Sunday, September 9, 2007

Lala's Style of the Day

Eye Shirt/Dress/Tunic: painted by me
Shorts: Wet Seal $3
flats: tar-jay
Face/Nose/mustache necklace (can't really see): made by me during my clay play addiction. (I'm still addicted, just to let you know)
Bag I carry everywhere I go now
Green Motorcycle: I stole it. MUAHAHHA
I had another fun day today with me greatest buddies in the world! More to come tomorrow

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SKYLA said...

Hey Lala, sorry you haven't heard from me lately about the Alice top. My mum is getting on my back about buying a mobile as the one I have has sand trapped in the speakers and doesn't take calls. I know. So don't think I'm suddenly disinterested, but could we keep the top on hold till i have some money to spend on it and postage etc? Thank you x

Oh and by the way, i have a new blog called A Life in Receipts(