Thursday, June 21, 2007

lala's style of the day!

yay! I'm back with pictures

haven't "dressed up" in a while with finals and moving back and being lazy around the house, but a trip to the mall with some friends inspired me to be a lil more creative.
-headband with sparkly bow: 99 cent store, part of a devil 'costume' for halloween

-top with lil bears: 0.50 local thrift

-red flower belt: 0.50 local thrift

-jeans: 5.00

-bruno magli heels!: 2.00 local thrift

-red bag with painted panda: free from mom

i miss taking pictures in my dorm lounge :(

1 comment:

Frasypoo said...

Bruno Magli shoes for $2.00.thats an awesome price.Love todays look.
I have an awful time taking pictures our house it is so dark and there is only one spot that has an okay lighting !!!