Friday, February 29, 2008

Lala's Style of the Day and a Night with a Series of Unfortunate Events

  • Blue Adias tank: $5 nordies rack
  • High-waisted shorts: 0.85 local thrift.
  • Suspenders: $1 st. vinnies
  • Belt: 0.25 local thrift
  • Shiny shiny super awesome spandex David-bowie-esque leggings: made by me
  • Green heeled shoes: $4 local thrift.
So my day started off studying for a midterm I did so not well on. But that was not the most exciting part of my day.

And now for the real good stuff. My night filled with funny disaster that will forever be a memorable series of unfortunate events.

Me and mis amigos had planned to go to the Getty for their College Night. We never made it to the Getty and no I did not get the date mixed up.

So let me tell you about my adventure in graphical terms. Nerdy-me is taking full effect now.

1. So I had already looked up all the bus schedule and we were like totally set man, bus schedules in hand, camera in pocket, quarters in pocket, pepper spray ready to go. We were super ready and super excited.

We went to the cross streets that supposedly should have been there, but there was no bus stop in sight. The only thing there was a sidewalk of dirt, a tree, and the entrance to super rich folks with the arcs of Bel-Air. We decided to head back to another stop when suddenly Bacne turns around and points to a bus that drove past.

Unfortunate Event #1

2. We all decided to just head over to the other bus stop because this one was so not reliable. We walked for a while but were still in a fairly good mood. It was a nice night.

Fortunate Event #2

We were so caught up in our nice walk that we totally passed the street that we were suppose to cross. In a mad attempt to make it to the bus stop before the bus arrived in like 4 minutes I dashed away on my heels like a crazy bag lady. Bacne and Beckster later caught up. They asked me if the bus had other stops besides the one we were madly running towards. I looked. Yes. In fact we were right next to it. So we mad dashed backwards down the street.

Unfortunate Event #3

By the time we crossed the street we saw the bus. Our bus. On the other side of the street. We couldn't cross yet. We were frantically yelling and cursing as we hoped to God that the bus wouldn't leave.

Unfortunate Event #4

4. Suddenly the light changed and we ran across. Thankfully there was a long line that kept the bus stalled for a moment. We got on. And even though Bacne and Beckster and problems with the money taking machine we were all in a good mood. Oh yeah, we're gonna have fun at the Getty. Or so we thought.

Fortunate Event #5

5. So we just sat in the bus looking outside which was really hard because the lights were so bright in the bus that it reflected the window. But I had my bus stop schedule in hand and patiently and attentively we waited until our stop would be called. Our stop was called and even flashed on the little horizontal screen. We pulled the line. The bus did not stop. In fact, it kept going. I looked around confused. Like really confused. I knew we had already passed the stop because the map on the screen pointed it out. I heard some mumbling from the bus driver and saw some passengers turn towards us. Hmmm..this is rather strange we thought. After a few seconds of registering what had happened I was angry. Bacne and I headed off towards the bus driver. We asked him why he didn't stop at the Getty when we pulled it. This is a re-enactment of our conversation even though I couldn't really understand him for most of the time:

Me: Why didn't you stop at the Getty?!

Driver: We already passed it.

Me: I know that but we pulled the line.

Driver: You're suppose to pull it before. You have to know where your stop is.

Me: We did. Isn't that what you do when you hear your stop being called?!!

Driver: And I even called out asking who wanted to go to the Getty but no one responded.

Me: What!?? We didn't hear anything. We were in the back!!!!!!

Driver: Yeah but I called like real loud.


Me Inside: WTF. WTF. Oh shoot. Oh shoot. What are we going to do. I do not want to end up in some shady neighborhood.

Driver: I can drop you off at the next stop and a bus will be going back.

We were like okay since there was nothing else we could do. He was actually nice enough to give us transfer passes. He dropped us off. Like in the middle of nowhere.

Way Way Unfortunate Event #6

6. So basically we were out on this pseudo-street where it was all dark and creepy. It wasn't that creepy since all there was around us was a freeway entrance and this cultural center. We were on some street called Skirball. It should have been called "Screwball" because I felt like I had screwed up our whole plan. So we stood there. Three girls not feeling quite the safest of safe. We decided maybe we could walk our way back to the Getty since it didn't seem that far. We crossed the street. We walked a few feet and suddenly the sidewalk ended. Okay, so never mind then.

Unfortunate Event #7

We walked backwards towards the light basically in front of this Cultural center when suddenly we see a bus coming towards the bus stop. On the other side of the street. The light was red and we couldn't cross. We shouted and cursed. This time we weren't so lucky because the bus left.

Unfortunate Event #8

We decided just to wait for the bus to come. However, that was the last bus running for that particular line and we would have to wait a while until the late night bus arrived. So there we were. Three girls, standing on the sidewalk of what seemed like a freeway entrance. During this time it wasn't that bad. We laughed off our whole failure of a trip. We stood back to back to look around just in case but I bet we looked like idiots to the drivers passing by. Then I started talking about hookers and another really really funny conversation emerged:

Me: We shouldn't look at drivers because they might think we're
hookers or something.

Beck: But we don't look like hookers.

Me: Yeah, I guess.

Beck: Maybe except for you....

Me/Bacne: ?!

Beck: Yeah!! Think about it. You're wearing your shiny leggings and shorts and heels. And then you have this trench coat thing and you can't even tell if your wearing anything underneath. It's like what hookers wear you know? You know how they have that trench coat and then the suddenly open it *motion of ripping open the coat* and then they have their hooker outfit underneath? Yeah. That's like what you're wearing. Kinda.

Laughter to the infinite.

Me: Guys, I am not a hooker.

7. Conversation like this went on for a while until finally, as if our knight in shiny armour appeared, the bus came. We could all hear Hallelujah echoing around us. Indeed Hallelujah. It never felt better to be sitting in a bus. We actually passed the Getty but no way were we going to go since the event was almost over.

Fortunate Event #9

8. Thankfully this time around we actually managed to get off when we were suppose to. In spite of our disastrous outing I did manage to end my night with a high note. I found this hubcap lying on the ground. I wanted to go get it. I'm strange like that. When a war broke out between good mommy (Beck) and bad mommy (Bacne). It was really funny because they were talking to me as if I were a child who wanted to pick up some dirty junk from the ground. Actually, I was some child who wanted to pick up some dirty junk from the ground.

Fortunate Event #10

I cleaned it off. All nice and shiny and broken and plastic, but it's my souvenir of our quite interesting night. We ate some ice cream when we got back. It was good. Real Good.

Right now my feet are tired from running and walking. My heart is semi-sad that I failed my midterm. My pimples are ready to break out from all the work I have to this weekend. But overall my soul is happy to have such wonderful friends to share this adventure with.

It's experiences like these that make life so memorable.


Cool Urbanite. said...

OMG, if I where you I was going crazy!!! But with such good friends, the trip seems to be a whole lot of fun.

Did you go to Getty or not?

N/OutofFashion said...

Sorry about the mid-term. At least you are doing your work, i'm not doing any of mine lately.

Love the outfit!

Annie said...

omg what a jerk driver.
and that is so true about the hookers.
or at least what i imagine they do.

Secretista said...


Blue Floppy Hat said...

I absolutely hate missing bus stops! But at least you had your friends with you (I love the graph representaion of the day).

Soul Tanggg said...

those leggings are amazing!

sorry about the unfortunate events. ...sounds like my luck. :(

Miss Woo said...

Despite the unfortunate events you still look good! Want your leggings..

The Clothes Horse said...

Very unfortunate, but also very funny! I could see the hooker thing...but only at night on a shady street! The leggings rock.

the iron chic said...

The bus drivers in this city are so grumpy and mean.
They'll drive away even if they see you running...even if you are banging on the door and you risked your life by jumping into oncoming traffic!!

Wendy said...

Even though the trip wasn't smooth, it sounded like a pretty cool experience!

I love those leggings!

Pratishtha Durga said...

I am sorry... I have been laughing my head off. NO. Not for the "unfortunate events" as you call them, but for the "I am NOT a hooker" conversation. Inane and funny. Really. But on a serious note, you girls ought to be more careful (Boring Mommy talking :P).

indie said...

Ooh the leggins are so shiny and lovely and I want them too! And your story was nice to read too, I can recongnize me and my friends in it :D

Belle said...

it's kind of sad how i've been re-reading this post every day since you've posted it and it's never failed to make my day. xD i love your style and your humor!

Jillian said...

wow i wish i was on a trip! hope you have a great time!

Live Fabulously said...

thank you for visiting my blog. you have such great style! i love how you play w/colors.

Anonymous said...

oh wow, scary series of unfortuante events...

but at least let it be known that you bore it all in style, with those crazy awesome leggings!

Amanda said...

LOL! Love the story! Buss drivers are disgruntled cabbies with more power and less patience. I once randomly took a fallen street sign home with me. I figured it was a sign.Possibly from God, Possibly from Mother Nature, who knows? It was there, I was there- isn't that how bad things always happen?

Fashion Ivy said...

lets link.

molly said...

hahaha i LOVE this post, so entertaining
i especially love the graph

WendyB said...

What an adventure!!!

Anna Pope said...

Wow, that really is a lot for one night! But, think of it this way: at least you looked amazing while going crazy from buses because those leggings look great!

smokey said...

fabby leggings!
spontaneous souveneirs are the best. i used to pick up these little shiny aluminum roofing disks off of construction sites, and clean them off too. the hubcap is swell - great reminder of what sounds to be an exciting night.

Anonymous said...