Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hat Lovin'

There are two events that I am waiting for to happen to the world:

  1. The day we achieve world peace
  2. The day the masses have come to wear fancy hats as an essential to their daily wardrobes like underwear.

Everytime I go thrifting I look out for these lovely head pieces.I love hats especially beautiful vintage ones that I've started collecting them. I feel that these little hats have a personality of their own. They tell me a story. And I just love listening to a good ole bedtime tale.

Unfortunately, modern fashion and by modern I mean what everyone is wearing, does not include these fancy hats. No matter how much I love these hats, there is still the little voice inside my head telling me how outdated I look. It is an unfortunate inner struggle I face on a daily basis. To go with my passion of hat wearing or to listen to the condemning voice of shame that hats are not "in".

But wait! What about Marc Jacobs' F/W 07 collection? The hats were definitely a focal point of his collection. They were beautiful indeed. If I could produce money as fast as the hair on my leg grows then I would certainly snatch up one or two or three or maybe all.

And look at all those Couture Shows. Those lovely hats have been making salivate over my computer screen all day.

Armani, Chanel, Lacroix, Givenchy

John Galliano is a genious! I would wear that first hat of an artist's palette in a heartbeat if I had the benjamins to afford it.

Despite these runway trends, I can't imagine normal citizens trotting in these amazing head jewelry except the Voguettes, and the elite fashionistas.

For now, I will just prance around in my thrifted hats in the comforts of my own home - until one day when I am brave enough to show the world or until the day hats have replaced underwear as the most essential item in one's outfit.