Thursday, November 8, 2007

Gimme More?

I'm about to tell you something that will stay between us only. Got it? Okay. Good. Now this little fact could potentially ruin my "indie-anti-mainstream-anti-well-known-stuff-alternative-out-of-the-loop" persona. So here it goes.

I've been listening to Britney Spears new CD Blackout.

That's not the devasting part of the story.

I actually like it.

In order to clear my name, I am going to make up an excuse as to why such an impossible thing became possible. I heard through the grapevine that the music producers actually placed subliminal messages that brainwashes us all. Even my buff brain could not resist the attacks of those brainwashing chemicals. Okay, there is my excuse.

I was listening to the songs this morning while doing Econ and decided to do a little "rating" of each song. Please be aware that these are fluid ratings and will likely change by, umm, let's say by tomorrow? Because really, if these Britney songs keep replaying themselves in my head, I am going to stab myself with an eraser.

  1. Gimme More - 6 stars. I just try to keep the music video out of my mind when listening. Doesn't really work somehow.
  2. Heaven on Earth - 4 stars. A little too happy and lovey dovey for me. Reminds me of something that Paris Hilton would sing. And the ending where she tries to actually sing sing makes me giggle.

  3. Piece of Me - 10 stars! This is one of the songs that is stuck in my head. So frickin catchy. Moving towards this techno-raspy voice style, "pseudo" fast talking I think I only like this song because she says 'dariare' and that's like my favorite word in the whole dictionary.

  4. Radar - 10 stars! Another infectious song. I kept thinking that she says "Operator" but really it's "On my radar" which would make sense because the song is called Radar, but seriously if she said Operator I would like the song even more because it reminds me of KC and im missing KC and her smooth operator obsession. Hi KC *waves* if you are reading this.

  5. Toy Soldier - 5 stars. Just not my thing. Sounds like a PussyCatDolls song. Maybe I'm wrong because I know jack about mainstream music.

  6. Get Naked - 8 stars. I like the guy's singing. Sounds like how I would sing when I want to annoy Bacne.

  7. Break the Ice - 7 stars.

  8. Why Should I Be sad - 2 stars. No thank you. I don't know why you should be sad. Maybe you should just think positive like me.

  9. Hot as Ice - 7 stars. There's a lot of ice motif going on. I'm thinking Alaska will be the next big trend!

  10. Ooh Ooh Baby - 7 stars

  11. Freakshow - 8 stars. Because I'm a freak. (don't think dirty now.)

  12. Perfect Lover - 8 stars. I like it when she sings fast because then I don't really know what she is singing and then I can make up my own lyrics which is way AWESOMER than her lyrics.

So there. I said it. I always thought pigs would be wearing Chanel before I would ever admit to liking a Britney Spears song. Maybe I'm just longing to stay a tweenager who puts on too much makeup and wears cheap slutty clothes. If Bacne knew that I wrote this post she would probably kill me. But it's okay because I can scare her in my sleep.