Thursday, November 1, 2007

Lala's Style of the Day

Happy HALLOWEEN folks!

I thought I could pull off a "Salvador Dali Muse" costume (ie. the lobster, the mustache face and the ants), but I don't think people could get it, so I dressed up as "myself".
  • Dress: 0.50 local thrift
  • Yellow tights: 1.00 local thrift
  • Ants belt: LalaLiu Designs, made by me
  • Mustache face necklace: made by me
  • Lobster Headband: made by me
  • Red flats: $5 downtown LA


Jello on Springs said...

i went dressed as myself today too, lol although one guy thought i was dressed as a gypsy @_@ and he kept on asking me to read his palm, weird
i like your mustache face necklace and the ant belt, quite cool

Miss Woo said...

I'm majorly digging the lobster headband..

The Clothes Horse said...

Wonderful nyon tights! I never see tights at my thrift stores...

Lady N said...

A salvador dali muse would have been awesome!

Bear said...

is this dress the same as the one in your cocktail dress post? i think this one would be fab for the party =)

Freya said...

Oh I just found this because I am going to dress as Dali for Halloween. I love your treatment and your blog is super cute!

<3 Freya