Saturday, November 24, 2007

Lala's Holiday Style of the Days



This year I decided to be a little more holiday spirited and "holiday-rized" my outfit. Too bad I was the only one there that actually dressed up. I felt like a piece of mint chocolate chip out of mint chocolate chip ice cream. It wasn't too bad either since being dressed up is quite the norm for me these days. I've been wearing the same pieces over and over again. Whenever I come back home I find myself in a lazy state and don't change my outfit from day to day. I think it is the guilt I feel from making my mom do my laundry.

  • Yellow sweater: gift from my grandma that she bought from Taiwan.
  • Black ruffled skirt: The Limited, $10
  • Bow belt: 0.25 local thrift
  • Tights: 0.25 local thrift
  • Banana Republics platform sandals: $0.98, local thrift
  • Denim dress, red belt, and purple moccasins from Wednesday's outfit.
  • Coat: $10, charlotte russe.


s.j.simon said...

lol. did you know that chocolate was banned in switzerland for many years. read this

The Clothes Horse said...

the colors of your outfits are always so charming.

Camilla said...

yay, I love bright coloured tights! I recently bought some myself and I just can't stop wearing them. I haven't found a turquoise pair like yours yet, but I'll have to!! ;)

Bouncing Evil Ginner said...

Your tights are amazing, I can only approve :)

I also love the way you've put them into the outift so they don't look odd - I still haven't quite mastered that!