Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Office

I guess I am a little late hopping on to the bandwagon, but I seriously love The Office. I've heard great reviews from my friends, but never actually watched it. Maybe it was because I didn't have much tv access this year. But this week, with the help of fanpop (the best place to watch shows that youtube took off), I've been having an The Office marathon in my room while working on my website and tshirt designs. The characters are so funny and seem like real people with really weird and interesting personalities.

My biggest fear in life would be ending up working at a place in the office selling paper or being trapped in a cubicle. Sometimes I imagine myself running a chic office and then I imagine all the chic designer clothing that I wish I could wear! Being a fashion schizophrenic, I've fallen in love with some of the trends for FW. A little different from my colorful tastes.

Masculine + Feminine = Lovely!

FW 07's masuline influence makes me want to take out my pant suits and button up shirts and trot along the streets.

Boring drab secretary no more!

I love the combination of black and white with a twist. The white blouses are so architecturally interesting!

Beautifully subdued color combos.

I really love that beige coat! So chic, so ladylike.


Jennifer said...

I haven't seen the office but I've been dying to!I love the whole masculin thing that's going on lately in fashion, it makes women look and feel powerful I love it!
the lavin line is a bit boring but perfect for work attire or inspiration;)
I love the philip lim outfit on the left, it's amazing, love the color combination!!

dianabobar said...

We'll all rock the sexy chic secretary look this fall. time to grow up a bit? at least Marc Jacobs says so:)

Frasypoo said...

I do want to watch "The Office".I have always like the secretary.Pencil skirt,pointy shoes!!

AsianCajuns said...

Have you seen the original British version of the office? I find it even funnier than the American version, but the humor is a bit more dry. You should check it out!