Saturday, June 23, 2007

I Have Nothing to Wear

Ah, Friday nights are the best. It's the end of a long week (actually, I've not been doing much since it's summer time). For some people it's date night, for others it's go out and party until we pass out night. But for me, it's a night for me and my guilty pleasure of watching TLC's What Not To Wear. Yesterday, I missed the episode but instead found a new interesting show called I Have Nothing to Wear.

The concept is really interesting and rather common sense - shop within our own closets! Why go out and spend hundreds of dollars when we can just look into our closets, see what we have and come up with all new different looks and ideas. Some of the clothing gets put in the "look book" where the stylist creates three different looks around one piece and others go to the "chop shop" aka the place where the fashion "prodigies" hack up and recreate the ugly and the ill-fitted items into one of a kind couture pieces! Most of the redesigners are FIT students and they are mentored by a FIT professor kind of like a Tim Gunn in Project Runway kind of way. My mom even said they sound the same.

Hmm, maybe now I should stop shopping and buying and start looking within my own closet. That would be a tough challenge, but I'm will to take it on!


Frasypoo said...

I need them to pay me a visit!

Who's That Fashionista? said...

Hey...I like your blog. You are a student in So Cal? I am a student in Nor Cal.