Friday, September 7, 2007

Friday Rummage

Today I took a break from my clay play obsession and watching illegal movies online to go rummaging at an annual rummage sale held by this church near my house. The thrift Gods were definately with me today as I scored big. But there were some quite disturbing finds that I actually bought because my stupid guilt kept getting in the way.

I set my alarm for 7:30. The sale started at 7:00. No way was I waking up that early just to rummage. Besides, I thought since today is a Friday, many people still have to go to work. I changed and drove and saw a butt load of junk all over this parking lot. I was excited. I even raced this old couple to the sale because, I don't know, I'm just wacko I suppose. So I got there and my first instinct was to find the clothing because you know me, I always head to fashion first. I found the women's clothing room and boy was it a giant mess. It was a tiny room literally piled with clothes and people looking through the pile of clothes. It was a jungle and I was the hunter on my safari adventure. I climbed over the treachourous mountains of pants and defeated the other hunters until I finally reached the cave of dresses. I picked up some stuff and then I saw it. It was animal staring at me. Literally. It was I think a scarf but I really don't know who in their right mind would wear it. It was a scarf/stole/pelt of two minks or foxes. You know the ones where they are biting each others tails? It's funny because my friend was just talking about it. At first I looked at it in disgust and sadness and left it back on the racks. But then, it kept staring at me like it wanted me to buy it. I felt bad for leaving them there amist all the junky clothing. So I took it. And closed my eyes as I walked to the cashier. She looked at me and then at it and said "Ew, is this alive? One dollar." At that moment I my guilt came up to me again. Oh snap, what did I just do. I just bought myself a frickin fur animal thingamajig after promising myself I would never by such things. But I did. It's not for me to wear though, good heavens no. I'm going to keep them in a box and give it a nice home. I feel so guilty now. So guilty. So guilty. AHHH...okay, must compose myself.

After two hours of rummaging with the old ladies and spending $15, I came back with these treasures!

My first loot was from the women's clothing room. I always seem to buy on impulse. Whenever I see something that catches my eye. I take it. Then realize its not practical and put it back. Then take it up again. And then finally convince myself to buy it because I won't be able to find it anywhere else. I play mind games with myself when shopping.

Fur Stole-$1
Petticoat/Slip Poof-$2
Silk Skirt-$2
Mexican blouse-$1

I love the colors and pattern, but I might shorten the length.
Please excuse the visible south park boxers I have underneath.
One shoulder dress!

The other loot were non-clothing items, but fabulous nonetheless. I got a wig and a headstand becaus the lady said $2 for both, but I told her I only wanted the stand for my hats and she said $1.50 so I bought the wig anyways.

Harry Potter Gringots Bank- 0.25

Wig and Stand- $2

Horse Avon Bottle - 0.10

Fabric - 0.10

AP Econ book for my sis- 0.50

Hair curler -$1

Some baking tray with chicken deco - 0.50

the coolest ray ban sunglasses ever! - 0.10 (yellow one) $1 for the other.

and last but not least a HAIR WRAP KIT!!! 0.50

Hello! My name is Mary Sue!

It must have been an act of God because I was craving these just yesterday!

Other exciting news today. I saw my niece two hours ago and she molested me.


fashaholic said...

Oh man! An actual tail biting fox stole. What are the chances of you finding it in your local store?lol. Aww, don't worry, I won't call PETA on you :( and maybe it's fake... Ha ha ha *awkward laugh* >_>

Cool finds tho! I like the mexican shirt and the yellow rayban glasses. And you actually got hair wraps. Lucky you :).

AsianCajuns said...

Those are some great finds! I love that dress and the fox stole. Even if the fur is real, can PETA be mad at you if it's not a new item?

Eleh said...

goodness... i love all your thrift finds! especially that poof skirt. it's unbelievable that you got the sunglasses for $0.10. I have yet to find somtething that cost $0.10. I hope that day will come soon.

Eli said...

So where exactly did you go? I miss california thrifting...especially the rose bowl.

The long petticoat thing is actually wonderful, good find.

SKYLA said...

Ahhhh that fox stole creeps me out! But I love the petticoat poof skirt, the outift looks AMAZING!
Ohh how I wish we had thrift-shops around. All we have is charity shops filled with old ladies' blouses and unstylish heels. There is ONE vintage shop nearby so I'm going to go there soon and banter...