Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I've Got SOMETHING to Wear

With the miniscule closet space here in the dorms and the fact that it would be almost impossible, not to mention embarrassing, if I brought every single piece of clothing I own to the dorms, I've noticed that I've been having issues with the "I'VE GOT NOTHING TO WEAR!?!" plague that I will guess has attacked us all at some point in our lives.

It is a common thing that occurs more often with the female population. We have a wholelotta clothing hanging in our closets, in my case, lying on the floor, but we become blind, we don't see what's in front of us and instead we say "I've GOT NOTHING TO WEAR!". In reality, your clothing can dress the whole world, GIRLFRIEND!! *finger snaps*. That was such a Bacne trait.

So how do we fix this oh so important problem? First, I would like to say that yes I used to be the girl standing in front of my closet at 6'clock in the morning, sky still dark, looking absent-mindedly at my overstuffed wardrobe thinking, "gosh darnit, what the heck am I going to wear today?" Then, I would just wear the same thing I wore on the same day last week - jeans and a t-shirt.

But folks, now I've changed. Somewhat. The restriction placed on my wardrobe has forced me to think creatively and really look at what I have. Under the pressure, I've found that I can come up with new outfit ideas that I would have never thought up if it were not for the fact that half my clothing were in my dirty hamper. When you are stripped of nothing, that is when you are most desperate and your survival instincts come on. It's really like fashion survial. How far can you go with less and less clothing? This is a really interesting topic especially with the movement in sustainability and going green. I really do buy and consume too much, especially when it comes to clothing. I am wasteful and no doubt I am probably not doing the environment any good. So I have decided to make a pact (with myself). No, I will not give up shopping for a year. That would be too dramatic. Baby steps remember? Baby steps. So this pact is where I will challenge myself for a week. I will only allow myself I shall say five pieces of clothing? and for a whole five day school week I will have to stick to those pieces and create a new outfit each day. This does not include accessories. I have yet to determine if there will also be a limitation to accessory and shoes. I've been thinking of doing a challenge like this for quite some time now too, so I guss posting about it will be a good start.

In honor of my new "I HAVE SOMETHING TO WEAR!" challenge, I posted some pictures of my outfit using men's button down shirts for The Fashion-y Blog's First Blogging Society Challenge (which is now over). I think her idea was fantastic, to take one piece of clothing and center an entire outfit around it. Imagine doing this challenge every day for a week! Sounds like the pact that I am about to attempt.

My outfit consisted of two white men's button down shirts I got just in the nick of time from my recent thrift exursion. Yes, I bought again, but it's from a thrift shop, so so...it's not that bad, right? Anyways, I had no idea what to do, but then thought of making a dress because I'm so in my dress phase right now. Anti-pants, Pro-dress (skirts). I spent a good deal of my time messing around with the shirts and finally created this!

I would actually wear it out if I had some safetypins to go along with it because everything is really unstable (although it did stay together the whole time). I basically did a lot of tying and buttoning buttons to random button wholes. I kinda felt like I was going to attend one of the greek theme fraat parties where people wear their bed sheets as a toga but not because I'm way cooler than that. Hah.

There were some other wonderful entries over at the blog too:

I really should be sleeping, midterm in countdown: 8.5 hours. Better go to sleep.

Hmmm...what to wear tomorrow....


ChiliLady said...

awesome pictures,
btw, you're linked too! thanks so much!
chililady from austria

Lluviaschick said...

like it!

Jackie said...

I love the way it looks :) So crisp and neat. Sort of Grecian... maybe its the amount of white? Or its the way everything was tied? Maybe both?

And I know exactly what you're talking about. I stand in front of my closet each morning. Look at my clothes, sigh, and put on a pair of jeans, some weird top, and a hoodie.

WELL ENOUGH OF THAT! IT IS TIME FOR THE EXCITING STRIKE AGAINST THE SEEMINGLY BORING CLOTHES. (please not that i said seemingly... i don't know if i made any sense)

Patent Shoes && Rants said...

Haha- I love that idea. And it looks so good.

I'm going to link you- Because I love creative minds!


The Clothes Horse said...

Oh my, fashion survival...may we all survive.

Vintage Bunny said...

That dress looks great....more hi fashion

Heather said...

Innovative! I brought all my clothes to my dorm too and still fall in a rut of wearing the same things which sucks because usually they are the same dirty things because laundry costs.

Who's That Fashionista? said...

Wow LaLa that looks great on you!!

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