Monday, July 9, 2007

Lala's style of the day

Start of summer school means time to start dressing up again! (instead of lounging around in my merry christmas charlie brown boxers and old men's tee). I'm taking Introduction to Advertising and Media Design at my local college. Hopefully its fun and I learn some cool computer software stuff. Four days a week, five hours a day, feels like I'm back in highschool again

-dress (shortened by me): $1 Jet Rag
-belt: free! thanks daddy
-Spiffy pink and green Buzz by Jane Fox Tote: $25 Nordstrom Rack
-Good Ole Red string headband: made by me (the guy that took my student ID picture said I had a crown on my head :D)
-Bruno Magli shoes: 2.00 local thrift (didn't actually wear these out, would have been hobbling all day)

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Model Citzen said...

love the album collection