Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Lala's Style of the Day

Schizo California surprised me again with a rather sunny day. There was like no people on campus today so I indulged in my self-timer picture taking. I only had one class today and I should have been smart and just not have gone. But dear ole guilt poked me in the tush and urged me to be a good little girl and to go to class. I listened despite the fact that my friends had abandoned me for something better than a pscyh lecture (which I find to be impossible, because seriously, what is cooler than talking about stress and health?) Although I tried my hardest to stay awake and take notes, I ended up dozing off until my clipboard fell off my lap and made a loud embarrassing crashing sound. I decided to just stay awake and draw. It helped ease the pain of boredom. After class I took this random experiment that I have no idea what it was about. I think I was given subliminal messages because now I am craving Tide detergent for no particular reason. It's the holiday season. I'm happy.
  • Denim dress: $0.33 local thrift
  • aqua tights: $1.50 local thrift
  • red belt: $2 local thrift
  • purple wedges: loehmanns
  • red bow headband: $1 westwood shop
  • tote


AVA said...

don't you just love it when a place, normally quite busy, seems totally abandoned? I can really enjoy it.. nobody there to watch you, I always immediately start singing up loud hehe..

Sage said...

love the header!

Isabel said...

Sunny? oh my god, it snowed where I live!

WendyB said...

Those tights are a great color! Very unusual.

Eleh said...

you have proven to me that denim dress are way way awesome.

and I really like the second picture. the background brings out your outfit!