Friday, November 30, 2007

Lala's Style of the Days


  • Dress: my mom's old dress with a shortened hem
  • Socks: $1.00 tjmaxx
  • leopard print flats: $10 target

  • Tunic Top/Mini Dress: $4 nordies rack
  • Libertine shorts underneath
  • Brown tights that will "rejuvinate" my legs? : 0.99 cent store
  • Boots: $7.50 local thrift
  • Silk ribbon around my waist: $0.99 GAP, I lost it yesterday during our bonfire/parade. I'm so sad. RIP mr. ribbon.
  • Red string crown: made by me
  • Sparrow necklace: made by me
  • Wool shrug with awesome flowers!: $1.50 st. vinnies
  • Green Scarf: $0.50 local thrift
  • bag: me mommy's

Today it rained and it was cold and so I was uninspired to wear anything except my workout clothes. TWO MORE WEEKS TO BREAK BABY!! I'm excited, can't hardly wait.

shoot. finals are coming. fast.


fashaholic said...

aww i like both of these outfits! the first one looks good on you and the second one is so colorful. I get out in two weeks too! hurraaah =D

Isabel said...

Wow, you are totally working tour newfound love of 40s glamour in the first outfit. I love it.

Also, how are tights supposed to be rejuvenating? What a clever marketing crock.

The Clothes Horse said...

I really like the dress, socks, and leopard print combination. So nice.

lalaliu said...

Apparently these "control top tights" enhance circulation! Haha, I think they are for old people...

Eleh said...

i like them both. its amazing how you managed to pull off the different prints!

Miss Woo said...

I love ALL your library shots, and the first dress is just waaay too cute.

Heather said...

finals suck... but I LOVE your dress!

Poster Girl said...

Was that URL?

Lauren said...

I HAVE THOSE FLATS! I love them to death, I wear them all the time. I really like those photos of you in the library, they're really cool.