Friday, November 2, 2007

Lala's Style of the Day

  • White mexican blouse: $1 rummage sale
  • "Teen club" jumper: $4 local thrift
  • White tights: 99 cent store
  • Belt: The Limited $1.50
  • Scarf: 0.50 st. vinnies
  • Cardigan: 0.50 rummage sale
  • Leather messenger bag: taken from mom
  • Steve Madden wedges: $15 loehmanns
  • Hair little buddha style (or at least I tried): inspired by fashaholic :)

My day was going good. I dressed like a Holland girl/ Disneyland Frontier Land employee/ Daughters of the Revolution get up. Some random person even yelled "Harajuku girl" in a non-positive way which I WAS NOT. Douche bag. I got to go see a campus Day of the Dead show. But then I got my psych grade like five minutes ago and basically an atomic bomb just dropped down onto my happiness and desecrated everything in sight.



Carolina Lange said...

Great style! I love your scarf!

katherine said...

hehe your outfits are always so cute, i wish i could get away with those things, they look great on you! Where do you live anyways, I'm assuming a big city.

WendyB said...

Very cute. You look great in the white tights.

Vintage Bunny said...

I love the blouse !

fashaholic said...

you know i've actually been searching high and low for a royal blue cardigan much like yours! :oo

I like how there are so many details to look at in your outfit :D and the negative person's just jealous that she/he can't get away dressing like you do :)

lalaliu said...

haha yeahh! exactly. i think the guy was drunk though, and it was at night when I was walking back from my friend's room. but still.. BIG poop head.

Meg said...

Your legs make my legs cry. They are really well-defined.

Miss Woo said...

awesome white tights and blouse, you're making me wanna buy more tights.

ambika said...

Love that jumper, especially with the belt.