Thursday, September 20, 2007

"Zip me up, Scotty!"

I haven't quite "placed back my heart" as the start of my second year of college looms closer and closer. I'm not ready to trade in my fashion glossies for econ books and I'm unwilling to swap my sewing machine for pens and notebooks. Not just yet. Because of my stubborn inability to let go of the good ole summer days, I've been on a crazy DIY/sewing rampage this week, to get in as much clothing making/messing around as I can and to transform the last of my ideas into reality before these ideas I've had all summer gets lost in the deep abyss that is my mind. I do tend to forget things rather easily which sucks hairy butts because I don't remember any of my economics or accounting. Oops.

I've been doing quite a few reconstructions with some things I bought at thrifts, but the two prize winners are these awesome zipper dresses. I have a cookie tin full of zippers that I had gotten at downtown LA for like 25 cents a piece, but my fear of zipper sewing left them unused and unloved. But not anymore because now I present to you my Zip Me Up Baby! dresses.

Dress numero one, I call Abernath. Miss Abernath is constructed from a grey Napolean Dynamite t-shirt I got at a 99 cent store, blue jersey fabric, green trousers, and black denim jeans. With all their powers combined here is Abernath in action baby!

I had orginally created the bodice for this other dress I was reconstructing, but like always things never turn out as planned. I used zipper as straps which means I can unzip or zip up the straps as I please. I've been a stronge urge for primary colors lately. I love my yellow tights.

Dress numero two, I shall call Tulip. I know I'm about a season too late, but it was inspired by that talked about Christopher Kane collection. Except my little miss Tulip is not as body concious as Mr. Kane's dresses are.

Kane's version:

My version:

Tulip here was created from that same Napolean Dynamite grey tee and my mom's old dress. This dress makes me want to skip around my mold infested garden for some reason.

I'm also so glad I did not get rid of these $3 vinyl shoes of ugliness because I'm in love with them now. Never throw away/donate/give away anything because who knows when you will fall back in love with them again.


missc said...

Christopher Kane's got nothin' on you. And your vinyl shoes: I swear I've been searching for a pair forever, but to no avail...

WendyB said...

Love all your bright colors.

dianabobar said...

I've been thinking about zippers lately too! cute dresses!