Sunday, September 9, 2007

Another Adventure in LalaLand

Yesterday was another fun filled day of thrifting, skating, eating and walking that has left me interestingly enough pooped out, depressed and questioning my existence. Don't worry though, I don't think it was the thrifting that caused this sudden change in my usual overtly, annoying happiness. I think it was all the movies I've been watching online lately. Those subtle, philosophical messages have invaded my brain like those green aliens invading my neighborhood I've been seeing every night for the past month. I've always knew there was a reason our grass was a bit greener in the morning than it had been for the past 14 years I've been living here. It was the alien slime. And no, I ain't making this story up. I don't think I've ever lied in my entire life. Except that one time when I told this lady staring at me awkwardly that I was really a man who had undergone a sex change operation, hormone therapy, and major acting lessons to pass as the beautifully, stunning gal that she sees before herself. That turned her away.

Okay, I lied. Just a little bit. But I would totally do that if the situation ever arose. So perhaps it's not much of a lie, but more of a foreshadowing of my future actions to come.

Seriously though, watching free illegal movies online is like a drug. Once you pop, the fun don't stop. Oh wait, that's Pringles. I've only been temporarily away from my movie watching/clay making routine that I've started to crave it insanely again even though that it was giving me a major headache. I took a nap and got the trippiest dream ever in which Neo-Nazis started a fight club in order to find out more about the number 23. Jack Nicolson was also there telling me about baseball while we were sitting in the recreation room of what seemed to be a mental ward. I couldn't remember a thing afterwards because it seems I couldn't form new memories. The site was not working a while ago and I've been refreshing it like a madman ever since.

Now onto the real story. Sorry for the minor interruption.

So anyways, yesterday was such a fun day. My druggie of a buddy came over around 8:30 even though she said 8:00. I woke up early just to get dressed and eat. I was tired because I stayed up all night watching Memento and playing with clay, but I would do it all over again if I had to. She came late telling me that she was eating Jack in the Box for breakfast. But I knew what she was reallly up to. Don't worry KC your secret is safe with me.

After making her model for my new clay jewelry obsession. Hey, that should be the name of my line. Clay Obsession by LalaLiu. But then I might get sued by Calvin Klein. Thanks CK, thanks a lot for ruining my dream. After she modeled, and sat around we left to meet up with gang at the thrift store. Ahh, the thrift store. I hadn't been in one of those in a few weeks. And a few weeks for a hardcore thrift-maniac/thriftaholic is like years. It was good to be home. I saw fashaholic in the coolest outfit ever. It was a cross between London Newspaper Boy/Peasant Boy/Buddha. I wanted to touch her bun but I think it might have been a little creepy and freaked her out. I've been having a weird obsession with touching people's heads. I think my uncle infected me with this urge because he always likes touching people's heads. I think it helps him cope with the fact that he is bald and wears a toupee.

In the first store I bought a hat. It was for KC because on our last adventure she had sneaked a bracelet for me so I wanted to give her something. But then she too decideds to buy a hat, one that I was also about to buy. Grrr, she always ruins my plans. What a great friend. And I don't mean that sarcastically.

The next store happened to be next door. I found two skirts and tights. Turquoise tights to be exact! My long hunt for colored tights had come to a close. And the skirts matched those bright beauties so I thought I had scored big on my $4 purchase only to find out that one of the skirts doesn't fit. It barely got up my sisters big butt (who buy the way is a toothpick compared to me). I think it was a childrens size but the tag said "L". I guess I didn't have my thrifting senses on in full mode because usually I can judge whether something fits or not.

The last store we stopped at was also next door to the second. It was super small and reminded me of my mom's closet. I saw this pink poof of a dress and the tag said $1.97 (plus 50% off) so $1 I thought I had again scored big only to later find out it don't fit. Oh well. Not all thrifts are created equal. That's for sure. I also bought a green scarf. I like green and I like scarves so I definately liked this scarf.

Blue Patchworked Skirt: $1.97
Grey Pleated Skirt that doesn't fit!!: $0.65
Tights: $1.50

Ahh! I love this skirt

Pink Dress: $1

Hat: given by KC. We hat swapped before the day was over.

Scarf: 0.50

Yellow tights: $1

Afterwards it was lunch time and we went to In'N Out. Then we went ice skating. Weee! I'm a pro now. I didn't even fall! I felt like Ice Princess and a little bit of Michelle Kwan and I only say that because I'm Chinese and she's Chinese.

Then we had a Mexican Picnic which consisted of going to the Mexican supermarket and buying bakeries, chips and guacamole and then walk across the parking lot to Wendy's to eat those things. Hmm. Yum. We went to St. Vinnies afterwards only to find myself storming out furious because they no longer had their half off saturday sales. You guys suck.

On our final thrift stop, I took the gang to see the gender ambiguous owner. The first time I went here I didn't know if it was a man or woman so I took them there so they could tell me. It was a man. I also bought yellow tights there.

Finally we went to downtown fullerton for a bit of window shopping. After thrifting, it seems like everything is super expensive and you get the mindset that "$20! No way man! I could find that at a thrift store." It's a really bad consequence of thrifting because now you are a labeled as a cheapskate. We looked around some really cool vintage shops and then Buffalo Exchange. One of the salespeople commented on my face necklace and Eyes shirt. I don't know if she was trying to "slap the horses butt (it's a chinese proverb for sucking up)" by making me feel good so I would buy something or it was truly a compliment because everytime I go there I seem to get a compliment on some of the "weird/creepy (a word someone described my outfit yesterday)" things I have on like the Lobster Headband last time. I hope it's the latter.

Finally we went to eat. But we didn't know where to eat and we didn't know if we should eat because we weren't that hungry. We were about to go one place when all of the sudden Michy told us about this one restaurant that was good but didn't know the name of. Fashaholic knew - she's an expert in of that city. She told me to turn left. I did so I could park and let them think for a while where it was. It happened to be right across the street. What an act of destiny. We ate some sandwhiches and afterwards we parted goodbye. We have plans for another trip to Pasadena. I hope it comes true because then that will truly be the cherry to my icecream sundae of a summer. I believe. and when I believe, things come true.

I'm off to watch another movie now and play with clay. The good thing about all this movie watching is that I have developed a major man obsession (not a crush and obsession) with Edward Norton. So long Jack Bauer. You have been replaced.


ThriftyFashionisa said...

OMG I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE with that pink dress.

Anonymous said...


i love your blog :)
and i really love your mexican blouse it´s so cute...

hugs and kisses from Mexico!

Eleh said...

you always have soo much fun on your outing! good for you. and and and I'm guilty of buying cothes that doesn't fit as well :D

Frasypoo said...

I am that way too about shopping anywhere but the thrift store!!!

Anonymous said...

The pink dress is a great buy, it look lovely.

SKYLA said...

ahh you sound like you have so much fun! Lala i really want to buy that pink dress from you....
Or steal....I think I'll hop on a plane to wherever you live and sneak through the window and slide it off the hanger in your wardrobe.
Or i could just say how much I like it :)

Eli said...

what a long day!

dianabobar said...

that pink dress is AMAZING!!!sounds like you had lots of fun

WendyB said...

Love the cute pix in the skirt!

tommy said...

nice green tights :)