Friday, February 15, 2008

Lala's Style on Valentine's Day

Just because I celebrated Single Awareness Day instead, doesn't mean I can't get all dressed up for Valentines!
  • Dress with way too cool pockets!: It's originally a nightgown I got from the thrift for about 0.50 shortened it and now it's awesome.
  • Red tights: 3.50 buffalo exchange
  • Melted Leopard coat: $3.99 thank you mart
  • Shoes: $4 they are in desperate need of hot glue.
  • red bow, headbands
  • Rings
  • Pink scarf: from my mom

I've been in a very happy mood lately. Like really happy mood. Like a "I'm high on ecstasy" happy mood. Last night I was so not tired. I started dancing around in the room and lip synching to Thriller while Bacne was in bed. I think it was the cupcake I ate. It made me a little looney. I feel so happy to be home! I celebrated my S.A.D with my dad and the roomies and had yummy cheesecake and strawberries.

And...check it out folks, front page illustration number two! Oh YEAH! But the sad news of the day was when my spiderman ring snapped apart. Perhaps the mighty super glue can fix it.

Super excited for the weekend and super excited to see the gang tomorrow.
Posts on my recent fashion excursions in London coming soon to a blog near you.


ca said...

I love the dress :)

it's really nice

and sorry about your ring breaking

Poshpalette said...

which part of the ur r u from?

N/OutofFashion said...

Very cute outfit!

I want a cupcake now :(

Poppycock Thoughts Blogger said...

I like the dress.

For valentines day, (because I had nobody to share it with I sort of forgot) I subconsiously wore black which is the weirdest thing, becase I never wear black!

AsianCajuns said...

Great finds. Love the coat!

WendyB said...

Ooh.Like your leopard jacket.

Jo said...

Your Red Tights are magnificent.Very in keeping with the 'colour of love!'

Cee-Cee said...

oh, so cute!!

Stephanie said...

The new blog:

Tessa said...

congrats on the illustration! very cool. :) i love how you are able to always pull off such awesome, unique outfits while spending barely any money! it's inspiring.

Wendy said...

The dress is so cute! Shopping trip in London?! Sounds divine.

Isabel said...

That red bow is PERFECT! Absolutely perfect.