Tuesday, June 5, 2007

lala's style on june 5

Today is happy primary color day!!

Shhhhhhh...it's Quiet HOURS!
-yellow/blue striped shirt: free! from mommy
-jeans-red leaf belt: 2.00 from local thrift
-leopard flats: 10.00 target! (they're getting old and scruffy *sadness*)
-scarf: 0.50 rummage sale
-sparrow necklace: made by me
-blue cardi: 0.50 rummage sale
I realized I made a big mistake by not bringing any clothes back with me last weekend. I have nothing left!! Only tanks and sleeveless tops... and its still cold out here in LA in june! Oh well, it forces me to be a little more creative. Plus with finals coming up, I will probably be in my sweats and PJ all day.

1 comment:

Sam said...

i really love the sparrow necklace! how did you make it?