Saturday, November 10, 2007

True Life: I Have TSCD

I've basically told my life story in this blog. My anti-kid, pro-elderly, pro-round/fat things way of living. There is one thing that I haven't told you all yet, but you most likely would have figured it out already. I have thrift shopping compulsive disorder. I was diagnosed with it around the end of senior year in high school. My dad was the first one to notice my recent obsession with going to thrift shops, he was the one who had to drive me afterall seeing as I didn't have my license yet. Living with TSCD hasn't been all that bad. It's actually a wonderful disorder in my opinion. Occasionally I get the "I MUST THRIFT NOW" mentality but am unable to satisfy my needs due to various reasons. But really, it's not that bad. I found this wonderful little speel about TSCD in my favorite dictionary, laladictionary:

"TSCD(Thrift Shopping Compulsive Disorder) is a rather recent medical disorder with an unknown origin although many doctors believe that it suddenly emerged within the past few years. Now the disorder is spreading slowly but surely as it starts affecting thousands of young, fashion-hungry, broke college kids alike. Although there is no cure, researchers believe that the disorder may actually be a beneficial condition in terms of sparking creativity and helping the ecosystem. The side effects of TSCD can be alleviated by simply shopping in one's favorite thrift store. The most common characteristic of a person with TSCD is their obsessive compulsion to thrift. For example, many will start noticing the thrift stores they pass by while in the car and feel the strange and demanding pull to stop by and go in. TSCDers are often excellent bargain shoppers but may end up accumulating unncessary junk. Some can last a few weeks without the thrift, but eventually they will crack and will feel the urge to spring into the nearest thrift store and shop like a maniac. The disorder is highly contagious for certain people. Those who are disgusted by the idea of buying old and used clothing are more likely to be immune than those who are open minded. Currently, as thrift store prices increase, people with TSCD are starting to feel the negative effects of the disorder by going crazy and lashing out on thrift store managers for charging high prices. These people are all around us and you really cannot tell who has TSCD unless you ask them. They look can look normal or they can look weird or they can look normally weird. It all depends. For more information about TSCD you can visit the or call the toll-free helpline 1-888-000-TSCD. Counselors will be standing by to help you in your time of need."

So yes, I suffer from TSCD. I've been having very bad symptons for the past few weeks. Staying at school is fun, but staying at school also means no thrifting mostly due to lack of transportation and lack of good thrift stores around. Thankfully, I'm home this weekend and today I was able to indulge in a Thrift Binge.

I came home last night for the first time in a month and the first thing I asked my dad was , "Can you take me to the thrift store tomorrow?" and then I gave him a big innocent cheesy smile that was midway between cute and insane. I said this of course after saying "Hi" and "I missed you!", I aint that rotten of a daughter. I had been anticipating this thrift binge for quite some time. It even helped me get through a week of stress, then de-stress, and working and studying, pathetic right?

The morning was nice and sunny which made me all the more merrier because the past few days of grey cold so "unCalifornian" weather made me gloomy. My parents dropped me off to my new favorite thrift store while they went hiking. I told them to hike as long as they wanted. As I walked through the doors and past the swirly metal entrance I felt at home. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and savored the musty smells.

Ahhh, I am home.

I first went throught the bags and the shoe racks. Nothing. Then I found the "vintage" section that I did not know existed. It was mostly a bunch of polyester suits. After that I went the normal routine of dresses, skirts, pants and tops. My arm got sore and I must have looked like a crazy asian with all that clothing in my arms. I did my routine review of what I had gathered and left the ones that I didn't need or I knew wouldn't fit despite it's cheapness. I ended up with two bags of clothing for $9 the first time and then when my parents didn't come yet and the other two surrounded thrift stores were sucky, I went back in again and got another bag for $3.

Now presenting my wonderful haul:

1. First up is this lovely silk Lux black cami with lovely details that are kind of hard to see from this picture. The back has cute lil buttons.
Price? 85 cents

2. Up next is a pile of tights (YAY) and a bag of zippers. Seriously, this bag has sooo many zippers and they're the cool metal kinds too! I see more DIY projects in the near future. I realize that I should buy all tights from this particular thrift store from now on. They always have so many!
Price? Zippers - $1.50
Tights 23 cents to $1.50

3. This denim tube dress is horribly tacky and so Britney Spears years ago when she was dressed in a full on denim stress. I don't know if it was the fumes of the thrift store, the sight of seeing so many denim dresses all at once, or the cheap price that compelled me to buy it. I think it was all three. Tis a little tight and because I don't want to look like a sausage, I might do a little revamping.
Price? 85 cents

4. Another denim mini-dress. I'm lovin it.

Price? 33 cents

5. The next item on the list are these beautiful platform shoes from Banana Republic. They are super comfortable. I am literally wearing them right now at 11:50 at night, that's just how wonderful they are. They also make me like 4 inches taller!
Price? 98 cents

6. This Ralph Lauren men's button down shirt was bought for the purpose of The Fashiony-Blog's Blogging Society Challenge. I'm seeing many possibilities with it now.
Price? 85 cents

7. I decided to buy another white button down shirt from the men's section. This one is Geoffrey Beene and so comfy. (What is it with me and touching my hair?)
Price? 85 cents as well.

8. I found this patterned circle skirt in the "Vintage" Section. There's like a tea stain on the back, but it kind matches the beige color so I thought whatever. It's so fun to swing around. WhEEEeeeeeeEE.

Price? 85 cents

9. These high waisted black shorts are my dream come true ever since I didn't buy those highwaisted shorts in the mall all those months ago.
Price? 85 cents

10. Finally, we have this wool red Club Monaco pencil skirt that is tight but I love it so I'll sacrifice looking like a sausage.
Price? 49 cents

I also bought a purple skirt for 13 cents but sadly it cannot encircle around my waist.

I am happy to say that I feel much better after my thrift binge. My TSCD is not flaring up as much which is always a good sign because then I can focus on studying and working more on my fashion design application.

Until my next thrift binge....peace. out.


AlicePleasance said...

Well, I'd love to go to a thrift binge or have TSCD...My only trouble is that here in Italy we DON'T HAVE THRIFT STORES! I'm so jealous everytime someone tell me about some great thrift find (actually I covet your b/w full skirt!). Vintage too is not that popular here and it's incredibly overpriced...Plus, I live 150 miles away from the nearest H&M!!!
Thanks God, I have the internet (and I'll keep my fingers crossed waiting for the day when Top Shop or Urban Otfitters US will ship internationally!)

Emma said...

Jesus, this stuff is amazing and I wish I had your thrifting prowess.
I especially looove the red skirt.

selinaoolala said...

WOW! such fabulous stuff!
tscd- mine used to be cscs- charity shop conplusive disorder, as the thrift stores here sell shoes for £10 ($20) and dresses for at least £20 ($40) it's not fair!!!

indie said...

what, how is everything so cheap??
and after converting it to euros, it's basically nothing. Envy!

evie said...

I really like the patterned circle and for only 85 cents??? Unbelievable!

Jello on Springs said...

I agree with is everything so cheap? =O oh how i covet your new tights, especially the ones with the detail running down the back.

MOLLY GRAY said...

thanks girl for the advice... i love your room!!!!!!!!... is amazing!!...

WendyB said...

I can't believe all these things you get for under a dollar! You and Vintage Bunny are the experts on this.

The Clothes Horse said...

It is not a very bad disorder to have, no? I mean all that haul and so little cash. I love thrift stores...

Eli said...

This used to be me. You grow out of it. You realize that you cant buy complusively either. Now I usually end up with nothing. Which I am okay with.

Lady N said...

I love this post! I can live vicariously through your thrift binge! I have to do a thrift binge every once in a while, too. But I don't find all the good stuff you do. The red pencil skirt & printed skirts are fabulous. And tights for 23 cents? My thrift store has a vintage section too, I usually browse there for clutches. :)

Jackie said...

agh. I love your blog :)
TSCD... I think I'm seeing the symptoms. Time to call the hotline.

Anyways, I love that swirly skirt. I'm jealous of you're powerful thrifting skills.