Friday, February 1, 2008

Today Is My Happy Day

I have this desktop background that has this girl with big classes walking a fire hydrant. On the bottom it says 'Today Is My Happy Day'. This is my mantra - my daily inspirational quote I say to myself each day before I wake up and each day when I go to bed. For many people, going through life is no easy task, but for those of us who simply like to wallow in our own self-pity, I slap your face right now and say, "SNAP OUT OF IT! Life is too short to think so negatively all the time." I am by no means an overtly chipper girl all the time, but when I look at my life as a whole, I try to be happy, because for me, Happiness is the meaning of life. It's so easy to fall into a gloomy state when things don't go your way, but if you look towards the brighter side you may just realize the coolness of the world you have been missing.

Going to a quarter system college means that there is never enough time for me to do all the things I want especially having four classes on top of other numerous activities speaking of which I really need to work on my collection asap! However, I always try to find time to do something fun at least once a day or if not once a week. I always try to do something that makes me happy every day. I believe being an optimist can lead to a much more fulfilling and successful life. I might be wrong, but for me it has definitely worked out lovely.

It's nice to take time away from our busy schedules, our overstressed states during exam season or just life in general - to take some time and just be happy. Happiness is not that hard to attain. Even little things can totally brighten up an otherwise depressing day and in the end it will be worth it to take a five minute study break studying for your 80% final to dance to Michael Jackson’s Thriller with your roommate because in the end it’s that happy moment of dancing like a dork that you will remember right? Unless you believe that those five minutes caused you to fail your test (which I highly doubt) and then because of that you flunk out the class and can’t get into medical school and now you’re working full time at the local Target, but other than that, the happy dance was totally worth it. It’s easy to get caught up in the complaining mode, but if you think real hard there’s always something good that may come out from it in the end. Wednesday night while studying for my two midterms the next day, I told Bacne who was stressing out over her midterms (Bacne: I may have exaggerated your part for the purpose of this story :D) that I was really happy and super excited for life. She looked at me with that look of her of hers – the what the heck are you sniffing/confused that she’s living with such a strange person look. In actuality was really was happy. I was looking forward to the next day so I can get it over with and have my happy weekend. I think in strange ways.

Anyways, onwards we go to the point of this post. I was originally inspired to write this happiness post when two lovely bloggers presented me with the “Blogs that Make me Happy” award. Thanks guys! There are way too many blogs that make me happy out there. I will now present a list of things that make me happy and hopefully from it you can find something similar that will make you happy to. Be warned, some things on this list is definitely not for those who like normalcy.
  • Dance to Thriller or Beat it alone in your room with music way up or in front of your friends. Don’t worry, they’re not laughing at you – they’re laughing with you. I already mentioned this above, but tonight, while Bacne has gone home for the weekend, I plan on learning the dance moves from the greatness that is Michael Jackson (while he still looked black that is). I will dance the dance. I will flex my limbs as much as I can. I will bring out my red jacket. I will get some white gloves. I will use the highest voice I got. I will dance like I’ve never danced before. This will make me really happy.
  • Do the catwalk. One of my favorite happy things to do is pretend I’m working the runway. I serve it good. I serve it real good. I often like to do this at home in my underwear. Okay, that might have been a bit too personal, but now you know, that makes me happy! Pump up some weird indie-techno music and you’re all set. Don’t forget your pose at the end. I want to see you fierce!
  • Learn the lyrics for Sir Mix a Lot’s Baby Got Back. I see this for my roommates. I sing this for myself. It’s such a “no-no” song for female empowerment but it’s just so funny when I sing. Maybe it’s because I’m just so lame.
  • Laugh, laugh real hard and real good. Laughter always brightens up my day. I have a feeling that our next doors neighbors think I’m a hyena because I laugh like such a freak. Sorry guys.
  • Jump on your bed. Just don’t break it. This is really fun and makes me really happy. If you haven’t tried it, what are you waiting for!!!
  • Watch Juno online for free and in good quality. Happy little flicks like these filled with awkwardness always make me happy. I seriously want her hamburger phone. Please, if you know anyone who is out there selling a hamburger phone, tell them there’s a girl out there who is desperate.
  • Jump in the elevators. It’s like this physic thing about gravity stuff, but it’s also really fun and makes you happy.
  • Sneak attack and scare people. Seeing them scream is priceless. Make sure it's someone you know because then they might call the police and have you arrested for assault.
  • Bundle yourself in blankets and pretend your in another world. Not bad either.
  • Get all dressed up wacky and crazy and then actually go out like that. I wish I did this more often. Or even dressing up nice for the day can change the mood of the whole day. Behold! The power of fashion. Who knew?
  • Sing along to musicals or Disney songs or whatever song that tickles your fancy. If you haven’t realized by now I really like to sing despite how bad I am.
  • Look at the sky. It’s nice to see how small and insignificant we are. Because if we are that insignificant then our problems must be really insignificant and then we can go on with our lives of being happy.
  • Stare at people and observe all their funny mannerisms. Not the nicest thing to do, but it makes me happy.
  • Look out the window every morning and say to yourself, "Today will be my happy day". It works like magic.
  • Photoshop your friend's head onto a Victoria Secret's Angel.
  • Look at your bed hair and take a picture. I love bed hair, it's so awesome. I woke up today and I looked like Alfalfa from the Little Rascals. It set the whole mood for my day.
  • Smile more. I like people who smile. Even if it is an ugly smile, it just makes everything nice and happy.

After reviewing this list, I realize my tips aren't that weird at all.

And I realize that I am just a little too happy all the time. Whatever.


Secretista said...

Picture is so lovely. Seriously.

Andy said...

Amazing picture.

Which one of the two outfits are u talking about? hehe

Libertygirl said...

My NY resolution was to smile more! Esp at bus drivers and men in bodegas who always look so grumpy ( I guess we all wld if we had to deal with the public all day long) but always braak into a smile if you grin at them. There are too many grumpy people in my job (fashion editor) that's for sure! LLG xx

AsianCajuns said...

Great post and I love the pic. And being a little too happy all the time sounds like a sweet deal to me!

N/OutofFashion said...

This is a great post. I am trying to be more positive lately. I am such a worrier, so i thought that because i can't stop my worrying i should try to think more positive.

I also read a sappy Chicken Soup for the Soul story where the man had gone through terrible times and still believed in hoping for the best.

Alexa said...

this post totally made me smile. I love that picture and I always do a litle catwalk around my house, hehe.

lily said...

you can never me too happy


Heather said...

Great tips! You are a goddess for finding Juno online!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...


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Isabel said...

I think this post just made me a little happier!

selinaoolala said...

this post came with fabulous timing- my purse and phone were just stolen in the supermarket :(:(:(

SICK. said...

hhaa, i actually do know all the words to 'baby got back'.

it's the best.


Ceci n'est pas une blogger. said...

This is such a great, uplifting post. I think we all need to be reminded to be more optimistic every once in a while. When I'm feeling kind of "down," I just try to smile more and make a conscious effort to be happy!

Soul Tanggg said...

this was a lovely post!

your blog always leaves me thinking about things DEEPER than fashion!!

thank you!

Fashion Tidbits said...

wow! nice pic!

emsie said...

a really lovely picture
i absolutely love your floral dress

great post,
today is my happy day :D


Eleh said...

true that. when i put more effort on the way I dress, I actually feel pretty good.

and that line, "Smile more... Even if it is an ugly smile, it just makes everything nice and happy" just cracked me up big time. afterall, smiling uses less facial muscle than frowning right?

anyway, that is one fantastic outfit and photo :D

Anonymous said...

i love this post. it's made me happier already. I generally think of life just as many tiny now moments. it's what you make of every tiny now moment that matters.

Anonymous said...

Haha there was a Superbowl commercial with lizards dancing to "Thriller." It was the randomest/funniest thing everrrr.

The hamburger phone, I think Tru from mentioned... Anyways, here's a link (but fyi it's been going up in price, so you should buy it soon):

Diana Rikasari said...

i think the best way to be happy is the last one.. "SMILE MORE" works all the time..great post!! :)

Anonymous said...