digital camera...which seems like its going to be never at the rate i spend money =/. And I loveeee your tri-colored boots, they remind me of these

fashionfix said...

Love your outfit today.

I will allow my husband to do the photo taking, but that's about it.
Of course, right now I don't have a camera..

The Clothes Horse said...

I love self-timer and it definitly lets the creative juices flow. Despite not being a model and having a studio, suddenly I'm putting together a photoshoot, sometimes complete with mental story!

Heather said...

I totally agree about acting "modelly"... I did a fashion shoot for my friend who's a photojournalism major once, and I swear it was the most awkward thing I've ever done. The exchange was something like this:
HER: Make a model face!
ME: How?
HER: I don't know, whatever feels "model-ish!" *snap snap snap*