Monday, February 11, 2008

Strutting the Catwalk at NY Fashion Week

I've got to admit, I'm not a hardcore fashionista. In my mind, I try to build myself to be as hardcore as I can be, but really I just can't do it. I don't know the names of all the designers in the world on the tip of my tongue ready to be spewed out of my stuttering mouth. I don't have the confidence of a hardcore fashionista who can pronounce those designer names like no other. I often hesitate saying them to prevent myself from looking like an idiot. In my defense, I have been practicing my pronunciation. I can finally say Comme des Garcons without sounding like a fool (I couldn't even pronounce pseudonym months ago so this a giant step for me). I don't know much about who inspired what, who wore what, what wore who, and who's who. I don't care much for celebrity fashion or even fashion icons but I do stop to appreciate something when it's something real good to deserve appreciation on my part. As much as I hate to admit it, I'm really just an amateur in this big fashion world. That's why I rarely, if ever, do posts about designers or trends or what I like to call "legit fashion talk." It's really because I don't know. Often times, I get easily swayed by whatever I read whether through fashion blogs or fashion forums. Case in point:
Fashion person X: “So and so’s collection was so revolutionary!”
Me in my mind: "Yeah?...Yeah.... Yeah!....Yeah!!....YEAH!!!"
Then a feel minutes later I realize I did not like the collection at all but was swayed into liking it because I always feel my thoughts are in a way not correct? It makes me wonder if I actually have an eye for fashion. I shouldn't be confessing all my shortcomings seeing as how I really want to make a career out of fashion someday, but it will be our little secret okay?

But in a way I believe my amateur, non-hardcore status helps give me a refreshing new view on the so-called "elitist" world that is fashion. I like my own innocence and naivety. My opinions may not matter all that much, but it helps to show and reinforce the fact that fashion is all so subjective. I may not know why something is considered so wonderful in fashion terms but I know what I like, I know what I love. Just because all others applaud over their little New York fashion darling such as Marc Jacobs, doesn’t mean I have to applaud when I don’t think his clothes are all that attractive (this was just an example, I’m rather impartial to Mr. Jacobs if I do say so myself). Then again, if I really do want to make it in such a dog-eat-dog industry, I must know. I must be knowledgeable. I must form opinions on something at least.

The benefits of being an amateur means that I can hold my opinions high and proud without having the pressure to conform to what all other “professionals” believe. They say forward thinking and magnificent, I say it’s just a brown sack. However, parts of me do wish I were a little more knowledgeable in such matters. It would push my passion for fashion from silly obsession to something more intellectual and provoking. Being able to analyze and deconstruct fashion is much like analyzing a great classic novel. In high school, I often wondered what the point of doing such analysis was; couldn’t we just let the tree be a tree? Do we really have to make it to be a symbol for the narrator’s dying state? Eventually I actually began enjoying the analysis part for it bestowed upon me a better understanding and a deeper meaning of the novel. I would much like to do that with fashion in the same way. I want to be able to see a collection and retell the designer’s story in my own mind. When Project Runway judges say the contestants have a “strong point of view”, I want to know what that point of view is. I want to see clothing and trends as a symbol for what our generation stands for. I want to be able to see colors, fabrics, and textures as indicators of something greater than fashion – something that pinpoints out the world’s state of being something that strives to capture within each viewer a certain emotion, a certain idea. What I don’t want, however, is to break fashion down into all these little pieces that I can no longer enjoy the simple truth of is this or is this not a beautiful piece of clothing. I will find a harmony between subjectivity and objectivity. I will mix knowledge with instinct. All in all, I want to be a hardcore amateur fashionista. A little oxymoronic, but it will works for me.

I was never the overly-obsessed-with-fashion-shows type of girl. With my hectic schedule, NY fashion week almost flew right by me and now London Fashion week has already started. I stress almost because I am still pretty with it, come on, I’m not that out of touch. Sure, I love flipping through countless photos one by on of each designer's collection, but dare I say it; it all is just a little boring to me (couture shows are an exception though). Perhaps it’s because each season, fashion week begins in New York. I’ve got nothing against New York, but frankly, the stuff I see down the runway is just not very appealing to me. New York is known for chic but safe. I like excitement and funky and “POW-WOW”! Moreover, fall and winter is also just not my thing. I relish in clothing with colors and patterns than the typical neutrals and blacks that are so prominent on A/W runways. But I’m going to stop my negative attitude towards the shows and give them a chance. Plus, I think having my own collection debuting in a matter of months makes me appreciate what I see coming down the runway.


To start off is Anna Sui. I’ve always had a little soft spot for Anna Sui. Her hippy-rockstar wild point of view is always refreshing to see amidst a see of carefully structured blacks and beiges. She is the one designer I anticipate to see each season because of how fun her clothes are when placed all together. Sure the styling may be a bit over the top and the clothes may not be as forward thinking as other designers, but her clothes just resonate with my personal tastes. But I think it’s also the fact that she’s an Asian rocker working the straight headed bangs. I am still that cool at four decades old, I will die a happy fashionista.

What I especially like are the hippy dippy headbands. I have a fascination with head ornaments and these are no exceptions. I can already see myself heading off to Michaels in search of a giant pink fake flower. I love the colors and florals and patterns. It just makes my heart full of rainbow happiness. The patterned tights may also make my heart filled with double rainbow happiness. Miss Sui's collection is a wonderful cocktail blend of 20's, 60's and 70's that screams "Women just want to have fun."

Now, you may be thinking, what do you know about fashion? True, I don't know much, but let me tell you dear readers, I'm a fashion insider. If you don't know by now, I'm a well established model. Designers all fawn over me because I'm the best muse they ever had. I have the face of an octopus and hair of a monkey, but that’s what is so great about fashion. We all like the different looking models. Don't believe me? Take a look below.

Yes, that's me. Yes, that's my octopus face. Yes, that's my monkey hair.

I felt like a bullfighter wearing this fantastic embroidered sparkle cape poncho. At first I was hesistant about wearing it seeing as how I've had bad experiences with that blimp in fashion trend history (remember when all the girlies were trying to rock the poncho but failed miserably?), but Miss Sui encouraged me to try it on. Now, I don't want to take it off.

I may look and feel like an old bag lady, but boy do I feel and look like a fabulous old bag lady.

And that giant flower around my neck? I feel like a real fairy now! All I need to do is flap my cape around and off I fly into the sky!!

Purple is definitely now my favorite color for clothing. I had no idea the wonders it does for my skin tone. I loved wearing the purple tights too. It felt like I was born a purple salamander.

Unfortunately, I did not get to keep the clothes. I cried all after the show, but Anna showed no mercy. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to save my money to buy one or visit Spain to get an authentic bullfighter cape.


My next fashion love from the NY runways was Matthew Williamson. This Londoner definitely captured my heart with all his flirty dresses and fun colors! Like Anna Sui's collection, his pieces always shout "FUN!" to me. I would totally gobble up every piece in sight if I were a hungry fashion monster. The primary colors against the black made my spirit leap with joy. He is a master at color combinations and can do no wrong. He makes technicolor fun and playful instead of tacky and tacky. What I liked about his collection was the wide range of pieces he created. There was the technicolor, and then there's the beautiful prints of water looked like Japanese watercolors. Anything that has silhouttes of a trees and branches, I dig. Moreover the colors of blue, oranges and yellow, yum. Dare I say, I loved the pieces of fur collars thrown into the outfits. I would feel like a ice princess wolf wearing that pale blue mini with that grey stole.

Once again, I was casted by Mr. Williamson because I am just that cool.

Yeah, I know. My head looks a little irregular. Irregular as in too big for its own good. But that's what you get when you have an octopus face. Besides, that's my bad angle. If you see my good angle, I look fierce, totally fierce and not a big bobble head at all.

I can totally imagine myself frolicking around the city in this gorgeous print maxidress. When it get's cold all I have to do is add on this warm coat. It's like a compromise between summer and autumn.

The juxtapositon between the flirty feminine dress and the much more simplistic, utilitarian coat is lovely. I think I can do this more often with my own wardrobe. Maybe I can even ask to borrow my dad's weather resistant jackets to achieve this look. The look totally says "I don't care" in an I so do care type of way. I think my octopus face totally portrayed that emotion.

Once again I was denied the right to keeping the clothes. I did however get to keep the pink scarf. Sadly I lost it while I was rushing on my way to get to the Marc Jacobs show. It flew right off my neck. Rest in piece my pink scarf of wonder.

RODARTE By far, my absolute favorite collection of New York fashion week was Rodarte. My god are the clothes just stunning in a chilling eerie way. The Mulleavy sisters are my designer icons at the moment. An added plus, they graduated from UC Berkeley, but hopefully my life story will be similar except my campus is on the south side of California. I must always support my fellow Californians!

Rodarte illustrates why I love fashion so much. They view fashion as an artistic expression and it translates beautifully in this collection. The way they manipulate fabric and textures to create another worldy experience. Their artistic influence is never over the top, but rather it's all within the details. I like to think that their clothes are pieces that hold dreams and romance. And with every new layer of chiffon, I am whisked away into an ethereal world full of nature and light and darkness.

The tights on the otherhand took me some time to get used to. They are quite interesting and after reveling in the beauty of these runway photos, I think the tights add some edginess and severity to clothing in a very soft way. It's as if the models ran through some colored spiderwebs and forgot they had glue on their legs. Don't even get me started about those spiked shoes. They are a whole different story.

Walking the Rodarte runway was indeed my favorite runway moment. I got to release the inner gothic beauty within in me. My bangs never looked better and black lipstick never looked chicer.

I felt like an ice queen of the underworld wearing this airy black dress. This would totally be my LBD if I could have kept it.

I liked looking at my legs the whole time before the show. They reminded me of scribbles I used to doodle in my notebooks with my black pens.

And oh my god. I was so happy I didn't trip and fall from what I call the teeth shoes. They are crazy. I believe the Mulleavy sisters have created a wonderful weapon. If women ever find themselves being attack, all they have to do is kick it and stick it and all will be good.

I literally got onto my hands and feet begging for them to let me keep the dress. My begging apparently was not good enough because I was denied. I cried rivers that night. Oh well, until the next Rodarte show, I will keep my hopes up.

I've got to get my beauty rest. I have a whole day of London shows to catwalk tomorrow!

Photos courtesy of Coutorture


Diana Rikasari said...

you know, i didn't read your writings at first and just saw the pics instead...and i was like, "that model looks like her" (meaning, YOU)...then scrolled down a bit..."hhmm...she really looks like Lala....errr...mmm...ARRRRGGHHH"...

just realized how S.T.U.P.I.D i was hehehhe....

Soul Tanggg said...

ahahaha, you're silly.

Katie said...

haha! this has got to be my favorite review of ny fashion week yet- please do another for london! that rodarte show was amazing. it was my fav too!

love the blog- i added you on my page <3

Isabel said...

Yes, Rodarte was indeed amazing. That's a pretty convincing photoshop job, too.

selinaoolala said...

hahahaha love the review!! sooo much better than copied pics

Heather said...

I, too, LOVE Anna Sui!

stina said...

ur so weird!! ><

Heather said...

Wait. OMG! 12,000 points for you!

the iron chic said...

Holy long post!
You just keep liking what you like and fear not the scorn of "fashion people" who supposedly know better.
They are like sheep.....

Suzanna Mars said...

La La LOL!!

This IS the BEST review of Fashion Week. Nothing comes close!

The Rodarte was smashing, just smashing on you, even if it wasn't your body.

SKYLA said...

you can always count on you to come up with a fresh new take on fashion =D
love the photoshops jobs...very real looking! Make it a regular thing!! =)

Anonymous said...

This is brilliant.
You deserve a very big gold star for your blog.

Annie said...

nice photoshopping lol.
and good luck with the fashion knowledge you will acquire.

Eleh said...

hahahaha! i had to do a double take on the last picture!
it was too real :D

Samii Styles said...

You are so very creative...thats really all that counts!

Sarah said...

I have to go back and finish reading this when I'm not procrastinating, but WOW! I applaud you in your endeavors, very well put!

The Clothes Horse said...

You looked fabulous on the catwalk, you are the new muse for my next collection! What is a real fashion insider anyway, there are so few--I'd rather really love fashion as I do now, than know every last fact.

fashaholic said...

nice picks! you know how much i love anna sui and rodarte's collection is one of my favorites too :D. I haven't checked out williamson, though...will head of to later!

nepalese_princess said...

anna sui <33333333333

Anonymous said...

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