Thursday, June 7, 2007

no style posts lately...finals!

Well, well, well,...what do you know?

I have succumbed to the ubiquitous t-shirt/jeans/university sweater style as of late (minus the sweater because the weather is finally warming up here). Today I lounged around in a mens shirt and some jeans, nothing cool, but very college-esque. I seriously have been wasting time this past week. I should have been studying but I didn't really... oh well, I always have the weekend right?

This tuesday my roomies and I went on a "date" with our lovely RA. We roamed westwood, ate diddy riese, climbed ontop of the roof of a 9 story building, acting like monkies by climbing a was you know, what a normal "date" is like. Super fun.

Then yesterday my friend took me to pinkberry for my belated birthday present. what a nice treat.

So finally, today I am buckling down and forcing myself to start studying those supply and demand curves!


Frasypoo said...

Well enjoy yourself when you are young!My college days were fun too.I did a lot more partying than studying!I used to stitch the teensiest little tops!!
Ahh the olden days!

dianabobar said...

:) i have to study toooo, damn! one more week and it's all over.yey