Saturday, June 30, 2007

Okay, I need to control myself

Today my mom took a day off to spend time with me. We did the usual activities we always do - eat and shop! After getting my daily swimming in, my mom and I headed off to Todai (Japanese Sushi Buffet), there goes all my hard work, oh well, I'm enjoying life. Then we decided to go to Loehmann's when I found out that they were having their big Red Tag sale where the clearance clothing is reduced by another 40%. I was excited. When we first got in, there were soooo many rows and rows of clearance racks! Me likey.

Loehmanns is like this discount store similar to TJ Maxx but much better in quality. They have a lot of designer duds as well. I wanted to shop carefully through each row but after 3 hours I only managed I think 1/3 of the clothes. I found a goregous albeit a little too extravagent Marc Jacobs coat but as much as I liked it, it was totally unpractical and it was still a little expensive for my college life budget although much cheaper than retail. In the end we bought 9 items in total and ended up paying $50! I got some shoes, pants, tops, skirts mostly from the junior section and a lot of the items were by this brand Lulu Castagnette. They had this cute lil bear on the tag so I couldn't resist!


  • Soundgirl white skinny jeans : $5.38 what the heck am I going to do with white jeans!?! *but they're soo comfortable and fit so nicely...
  • Lulu Castagnette Navy Trousers: $6.58 I need to start wearing things other than denim -_-
  • Lulu Castagnette Lime Pencil Skirt: $5.38
  • Heatherette Orange and White Music Notes Sweater: $6.58
  • Kenzie Girl floral miniskirt: $4.18
  • Kenzie Girl Strawberry tank: $2.98
  • Farylrobin Leather Wedges: $9.58

I seriously think I need to stop shopping, I don't have any more room in my closet!

But I wanna go back and check out the other rows that I didn't have time to rummage through..hehe.


Frasypoo said...

That was a great deal!
You are a good shopper.....

Jennifer said...

Oh wow look at all the stuff you got, so great and bargains too!

Isabel said...

I adore your blog. Definitely linking you...